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Protestos no Irão 
24 | Janeiro | 2023

A morte da jovem Mahsa Amini, a 16 de setembro, depois de ter sido detida pela polícia da moralidade, provocou uma ampla vaga de protestos no Irão, que rapidamente evoluiu para um movimento de contestação ao regime. Apesar da repressão violenta e execução de vários manifestantes entretando detidos, os protestos mantêm-se e este já é considerado o maior desafio ao regime iraniano desde a revolução de 1979.


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Iran crisis update, January 23 [23/01/2023]

Do Iran’s Women Protesters Have the Power to Topple the Regime? [17/11/2023]
Kali Robinson, CFR

Mapping Iran’s unrest: how Mahsa Amini’s death led to nationwide protests [31/10/2022]
Niels de Hoog & Elena Morresi, The Guardian

The Current Situation in Iran: A USIP Fact Sheet [28/10/2022]

Iranians’ Attitudes Toward Political Systems: A 2022 Survey Report [03/2022]
Ammar Maleki, GAMAAN


Opiniões & Análises

Iran’s protests go back to the future [19/01/2023]
Amin Saikal, The Strategist

The Iran protests and US policy on Tehran’s nuclear program [19/01/2023]
Marie Abdi, MEI

Iran’s Protests Are Nowhere Near Revolutionary [17/01/2023]
Sajjad Safaei, Foreign Policy

Europe Needs a New Iran Strategy [17/01/2023]
Cornelius Adebahr, Carnegie Europe

Iran’s most powerful weapon isn’t working [10/01/2023]
Frida Ghitis, CNN

Iran’s Protesters Want Regime Change [02/01/2023]
Eric Edelman & Ray Takeyh, Foreign Affairs

Why there is no Facebook revolution on the way for Iran [13/01/2023]
Tanveer Ahmed, Financial Review

Iran Uses Rape to Enforce Women’s Modesty [17/12/2022]
Nicholas Kristof, NYT

The Question Is No Longer Whether Iranians Will Topple the Ayatollah [12/12/2022]
Karim Sadjadpour, NYT

Iran On Verge Of ‘Renaissance’ And Its Women Need Support  [11/12/2022]
Lawdan Bazargan, Iran International

Iran: decades of female anger rocks the regime [02/12/2022]
Sanam Vakil, The World Today

Why are Americans ignoring the protests in Iran? [29/11/2022]
Francine Prose, The Guardian

Mapping the Protests in Iran [28/11/2022]
Mark Dubowitz, FDD

The heroic people of Iran are teaching the west a song too many of us have forgotten [25/11/2022]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Iranian unrest finds a voice at the World Cup [22/11/2022]
Amin Saikal, The Strategist

Khamenei’s Dilemma [16/11/2022]
Christopher de Bellaigue, New York Review of Books

Iran is at war with its own people. Fifa won’t let that spoil their World Cup [13/11/2022]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

The Sound and the Fury of Iran's Protest Movement [09/11/2022]
Ali Hashem, New Lines Magazine

Iran’s Uprisings: A Feminist Foreign Policy Approach [11/2022]
Diba Mirzaei & Hamid Talebian, GIGA

Why Dictators Are Afraid of Girls: Rethinking Gender and National Security [07/11/2022]
Kathleen J. Mcinnis, Benjamin Jensen & Jaron Wharton, War on the Rocks

It’s Woman vs. Woman in Iran’s Protests [07/11/2022]
Anchal Vohra, Foreign Policy

The Iran Protests: A Crossroads in Governance? [04/11/2022]
Karishma R. Mehta, RAND

Depende: ¿el principio del fin del régimen en Irán? [03/11/2022]
Moisés Garduño, ES Global

Somos todos mulheres [02/11/2022]
Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Público

Iran Has Become a Prison [01/11/2022]
Kian Tajbakhsh, The Atlantic

Meet Iran’s Gen Z: the Driving Force Behind the Protests [01/11/2022]
Holly Dagres, Foreign Policy

Iran’s Women on the Frontlines [31/10/2022]
Zoe Marks, Fatemeh Haghighatjoo & Erica Chenoweth, Foreign Affairs

Iran: protesters call for move to a non-religious state. What changes would that bring? [28/10/2022]
Hossein Dabbagh, The Conversation

Is Iran’s Arab Spring doomed? [28/10/2022]
David Patrikarakos, UnHerd

Iran: Popular Uprising or ‘Armed Revolt’? [27/10/2022]
Allan Hassaniyan, LSE-MEC

Could Iran’s regime fall? [27/10/2022]
The Economist

Where is the US’s red line on Iran’s protests? [24/10/2022]
Marie Abdi, MEI

Iranians are Done Debating [19/10/2022]
Alireza Eshraghi, MERIP

The Naked Ayatollah [19/10/2022]
Reza Aslan, Project Syndicate

The Beginning of the End of the Islamic Republic [18/10/2022]
Masih Alinejad, Foreign Affairs

Iran’s revolutionary moment [17/10/2022]
Kylie Moore-Gilbert, The Interpreter

When Do Protests Succeed? The Case of Iran and the Arab World [17/10/2022]
Marina Ottaway & Haleh Esfandiari, Wilson Center

Iran. Signer l’accord sur le nucléaire pour aider les femmes en lute [14/10/2022]
Bernard Hourcade, Orient XXI

As Anti-Regime Protests Swell Across Iran, Ethnic Minorities Demand Freedom and Equality [14/10/2022]
Rahim Hamid & Ruth Riegler, FiKra Forum

A Second Iranian Revolution? The parallels are astonishing [14/10/2022]
Ray Takeyh, Commentary Magazine

"We Iranian women need the world's help" [14/10/2022]
Anonymous, Qantara

As Anti-Regime Protests Swell Across Iran, Ethnic Minorities Demand Freedom and Equality [14/10/2022]
Rahim Hamid & Ruth Riegler, Washington Institute

The Courageous Women of Iran [14/10/2022]
Özlem Topçu, Der Spiegel

Iran protests have broken through to the world. What’s the world saying back? [13/10/2022]
Jason Rezaian, The Washington Post

The Iranian regime has never faced a movement like this one [13/10/2022]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

Iranians Want Democracy. Who Are We to Say No? [12/10/2022]
Shay Khatiri, The Bulwark

I hope my Iranian sisters go down in history igniting a revolution – but condemning the atrocities is not enough [12/10/2022]
Tina Hosseini, The Guardian

A Turning Point in Iran [11/10/2022]
Ziryan Rojhelati Washington Institute

Las mujeres iraníes y (su)misión histórica [10/10/2022]
Rosa Rabbaniarash Arjomandi, El País

On the eve of a new world era? [10/10/2022]
Ali Sadrzadeh, Qantara

Iran: the hijab protests are now massive, but a revolution will need the military to change sides [10/10/2022]
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, The Conversation

Iran’s Protests Are the First Counter-Revolution Led by Women [09/10/2022]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

Iran’s brave young women must break their own chains. The west won’t help [08/10/2022]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Las sanciones a Irán están cambiando: el papel de las protestas y el poder tecnológico [07/10/2022]
Raquel Jorge Ricart, Elcano

‘It’s Like a War Out There.’ Iran’s Women Haven’t Been This Angry in a Generation. [07/10/2022]
Azadeh Moaveni, New York Times

The Demonstrations for Mahsa Amini: A Turning Point in Iran [07/10/2022]
Ziryan Rojhelati, Fikra Forum

Iran’s protests are not an angry outburst, but the result of generations of trauma [07/10/2022]
Nasrin Parvaz, The Guardian

The personal is political: Iran protests for a normal life [06/10/2022]
Shadi Rouhshahbaz, The Interpreter

Social Media in Iran’s Protests: A New Public Sphere? [06/10/2022]
Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Iran Protests: This Time Is Different [06/10/2022]
Ali Ashtari, Iran International

The Persian Pivot Point [06/10/2022]
Seth Cropsey, RealClearDefense

Iran’s rising Generation Z at the forefront of protests [05/10/2022]
Maysam Bizaer, Middle East Institute

The Reason Iran Turned Out to Be So Repressive [04/10/2022]
Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic 

Iranian women have been protesting mandatory hijab for decades [03/10/2022]
Mona Tajali, Washington Post

Generation no: The Iranian uprising and how the West should respond [30/09/2022]
Ellie Geranmayeh, ECFR

Iran’s security forces have little incentive to ease up on protesters [30/09/2022]
Roya Izadi, Monkey Cage

Iran protests: Exiles and the West should let Iranians find a solution [30/09/2022]
Soraya Lennie, MEE

Iran protests highlight its crisis of legitimacy [28/09/2022]
Sanam Vakil, Chatham House

Iran protests: majority of people reject compulsory hijab and an Islamic regime, surveys find [28/09/2022]
Pooyan Tamimi Arab & Ammar Maleki, The Conversation

Iran on the Threshold of Another Revolution [28/09/2022]
Shukriya Bradost, FIKRA Forum

Waiting for Thermidor: America’s Foreign Policy Towards Iran [26/09/2022]
Ray Takeyh & Reuel Marc Gerecht, National Interest

Iran's mullahs are afraid of women [24/09/2022]
Yalda Zarbakhch, DW

Are Iran’s hijab protests different from past protest waves? [23/09/2022]
Mohammad Ali Kadivar, Monkey Cage

Iran’s Failed Hijab Policy Claims Another Victim [20/09/2022]
Haleh Esfandiari, Wilson Center


Iran Cannot Continue Ignoring Its People's Call for Freedom, Human Rights [11/01/2023]
The Sankei Shimbun

Hope rises: Editorial on Iran banning morality police [07/12/2022]
India Telegraph

Iranian protests: a team’s silence speaks volumes [22/11/2023]
The Observer

La course à l’abîme du régime iranien [19/11/2023]
Le Monde

Will Iran’s women win? [26/10/2022]
The Economist

In Iran, a new generation rises. The theocracy strikes back. [13/10/2022]
Washington Post

How the U.S. Can Help Support the Women of Iran Calling for Change [08/10/2022]
New York Times

«En Iran, le voile et le glaive» [07/10/2022]

Iran’s Brave Women Deserve the World’s Support [07/10/2022]

In both Iran and Russia, backlashes against tyrants grow. It’s defiance that should be nurtured. [03/10/2022]
Chicago Tribune

Unrest in Iran long overdue [28/09/2022]
Boston Herald

The backlash in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini [25/09/2022]
The Observer

Ageing regime: On Iran’s hijab protests [24/09/2022]
The Hindu

Iran: le régime réprime, encore et toujours [22/09/2022]
Le Monde

US, EU, UK impose fresh sanctions on Iran [24/01/2023]
Middle East Online

EU ministers agree on new package of sanctions against Iran [23/01/2023]

Iranian women prisoners sign petition calling for end of protester executions [22/01/2023]

European Parliament slaps sanctions on Iran's IRGC [19/01/2023]
Rina Bassist, Al Monitor

Iran's protests four months on: Hope, rage and despair [15/01/2023]

Iran: Appointment of hardline police chief suggests little appetite for compromise [13/01/2023]

Protests have subsided in Iran, but clerics cannot yet proclaim victory [12/01/2023]
The Economist

Documents show EU’s planned new Iran sanctions list [12/01/2023]
Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

Iran Doubles Down on Hijab Punishments [11/01/2023]
A correspondent in Tehran, Al-Monitor

Iran Newspaper Editor Speaks Out On Government Pressures [10/01/2023]
Iran International

Iran Curbs ‘Morality Police’ Amid Protests, Uses Other Oppressive Tools [24/12/2022]
Michael Lipin & Behrooz Samadbeygi, VOA

In the spotlight, Iran’s World Cup team silently nods to protests at home [21/11/2022]
Kareem Fahim & Miriam Berger, Washintgon Post

Soccer Hajsafi becomes first Iranian player at World Cup in Qatar to back protests at home [20/11/2022]
Martin Petty, Reuters

Iranian protesters look to outside world for help [10/11/2022]

Iranian lawmakers demand ‘no leniency’ for protesters as mass demonstrations continue [08/11/2022]
Jennifer Deaton & Kathleen Magramo, CNN

Iran Scrambles to Crush Uprising [01/11/2022]
Christina Lu, Foreign Policy

Iran indicts 1,000 over unrest, plans public trials-report [31/10/2022]

Iranians hold large rallies in defiance of warning by Revolutionary Guards head [30/10/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Security forces tear gas students defying Iran protest ultimatum [30/10/2022]
Parisa Hafezi, Reuters

Violent clashes grip Iran universities as protests persist [30/10/2022]
Associated Press

Iran accuses journalists who reported Mahsa Amini’s death of spying for CIA [29/10/2022]
The Guardian

Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Protests stop 'today' [29/10/2022]

Iran: deaths reported as security forces open fire on protesters in Zahedan [28/10/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Iran’s Loyal Security Forces Protect Ruling System That Protesters Want to Topple [24/10/2022]
Ben Hubbard & Farnaz Fassihi, New York Times

"No going back": Gen Z at the forefront of protests in Iran [18/10/2022]
Ivana Saric, Axios

Iran’s youthful protests stoke uncertainty among political elite [14/10/2022]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

How Two Teenagers Became the New Faces of Iran’s Protests [13/10/2022]
Farnaz Fassihi, New York Times

Activistas iraníes en el exterior: “Cada acto cotidiano en Irán es político” [08/10/2022]
El País

How Iranians in New York Are Helping the Protests Abroad [08/10/2022]
Sasha von Oldershausen, New York Times

El Parlamento Europeo reclama sanciones a Irán por la represión de las protestas [06/10/2022]
Silvia Ayuso, El País

Iran to investigate death of schoolgirl in early days of protests [05/10/2022]
Emma Graham-Harrison, The Guardian

Iran protests: Security forces crack down on Tehran university students [04/10/2022]
Alys Davies & David Gritten, BBC News

Iran’s Khamenei blames Israel, US in first comments on protests [03/10/2022]
Maziar Motamedi, Al Jazeera

‘Something in me sparked’: the Iranian women using art to protest [03/10/2022]
Fuchsia Hart, The Guardian

Mahsa Amini: Afghan women see own struggle for rights in Iran protests [30/09/2022]
Ali M Latifi, MEE

Manifestations: l'Allemagne demande des sanctions européennes contre l'Iran [29/09/2022]
Le Figaro

Mahsa Amini: Iran's Qom clerics draw ire for studious silence over protests [28/09/2022]

'Rapid response': How Iran's tech-savvy diaspora is mobilising to support protesters [28/09/2022]
Sean Mathews, MEE

Mahsa Amini: Raisi says Iran must 'decisively confront' protesters as death toll doubles [24/09/2022]

Mahsa Amini: Raisi warns against ‘acts of chaos’, as US sanctions morality police [23/09/2022]

Mahsa Amini: Iran shuts down internet as death toll from 'bad hijab' protests rises [22/09/2022]
Alex MacDonald, MEE

Mahsa Amini: Iran's raging protests draw sympathy from all corners of society [21/09/2022]

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