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Working Paper n.º 57/2018
Migration crisis in the EU: developing a framework for analysis of national security and defence strategies

14 | Maio | 2017

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PALAVRAS-CHAVE: migration-security nexus; migration crisis; security and defence strategies; EUGS.


This paper addresses migration-security nexus in the EU by assessing Member States’ national security and defence strategies as well as the 2016 EUGS in a time of migration crisis. After developing and applying a framework for analysis derived from the existing literature, it is clear the existing differences among Member States strategic cultures and approaches to migration issues. The idea of ‘EU’rope without internal borders is at stake as Schengen is under serious attack due to increasing Eurocentrism and growing extreme right-wing populism. The solution seems to depend on two critical uncertainties: the evolution of political and social instability in the North Africa and the Middle East, and the future of the EU itself. Nonetheless, the future of the EU is also at stake as it will depend on how the EU is dealing with current migration crisis, which is one of the most important geopolitical challenges today. The results enlighten a securitization of migration centred on the nation-state and national security rather than on people and human security.

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