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Eleições Presidenciais na Rússia 
19| Março | 2024

Os eleitores russos foram às urnas de 15 a 17 de março e reelegeram Vladimir Putin para o seu 5º mandato, cerca de 24 anos depois de ter chegado ao poder pela primeira vez. Estas eleições são vistas como uma forma de reforçar o controlo de Putin no país e o apoio à guerra na Ucrânia, uma vez que não houve candidatos da oposição (morreram, estão exilados ou não puderam candidatar-se) sendo que os restantes 3 candidatos eram apoiantes do Presidente.


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Anna Caprile, European Parliamentary Research Service

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Opiniões & Análises
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Yulia Mineeva, Chatham House

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All the autocrat’s men: The court politics of Putin’s inner circle [14/03/2024]
Mikhail Zygar, Atlantic Council

Putinism allows no rivals. What about an heir? [14/03/2024]
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What’s the Kremlin Scared Of? Pro-War Ultranationalists [14/03/2024]
Lucy Birge, Moscow Times

Forever Putinism: The Russian Autocrat’s Answer to the Problem of Succession [13/03/2024]
Michael Kimmage & Maria Lipman, Foreign Affairs

Putin has no successor, no living rivals and no retirement plan – why his eventual death will set off a vicious power struggle [13/03/2024]
Robert Person, The Conversation

Putin’s “Re-election”: An Undemocratic, Authoritarian Plebiscite [13/03/2024]
Sabine Fischer, SWP

Russian Election Rigging: A Portrait in Terror [13/03/2024]
Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan, CEPA

Russian elections: despite fixing the opposition, Vladimir Putin wants lots of people to vote for him [13/03/2024]
Natasha Lindstaedt, The Conversation

What to watch in Russia’s stage-managed presidential ‘election’ [13/03/2024]
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Vladimir Putin’s sham election [12/03/2024]
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Presidential pseudo-election in Russia: what does it tell us about Putin’s regime? [12/03/2024]
Maria Domańska, New Eastern Europe

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Mary Glantz, USIP

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Michael Runey, IDEA

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Russian Elections Have a Purpose, But Not Evicting the Regime [14/02/2024]
Ben Dubow, CEPA

Russia’s next election is likely to put Putin in power for longer than anyone since Peter the Great [07/02/2024]
Rod Thornton, The Conversation

What has changed in Russia’s presidential election over six years? [06/02/2024]
Ksenia Smolyakova, Riddle

Putin’s Grand Plan for Russia’s 2024 Elections [29/01/2024]
Callum Fraser, RUSI

Russia’s Managed Democracy Is Facing a Participation Crisis [16/01/2024]
Andrey Pertsev, Carnegie Politika

As Election Looms, Putin Is in a Wartime Trap of His Own Making [15/01/2024]
Tatiana Stanovaya, Carnegie Politika

Controlling the Narrative: A Roadmap to Russia’s 2024 Presidential Election [21/12/2023]
András Tóth-Czifra, FPRI

For Putin, Winning is Not Everything in Russia’s Presidential Election [20/12/2023]
Thomas Graham, Russia Matters

Why we must pay attention to Russia’s election [01/12/2023]
Ben Noble & Nikolai Petrov, The World Today

Russian presidential elections 2024: Is resistance at polls possible? [11/2023]
Margarita Zavadskaya, Russian Election Monitor

What ‘winning’ an election means in Putin’s Russia [28/11/2023]
Henry Campbell, ASPI Strategist

Russia’s Predetermined Elections Are Still Enough to Rattle the Elites [22/11/2023]
Mikhail Vinogradov, Carnegie Politika

Russia’s 2024 Presidential Election: A Critical Inflection Point? [27/01/2023]
Wes Culp, AEIdeas


Don’t lose sight of the other Navalnys [13/03/2024]
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The Guardian


How Russians plan to protest against Putin’s re-election [15/03/2024]
Max Seddon & Polina Ivanova, Financial Times

Could Putin lose? Everything you need to know about Russia's presidential election [15/03/2024]
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‘Do I vote? Hell no’: Russia heads to predictable presidential election [14/03/2024]
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Les habitants de l'Extrême-Orient ont commencé à voter pour la présidentielle russe [14/03/2024]
France 24

Putin’s guide to rigging an election: inside the 15 March Guardian Weekly [14/03/2024]
Graham Snowdon, The Guardian

Putin Urges Russians to Vote at 'Difficult' Time for Country [14/03/2024]
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Why does Putin always win? What to know about Russia’s pseudo election. [14/03/2024]
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Putin’s Election Win Is Almost Certain. What Can Anti-Kremlin Russians Do? [14/03/2024]
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Présidentielle en Russie : à quoi servent les trois candidats en lice contre Poutine? [14/03/2024]
Grégoire Sauvage, France 24

Russian Election Authorities Pick Pro-War Symbol, Putin’s Favorite Slogan for Presidential Campaign Promo [13/03/2024]
Pyotr Kozlov, Moscow Times

The digital steal: how Putin will get a landslide via online voting [12/03/2024]
Katya Orlova, Andrey Serafimov & Pavel Kuznetsov, EU Observer

Playing The Numbers: Leaked Document Details How The Kremlin Manages Russia's Elections [11/03/2024]
Andrei Grigoryev, RFE

Imprisoned Kara-Murza Says Putin's Rule Based 'Exclusively On Fear And Apathy' [11/03/2024]

What to know about Russia’s presidential election, set to give Putin another six-year term [10/03/2024]
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Russia’s opposition and Ukraine find it impossible to unite against Putin [08/03/2024]
Francesca Ebel & Serhiy Morgunov, Washington Post

Russia’s presidential election: Putin, power, the possibility of protests [07/03/2024]
Mansur Mirovalev, Al Jazeera

Navalny’s widow calls for Russia election day protests against Putin [06/03/2024]
Al Jazeera

Présidentielle en Russie : qui sont les trois candidats qui se présentent face à Vladimir Poutine? [17/02/2024]

Vladimir Putin, riding high before Navalny’s death, seems unstoppable [17/02/2024]
Catherine Belton, Washington Post

Kremlin critics: What happens to Putin’s most vocal opponents? [16/02/2024]
Al Jazeera

Russian anti-war candidate Boris Nadezhdin banned from election [08/02/2024]
The Guardian

Russia poised to bar only antiwar candidate from presidential race [05/02/2024]
Robyn Dixon & Natalia Abbakumova, Washington Post

Vladimir Putin will use election to show war-weary Russia he’s still calling the shots [03/01/2024]
Pjotr Sauer, The Guardian

Putin aims to leave nothing to chance in Russia’s 2024 election [26/12/2023]
Laura Kelly, The Hill

En Russie, une candidate "pour la paix" veut défier Vladimir Poutine à la présidentielle [20/12/2023]

Élections russes: Vladimir Poutine aura-t-il des opposants? [08/12/2023]
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Après quatre mandats, Vladimir Poutine candidat à la présidentielle de 2024 [08/12/2023]
La Tribune

Russie: l’élection présidentielle se tiendra le 17 mars 2024 [07/12/2023]
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Russia’s Next President Will Be ‘Just Like Putin,’ Kremlin Says [17/11/2023]
Moscow Times

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