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Guerra na Ucrânia
21 | Fevereiro | 2022

O aumento de forças militares russas na fronteira com a Ucrânia tem significado um aumento das tensões com os Estados Unidos e os aliados da NATO. A Rússia, com o apoio da China, exige o fim da expansão da NATO. Multiplicam-se os esforços diplomáticos para evitar a escalada das tensões.


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Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development [04/02/2022]

Anti-Russian Sanctions [28/01/2022]
Levada Center

Infographic: Military capabilities of Russia and Ukraine [25/01/2022]
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The Stakes of Russian Aggression for Ukraine and Beyond [20/01/2022]
Antony J. Blinken, US Department of State

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media questions at a news conference on Russia’s foreign policy performance in 2021 [14/01/2022]
Sergey Lavrov, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Agora CNN (1:45:20-1:51:10) [12/01/2022]
Sónia Sénica, CNN Portugal

Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on Russia [23/12/2021]
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IRI Ukraine Poll Shows Support for EU/NATO Membership, Concerns over Economy and Vaccines for COVID-19 [17/12/2021]

Opiniões & Análises
Will there be a “Munich Moment” in the Russia-Ukraine crisis? [19/02/2022]
Thomas S. Warrick, Atlantic Council

Here’s What Joe Biden Is Offering To Russia To End The Ukraine Crisis [18/02/2022]
Sebastien Roblin, 1945

Russian Hybrid Threats Report: Evacuations begin in Ukrainian breakaway regions [18/02/2022]
Atlantic Council

Russia’s Losing Hand in Ukraine [18/02/2022]
Seth G. Jones, Philip G. Wasielewski & Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., CSIS

Putin Cannot Erase Ukraine: No Russian Invasion Can Undo Ukrainian Nationhood [17/02/2022]
Maria Popova & Oxana Shevel, Foreign Affairs

Ukraine envoy says Putin will not give up [17/02/2022]
Brendan Nicholson, The Strategist

Twenty questions (and expert answers) about what’s happening with Ukraine and Russia [17/02/2022]
AA.VV., Atlantic Council

Ukraine’s History Is Filled With War, Blood And Death [17/02/2022]
Robert Farley, 1945

The Less Said About NATO and Ukraine, the Better: Neither Membership nor Neutrality Is the Answer [16/02/2022]
Stephen Sestanovich, Foreign Affairs

Clausewitz ha regressado [16/02/2022]
Lluís Bassets, El País

Scholz holds his ground in Putin’s den [16/02/2022]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, Financial Times

Russia: mock de-escalation around Ukraine [16/02/2022]
Andrzej Wilk, OSW

The view from Ukraine: What happens if war breaks out tomorrow? [15/02/2022]
Vitaliy Deynega, Atlantic Council

América Latina en la crisis de Ucrania: un convidado de piedra dentro de la estrategia de la Rusia de Putin [15/02/2022]
Carlos Malamud, Mira Milosevich-Juaristi & Rogelio Núñez Castellano, Elcano

The Risk of Nuclear Disaster in Ukraine [14/02/2022]
Bennett Ramberg, Project Syndicate

Ucrania y el equilibrio de poder: un análisis inter-regional [14/02/2022]
Luis Simón, Elcano

Emmanuel Macron’s Overtures to Vladimir Putin, and the Race to Prevent War in Ukraine [11/02/2022]
Fabrice Robinet, The New Yorker

Pourquoi l'Ukraine est importante pour la Russie : le facteur démographique [11/02/2022]
Bruno Tertrais, Institut Montaigne

Russia’s joint exercise with Belarus reveals what a Ukraine invasion would look like [11/02/2022]
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Why the U.S. Ramped Up Its Information War with Russia [10/02/2022]
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What will China do if Russia escalates in Ukraine? [10/02/2022]
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The crisis of European security: What Europeans think about the war in Ukraine [09/02/2022]
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Can US sanctions against Russia strike a blow without blowback? [09/02/2022]
David Uren, The Strategist

Would Russians Embrace War? [09/02/2022]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Foreign Affairs

Hungarian government embraces Russian cooperation in spite of possible war in Ukraine [09/02/2022]
Soso Chachanidze, New Eastern Europe

Ukraine’s President Beset on All Sides Amid Fears of Russian Attack [09/02/2022]
Konstantin Skorkin, Carnegie Moscow Center

No, Russia will not invade Ukraine [09/02/2022]
Harun Yilmaz, Al Jazeera

How Putin Turned Religion’s ‘Sharp Power’ Against Ukraine [09/02/2022]
Peter Mandaville, USIP

Russia Crisis Military Assessment: What would a ground offensive against Ukraine look like? Watch the skies. [09/02/2022]
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Belarus and the Showdown Over Ukraine [08/02/2022]
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Is an Invasion of Ukraine Imminent? [08/02/2022]
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China ante Ucrania: evitar que la OTAN se inmiscuya en el Indo-Pacífico [08/02/2022]
Andrés Ortega, Elcano

Moscow Security Experts Say Any Russian Invasion of Ukraine Will Not Be a Cake Walk [08/02/2022]
Paul Goble, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Russia risks another ‘bleeding wound’ in Ukraine [08/02/2022]
Yaacov Ro’I, Politico

German Security Assistance to Ukraine Perpetually on Hold (Part Two) [07/02/2022]
Vladimir Socor, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Russia Couldn’t Occupy Ukraine if It Wanted to [07/02/2022]
Alexander Clarkson, Foreign Policy

Vladimir Poutine, en marche vers un nouvel impérialisme russe? [07/02/2022]
Dominique Moïsi, Institut Montaigne

There’s a reason that America and Russia are slinging mud at each other at the Security Council [07/02/2022]
Susan Hannah Allen & Amy Yuen, Washington Post

Anti-War Broadside Highlights Nationalist Critique of Putin [07/02/2022]
Mark Galeotti, Moscow Times

Russia’s revenge [07/02/2022]
Shlomo Ben-Ami, The Strategist

Sorry, Mr. Putin. Ukraine and Russia are Not the Same Country. [06/02/2022]
Serhy Yekelchyk, Politico

The view from Kyiv [04/02/2022]
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How War Would Change Russia [04/02/2022]
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How Do the Militaries of Russia and Ukraine Stack Up? [04/02/2022]
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Friendly arguments: Biden’s and Zelensky’s disagreement on the threat from Russia [04/02/2022]
Gustav Gressel, ECFR

Why Germany Behaves The Way It Does [03/02/2022]
Marcel Dirsus, War on the Rocks

The Reason Putin Would Risk War [03/02/2022]
Anne Applebaum, The Atlantic

How War Would Change Russia [03/02/2022]
Tatiana Stanovaya, Carnegie Moscow Center

Why the war in Ukraine could reshape the European nuclear order [03/02/2022]
Rafael Loss, ECFR

Kremlin at War? Supporting Ukraine, Defending the International Order [03/02/2022]
Ben Hodges, CEPA

Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine playbook echoes the traditional tactics of Russian imperialism [03/02/2022]
Łukasz Adamski, Atlantic Council

Why Zelenskiy Downplays a Russian Invasion  [03/02/2022]
Melinda Haring, National Interest

Time Is Running Out in Ukraine [03/02/2022]
Mathieu Boulègue, CEPA

NATO member states on arms deliveries to Ukraine [02/02/2022]
Justyna Gotkowska & Piotr Szymański, OSW

Putin's Ukraine Quagmire [02/02/2022]
Richard Haass, Project Syndicate

Europe is ready to pay the cost of Russia sanctions [02/02/2022]
Nathalie Tocci, Politico

Will tough US sanctions deter Russian aggression in Ukraine? [01/02/2022]
Jeffrey J. Schott, PIIE

When Redlines Fail [02/02/2022]
Dan Altman & Kathleen E. Powers, Foreign Affairs

Sorry, there's is no real solution to the Russia Problem for now [02/02/2022]
Michael Meyer-Resende, EU Observer

Why the Donbass is the Key to Putin’s Gambit in Ukraine [02/02/2022]
Oleksandr Danylyuk, Politico

Germany Helps Putin with Export Double Standard [02/02/2022]
Bradley Bowman & Ryan Brobst, Defense News

Ukraine-Russia: the first shots have already been fired – in cyberspace [02/02/2022]
Robert M. Dover, The Conversation

US Isn't Ready for Russia's Battlefield Nukes [02/02/2022]
James Ragland & Adam Lowther, 1945

How China Views the Ukraine Crisis [02/02/2022]
Minxin Pei, Japan Times

Strategic Reconfiguration in the Making in Europe's East [02/02/2022]
Iuliia Mendel, Kyiv Post

What Ukraine Reveals About NATO and the EU [01/02/2022]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

From eastern Europe we watch Ukraine in fear. Its fate could decide the continent’s future [01/02/2022]
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Should NATO close its doors? [01/02/2022]
James Dobbins, The Hill

Russia’s True Strategy Shows Itself [01/02/2022]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Is there a weakness in NATO’s Eastern flank? [01/02/2022]
Dimitar Bechev, Al Jazeera

The West Has Responded to Russia’s Ultimatum. Is It Enough? [01/02/2022]
Alexander Baunov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Putin knows exactly what he wants in eastern Europe – unlike the west [31/01/2022]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

Ukraine conflict: An escalation within limits [31/01/2022]
Margarete Klein, SWP

La crisis de Ucrania, la UE y la cohesión occidental [31/01/2022]
Ricardo López-Aranda, Elcano

What Would a War with Ukraine Mean for Ordinary Russians? [31/01/2022]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

U.S. Strategic Competition with Russia [31/01/2022]
Stephanie Pezard, RAND

Shutting out Russia from Swift system would not be a surgical strike [31/01/2022]
Jonathan Guthrie, Financial Times

In the shadow of war [31/01/2022]
Zachary Paikin, CEPS

Ukraine conflict: An escalation within limits [31/01/2022]
Margarete Klein, SWP

Cord-cutting, Russian style: Could the Kremlin sever global internet cables? [31/01/2022]
Justin Sherman, Atlantic Council

Oil Market Cannot Afford to Lose Russian Supplies [31/01/2022]
Ben Cahill, CSIS

Russia's Ukraine gambit is an opportunity to steel US resolve [31/01/2022]
Glenn Nye & Mike Rogers, The Hill

The Russia crisis has exposed why NATO needs a strategy shift [30/01/2022]
Harlan Ullman, Atlantic Council

Canada must do more to back Ukraine. Hashtags are not enough. [30/01/2022]
Michael Taube, Washington Post

Russian Hybrid Threats Report: Kremlin pushes claims about Ukrainian offensive, ‘junk’ weapons from West [28/01/2022]
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Russia Can Win in Ukraine Without Firing a Shot [28/01/2022]
Elisabeth Braw, Foreign Policy

The US and NATO respond to the Kremlin’s demands: Russia’s reactions [28/01/2022]
Witold Rodkiewicz, OSW

Biden needs to get Ukraine right. America's security depends on it. [28/01/2022]
Melinda Haring, USA Today

China’s ‘Wolf Warriors’ Are Having a Field Day With the Russia-Ukraine Crisis [28/01/2022]
Jessica Brandt, Foreign Policy

Russia’s Gamble in Ukraine [27/01/2022]
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Judy Asks: Is Germany Damaging Europe’s Position on Ukraine? [27/01/2022]
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The Ukraine crisis: A problem of trust [27/01/2022]
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Why Europe has no say in the Russia-Ukraine crisis [27/01/2022]
Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR

The power of keeping calm. Ukraine in the face of Russia’s potential aggression [26/01/2022]
Tadeusz Iwański & Krzysztof Nieczypor, OSW

Misreading Signs of Putin’s War Preparation In Ukraine [26/01/2022]
Sim Tack, Spectator Clingendael

Experts from NATO countries disagree on how to approach Ukraine [26/01/2022]
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Will There Be a War Over Ukraine? 13 Putin Watchers Weigh In [26/01/2022]
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Russia’s recent invasions of Ukraine and Georgia offer clues to what Putin might be thinking now [26/01/2022]
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The Alarm Bells in Europe [26/01/2022]
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A Whiff of Munich [25/01/2022]
Harold James, Project Syndicate

Ukraine crisis is reminding Nato why it was formed in the first place [25/01/2022]
Mark Webber, The Conversation

Is There a Way Out of the Russia-NATO Talks Impasse? [25/01/2022]
Andrei Kortunov, Moscow Times

Putin’s Ambition May Have Outstripped His Options [25/01/2022]
Eugene Rumer, CEIP

The US military presence in Europe has been declining for 30 years – the current crisis in Ukraine may reverse that trend [25/01/2022]
Michael A. Allen, Carla Martinez Machain & Michael E. Flynn, The Conversation

Would Putin Really Invade Ukraine For This? [25/01/2022]
Fred Kaplan, Slate

Is the West united against Russia? Sort of. [25/01/2022]
Gabrielle Debinski, GZero

Good work, Volodya! Putin resurrects NATO. [25/01/2022]
Paul Taylor, Politico

How the European Union Has Made Itself Irrelevant in Ukraine [25/01/2022]
Anders Aslund, Kyiv Post

If Russia boosts its aggression against Ukraine, here’s what NATO could do [25/01/2022]
Michael John Williams, Atlantic Council

Putin Has the U.S. Right Where He Wants It [24/01/2022]
Fiona Hill, New York Times

Putin’s Wager In Russia’s Standoff With The West [24/01/2022]
Michael Kofman, War on the Rocks

A measure of autonomy in eastern Ukraine is the only way out of this crisis [24/01/2022]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Moscow Should Remember the Russo-Japanese War [24/01/2022]
Edward Goldberg, Real Clear World

The Russian Mystery [24/01/2022]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Russia’s Vietnam: Why An Invasion Of Ukraine Would Be A Disaster For Putin [24/01/2022]
Robert Kelly, 19FortyFive

Forget NATO, Ukraine must refocus on the EU [24/01/2022]
Henrik Larsen, Politico

Only Putin Knows What Happens Next  [23/01/2022]
Tom Nichols, The Atlantic

Russia’s Desert Storm: Putin’s Plan to Use America’s Military Playbook Against Ukraine? [23/01/2022]
Anna Borshchevskaya, 19FortyFive

Ukraine Wouldn't Be a Cakewalk for Russia  [23/01/2022]
Melinda Haring, National Interest

If Russia invades Ukraine, what happens next? [22/01/2022]
David A. Lake, Monkey Cage

Russia's Georgia Model for Invading Ukraine  [22/01/2022]
Sebastien Roblin, 1945

How to Retreat From Ukraine [22/01/2022]
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What the West Will Never Understand About Putin's Ukraine Obsession [22/01/2022]
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The Day After Russia Attacks [21/01/2022]
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Four maps that explain the Russia-Ukraine conflict [21/01/2022]
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Biden Should Close The Door To NATO [21/01/2022]
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What a Week of Talks Between Russia and the West Revealed [21/01/2022]
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The United States Needs a New Approach to Russia [21/01/2022]
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Are Putin’s Oligarchs Ready for War? [20/01/2022]
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Why NATO Has Become a Flashpoint With Russia [20/01/2022]
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Ukraine: a country wounded by eight years of crisis [20/01/2022]
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Russia-Ukraine tensions: power posturing or trouble on the home front for Putin? [19/01/2022]
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Ukrainians in our survey weren’t enthusiastic about NATO exercises close to Russia [19/01/2022]
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Unanswered questions in the Ukrainian crisis [19/01/2022]
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Biden’s rhetoric on Ukraine has been quite moderate. Here’s what that means. [18/01/2022]
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Moscow’s Compellence Strategy [18/01/2022]
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How to Reach an Agreement on Ukraine [17/01/2022]
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If the West sticks together, it can find a way forward with Russia [17/01/2022]
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Ukraine Doesn’t Need the West to Defend It. We Need Help Preparing for War. [16/01/2022]
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Why would Putin invade Ukraine? [16/01/2022]
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Face aux périls, les Européens seront-ils bientôt seuls? [14/01/2022]
Isabelle Lasserre, Le Figaro

The U.S. seems ready for tougher sanctions against Russia. But is Europe? [14/01/2022]
Maria Shagina, Washington Post

Nato honesty on Ukraine could avert conflict with Russia [13/01/2022]
Samuel Charap, Financial Times

Turkey Could Lose Big in the Russia-Ukraine Standoff [13/01/2022]
Jeffrey Mankoff, Foreign Policy

Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the limits of Putin’s neo-imperial ambitions [13/01/2022]
Slawomir Sierakowski, The Strategist

Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine [13/01/2022]
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Turkey's Response to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis  [12/01/2022]
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Western Diplomacy on Russia Must Serve Deterrence [12/01/2022]
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Putin Is Running Rings Around the West [12/01/2022]
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Biden must respond to Putin’s provocations on Ukraine [12/01/2022]
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Russia’s Liberals Wave a Sad Farewell to Ukraine [12/01/2022]
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The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine [11/01/2022]
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As the U.S. and Russia debate Ukraine, it’s hard to see the wiggle room [11/01/2022]
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Russia Thinks America Is Bluffing [10/01/2022]
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How Putin’s Plans for Ukraine Could Pay Off [10/01/2022]
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Putin's threats disguise a weakening position [10/01/2022]
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Is America Getting ‘Compellence’ Wrong in Ukraine? [10/01/2022]
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EU Must Stop Moaning on Ukraine and Prepare for a Refugee Crisis [10/01/2022]
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Ukraine Is Only One Small Part of Putin’s Plans [07/01/2022]
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The West has enabled Putin long enough. It is time to stop. [07/01/2022]
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What Is Russia’s Logic for the Current Crisis? [07/01/2022]
Maxim A. Suchkov, War on the Rocks

Free-rider on the storm: How Russia makes use of crises in its regional environment [07/01/2022]
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God, Putin and Ukraine [07/01/2022]
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Beyond Ukraine: How to Revive the Vision of a Europe ‘Whole and at Peace’ [07/01/2022]
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Putin’s Ukraine quagmire [03/01/2022]
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The battle for Ukraine has already been lost [09/12/2021]
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Russia, Not NATO, Has the Upper Hand in Ukraine [26/04/2021]
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Crise en Ukraine : Macron propose à Poutine de « bâtir des garanties concrètes de sécurité » [07/02/2022]
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UK to send troops to Poland amid concern about Russian buildup [07/02/2022]
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'War?! I Want A Post Office': In A Remote Ukrainian Border Village, More Pressing Worries Than A New Russian Invasion [07/02/2022]
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Russian forces at 70% of level needed for full Ukraine invasion, U.S. officials say [07/02/2022]
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Russia has enough troops ready to take Kyiv, says former Ukraine defence chief [06/02/2022]
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Russian Troops in Final Stages of Readiness Add to Worries for Ukraine [04/02/2022]
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Biden sending thousands of troops to Eastern Europe [02/02/2022]
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U.S. Sends Top Security Official to Help NATO Brace for Russian Cyberattacks [01/02/2022]
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Putin’s public remarks today could be his first on Ukraine since December [01/02/2022]
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Ukraine announces plan to boost army as foreign leaders rally [01/02/2022]
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Allies keep close eye on Orbán's Moscow visit [01/02/2022]
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Blinken to try diplomacy again with Russian counterpart after sharp U.N. clash over Ukraine [01/02/2022]
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Putin to host EU ally Orban amid Ukraine crisis [01/02/2022]
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Russia delivers written response to U.S. proposal on Ukraine crisis [01/02/2022]
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Ukraine crisis: 'The stakes could not be higher', US ambassador tells UN Security Council Access to the comments [31/01/2022]

Poland ready for million refugees if Russia invades Ukraine [31/01/2022]
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UK toughens sanctions regime to target Russia over Ukraine [31/01/2022]
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Boris Johnson to visit Ukraine region and hold call with Putin next week [29/01/2022]
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Nord Stream 2 could be hit in Russia sanctions, France says [28/01/2022]
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Russia, U.S. Open For More Diplomacy Despite Wide Differences Over Ukraine [28/01/2022]

Zelenskyy urges no ‘panic’ over tensions [28/01/2022]
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Lukashenko warns Belarus will go to war if Russia is attacked [28/01/2022]
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German industry bosses to meet with Putin this year [28/01/2022]
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Ukraine to the world: keep calm and stop spreading panic [28/01/2022]
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Moscow Faces 'Massive Consequences' If Russia Continues Aggression Toward Ukraine, Blinken Tells RFE/RL [27/01/2022]
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Russia signals little optimism on resolving crisis as the West races to shore up support for Ukraine [27/01/2022]
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Germany's Scholz to meet Biden, discuss Ukraine and COVID - White House [27/01/2022]
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Ukraine Sees Russian Hand In Spate Of Bomb Scares At Schools Nationwide [26/01/2022]
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NATO to boost military presence in eastern Europe amid Russia-Ukraine tensions [25/01/2022]
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US finalizing plans to divert gas to Europe if Russia cuts off supply [25/01/2022]
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Pentagon Puts 8,500 Troops on ‘High Alert’ Amid Ukraine Tensions [24/01/2022]
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Germany seeks mediating role as Ukraine tensions rise [24/01/2022]
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In a Ukrainian city near Russia, a civilian army prepares for war [24/01/2022]
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Russia Thins Out Its Embassy in Ukraine, a Possible Clue to Putin’s Next Move [17/01/2022]
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Putin is Threatening a War. Are Russians Willing to Fight It? [12/01/2022]
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U.S.-Russia Conclude 'Difficult' Geneva Talks On Ukraine, European Security [10/01/2022]

U.S. and Russia still poles apart on Ukraine after Geneva talks [10/01/2022]
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Ukraine crisis: tense talks between US and Russia open in Geneva [10/01/2022]
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With Russian guns pointed at Ukraine, West and Moscow dive into talks [10/01/2022]
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Exposed: Who were Russia's spies at Nato HQ? [10/01/2022]
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U.S. tamps down expectations for talks with Russia amid Ukraine crisis [09/01/2022]

The West has a few bargaining chips to stop Russia from invading Ukraine [09/01/2022]
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Russia Warns That U.S. Doesn’t Understand Its Goals on Ukraine [09/01/2022]
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Putin puts out fires across a former Soviet empire clamoring for change [08/01/2022]
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First Thing: Biden and Putin exchange warnings amid Ukraine tensions [31/12/2021]
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Why Putin has such a hard time accepting Ukrainian sovereignty [21/12/2021]
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Russia publishes ‘red line’ security demands for Nato and US [17/12/2021]
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Fraud Conviction Appears to Reveal Russian Troop Deployment in East Ukraine [16/12/2021]
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EU summit to warn Russia of 'severe cost' over Ukraine [16/12/2021]
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Russia planning massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops, U.S. intelligence warns [16/12/2021]
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Wait, is Russia going to invade Ukraine? [08/12/2021]
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Biden told Putin that 'things we did not do in 2014, we are prepared to do now' if Russia escalates in Ukraine, top adviser says [08/12/2021]
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US says Russia could invade Ukraine in early 2022 [04/12/2021]
James Politi, Katrina Manson,Demetri Sevastopulo & Polina Ivanova, Financial Times

Ukraine has uncovered Russian-linked coup plot, says president [27/11/2021]
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U.S. ‘Escalating’ Russia-Ukraine Tensions by Arming Kiev – Kremlin [23/11/2021]
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U.S. huddles with allies over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine [12/11/2021]
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Weapons tracing study implicates Russia in Ukraine conflict [04/11/2021]
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Explainer: Why Are Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine Ratcheting Up? [02/04/2021]
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