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2 anos de Guerra na Ucrânia 
28 | fevereiro | 2024

A 24 de Fevereiro de 2022 a Rússia invadiu a Ucrânia. Dois anos depois o conflito arrasta-se com profundas implicações para a segurança europeia, a Ordem Internacional e a economia mundial.


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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, February 25, 2024 [25/02/2024]
ISW Press

Dos años de guerra en Ucrania: la lucha por el territorio en un frente estancado [25/02/2024]
Álvaro Merino, El Orden Mundial

Ukraine's Maidan Revolution: Ten Years Later [24/02/2024]
Ed Verona, National Interest

Mapa Mundo - Os dois anos de guerra na Ucrânia e os impactos geopolíticos [22/02/2024]
Carlos Gaspar & Ricardo Alexandre, TSF

War in Ukraine [09/02/2024]
Center for Preventive Action

A short history of Russia and Ukraine: Seven maps that illustrate Vladimir Putin’s distortion of history [29/01/2024]
The Economist

The Altered Nuclear Order in the Wake of the Russia-​Ukraine War [2023]
Rebecca Davis Gibbons, Stephen Herzog, Wilfred Wan & Doreen Horschig, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Opiniões & Análises
Europeans' last ditch clutch at Ukrainian victory [28/02/2024]
Anatol Lieven & George Beebe, Responsible Statecraft

Guerre en Ukraine : « L'erreur fatale pour l'Occident serait de jeter l'éponge en 2024 » [27/02/2024]
Pierre de Gasquet & Niall Ferguson, Les Echos

Ukraine’s foreign minister: Russia must pay for the damage it’s done [26/02/2024]
Dmytro Kuleba, Politico

The War for the West [26/02/2024]
Ivan Krastev & Sławomir Sierakowski, Project Syndicate

As war in Ukraine enters third year, 3 issues could decide its outcome: Supplies, information and politics [26/02/2024]
Tara Sonenshine, The Conversation

Les enjeux militaires de la guerre d'Ukraine : une impasse en trompe-l'œil ? [03/2024]
Yohann Michel, Olivier Schmitt & Élie Tenenbaum, Politique étrangère

Finlandize Ukraine [26/02/2024]
Christopher Fettweis, Responsible Statecraft

«En Ukraine, il manque une vraie stratégie de défense européenne» [26/02/2024]
Vincent Desportes, Le Figaro

Ukraine's tragedies: A 'good deal' for some war supporters [26/02/2024]
Branko Marcetic, Responsible Statecraft

Western timidity has only emboldened Putin [25/02/2024]
Martin Sandbu, Financial Times

Don’t Expect Russia to Accept a Ceasefire in Ukraine [24/02/2024]
Stephen Bryen, Asia Times

How Ukraine Can Keep America In the Fight: Win [24/02/2024]
James Holmes, National Interest

The Russo-Ukrainian War At Two [24/02/2024]
Ryan Evans & Michael Kofman, War on the Rocks

Ukraine: A worthy investment [24/02/2024]
Isobel Coleman, The Hill

Making Russia pay for the invasion of Ukraine [23/02/2024]
Paul Grod, Atlantic Council

Weathering the Storm: Western Security Assistance on the Defensive in Ukraine [23/02/2024]
Jahara Matisek, Will Reno & Anthony Tingle, RUSI

Is Russia winning in Ukraine? [23/02/2024]
Michael E. O’Hanlon & Adrianna Pita, Brookings Institution

The War in Ukraine in a Transitional World Order [23/02/2024]
Robert Legvold, Russia Matters

A War Putin Still Can’t Win [23/02/2024]
Lawrence D. Freedman, Foreign Affairs

«Le futur de l’Ukraine est tracé au sein de la famille européenne» [23/02/2024]
Antonio Tajani, Le Figaro

Ukraine: A Struggle for the Ages [23/02/2024]
Jamie Dettmer, Politico

The Toll on Russia From Its War in Ukraine, by the Numbers [23/02/2024]
Atlantic Council

Global Security Realigned: How Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Reshapes the Indo-Pacific [23/02/2024]
James Przystup, National Interest

Ukraine’s Path Forward: Clearing Away the “Gloom and Doom” Scenariosv [23/02/2024]
Michal Baranowski, GMF

The Russia-Ukraine War has caused a staggering amount of cultural destruction – both seen and unseen [23/02/2024]
Ian Kuijt, Pavlo Shydlovskyi & William Donaruma, The Conversation

Year two of the war: Russia goes on the offensive, the West trapped in its strategic delusions [23/02/2024]
Wojciech Konończuk, OSW

Putin Has Already Lost [22/02/2024]
Rajan Menon, New York Times

Ukrainian long-range drones target Putin’s war machine inside Russia [22/02/2024]
Victoria Vdovychenko & Alexander Khara, Atlantic Council

Air Defense Shapes Warfighting in Ukraine [22/02/2024]
Hunter Stoll, John Hoehn, et al., RAND

Russia’s economy is now completely driven by the war in Ukraine – it cannot afford to lose, but nor can it afford to win [22/02/2024]
Renaud Foucart, The Conversation

Ukraine: Wishful Thinking [22/02/2024]
Edward Lucas, CEPA

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland: The Two-Year Anniversary of Russia's Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine [22/02/2024]

‘Not losing’ is not enough: it’s time for Europe to finally get serious about a Ukrainian victory [22/02/2024]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

Deux ans après l’invasion en Ukraine : la Russie a-t-elle gagné la guerre ? [22/02/2024]
Q&A Dimitri Minic, ASFE

Ukraine Two Years On: Sobriety, Sadness, and an Absolute Determination to Fight [22/02/2024]
Volodymyr Dubovyk, CEPA

Los objetivos inalcanzados de Putin en Ucrania [21/02/2024]
Pilar Bonet, El País

Europe and the World Need Ukraine to Prevail [21/02/2024]
Dmytro Kuleba & Josep Borrell, Project Syndicate

Humanitarian principles are under fire in Ukraine [21/02/2024]
Jethro Norman, DIIS

National Will and Allyship: The Necessary Ingredients for Victory in Ukraine [21/02/2024]
Brock D. Bierman, GMF

Six Takeaways from Two Years of Russia-Ukraine War [21/02/2024]
Alessandro Marrone, IAI

In Search of a Formula for Lasting Peace in Ukraine [21/02/2024]
Katie Ruppert & José Pascal da Rocha, USIP

Ukraine war: the west is at a crossroads – double down on aid to Kyiv, accept a compromise deal, or face humiliation by Russia [20/02/2024]
Stefan Wolff, The Conversation

Outgunned Ukraine bets on drones as Russian invasion enters third year [20/02/2024]
Mykola Bielieskov, Atlantic Council

Guerre en Ukraine, deux ans après [20/02/2024]
Michel Duclos, Institut Montaigne

Two Years On, What’s Next in Ukraine? [19/02/2024]
Angela Stent et. Al, Foreign Policy

Republicans Will Regret Not Helping Ukraine [18/02/2024]
Hal Brands, Bloomberg

A Resilient Ukraine Faces Defeat if U.S. Aid Falters [17/02/2024]
Max Boot, CFR

Cult of the drone: At the two-year mark, UAVs have changed the face of war in Ukraine – but not outcomes [16/02/2024]
Paul Lushenko, The Conversation

What Americans Owe Ukraine [16/02/2024]
Graham Allison, National interest

The Ukraine War After Two Years — A Lesson From the Past [16/02/2024]
John Erath, Center for Arms Control

Domestic and international developments risk undermining Ukraine in a critical year [15/02/2024]
James Horncastle, The Conversation

Ukraine’s Black Sea success offers hope as Russian invasion enters third year [15/02/2024]
Peter Dickinson, Atlantic Council

U.S. Must Weigh the Strategic and Moral Costs of Abandoning Support for Ukraine [14/02/2024]
Robert Benson, Allison McManus & Johan Hassel, American Progress

Can Europe Hold the Line on Ukraine? [13/02/2024]
Mitchell Orenstein, FPRI

Putin’s Perspective on the Russia-Ukraine War [13/02/2024]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Future

La guerra de Ucrania, en su tercer año [13/02/2024]
Jorge Dezcallar De Mazarredo, Política Exterior

Ukraine war: Kyiv needs a fundamental rethink of its strategy, not just a reshuffle of military leadership [12/02/2024]
Stefan Wolff & Tetyana Malyarenko, The Conversation

Russian Economy Feels Bite of Attrition [12/02/2024]
Pavel K. Baev, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Will Zelenskyy’s new commander-in-chief change Ukraine’s fortunes on the battlefield? [12/02/2024]
Orysia Lutsevych, Chatham House

On the threshold of a third year of war. Ukraine’s mobilisation crisis [09/02/2024]
Jakub Ber, OSW

What the ICJ ruling on Ukraine v. Russia means [09/02/2024]
Kelebogile Zvobgo, Good Authority

Ukraine war: what the US public thinks about giving military and other aid [08/02/2024]
Paul Whiteley, The Conversation

Will Russia pay for the war? Efforts to create a compensation mechanism for Ukraine [08/02/2024]
Marcin Jędrysiak, OSW

Hubert Védrine: «Si nous faisons de cette guerre une guerre de civilisation, elle ne s’arrêtera pas» [06/02/2024]
Eugénie Bastié, Le Figaro

A movement builds against Putin’s war in Ukraine [06/02/2024]
Amy Knight, Washington Post

Black Sea Successes and Ukraine’s Path to Victory [05/02/2024]
Borja Lasheras, CEPA

The surprising resilience of the Russian economy [02/02/2024]
Anastasia Stognei & Max Seddon, Financial Times

La guerre de Poutine est en train de réveiller l’Europe [01/02/2024]
Laure Mandeville, Le Figaro

Europe’s Surprisingly Resilient Support for Ukraine Will Be Tested in 2024 [01/2024]
Max Bergmann, Global Forecast

What latest polling says about the mood in Ukraine – and the desire to remain optimistic amid the suffering [29/01/2024]
Gerard Toal, The Conversation


Con Ucrania [25/02/2024]
El País

Taking stock of the war in Ukraine [25/02/2024]
Times of Malta

Preparing for long-term aid to Ukraine is now a necessity [24/02/2024]
The Asali Shimbun

Ukraine, two years on: exhaustion at home, fatigue abroad, but the fight continues [23/02/2024]
The Guardian

Les nouveaux enjeux de la guerre en Ukraine [23/02/2024]
Le Monde

Ukraine is at a critical moment. Does the speaker of the House see? [23/02/2024]
Washington Post

Ukrainians, Your Fight is Our Fight: We Are Mutually Indebted – Editorial [22/02/2024]
Wojciech Przybylski, Visegrad Insight

Endless war: On the Russia-Ukraine war [27/01/2024]
The Hindu


Guerre en Ukraine : l'envoi de troupes alliées au sol ne peut être exclu [27/02/2024]
Virginie Robert, Les Echos

Ukraine war: Russian human rights campaigner Oleg Orlov sentenced to jail [27/02/2024]
Steve Rosenberg, BBC

Macron doesn’t rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine [27/02/2024]
Clea Caulcutt, Laura Kayali & Veronika Melkozerova, Politico

Ukraine war: Zelensky insists country will win on second anniversary [26/02/2024]
Kathryn Armstrong, BBC News

Ukrainian Army Says Withdrew From Eastern Village Near Avdiivka [26/02/2024]
Moscow Times

31,000 Ukraine troops killed in Russia’s invasion, Zelenskyy says [25/02/2024]
Veronika Melkozerova, Politico

The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin [25/02/2024]
Adam Entous & Michael Schwirtz, NYT

Guerre en Ukraine: deux ans après l’invasion russe, des milliers d’Européens manifestent en soutien à Kiev [25/02/2024]
Le Monde

Ukraine vows more self-reliance as war enters third year [25/02/2024]
Veronika Melkozerova, Politico

Guerre en Ukraine: la Russie avait les plans de la contre-offensive ukrainienne, affirme Volodymyr Zelensky [25/02/2024]
Le Monde

After 2 years of war, questions abound on whether Kyiv can sustain the fight against Russia [24/02/2024]
Samya Kullab, AP

Failure in Ukraine ‘will remake the world,’ UK and Poland warn deadlocked US [24/02/2024]
Matt Honeycombe-Foster, Politico

Two Years of War in Ukraine Has Changed the Way Armies Think [23/02/2024]

Two Years On, Balkan States Remain Divided Over Ukraine War [23/02/2024]
Azem Kurtic, Vuk Tesija, Perparim Isufi, Samir Kajosevic, Sinisa Jakov Marusic & Katarina Baletic, Balkan Insight

Two years after Russia’s invasion, Ukraine reorients its strategy to focus on defencev [23/02/2024]
Grégoire Sauvage, France 24

Russia’s War Machine Runs on Western Parts [22/02/2024]
Amy Mackinnon, Foreign Policy

Rosenberg: How two years of war in Ukraine changed Russia [22/02/2024]
Steve Rosenberg, BBC

Ukraine humanitarian crisis – two years on [20/02/2024]
Lizz Harrison, Bond

Ukraine war: Is Avdiivka's fall a sign Russia is turning the tide? [17/02/2024]
James Waterhouse, BBC

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