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©Valentyn Ogirenko/REUTERS
Eleições Presidenciais na Ucrânia
18 | Junho | 2019

Despois de ter vencido a primeira volta das eleições Presidencais na Ucrânia com 30% dos votos, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, um comediante e estrela televisiva de 41 anos, derrotou o presidente incumbente Petro Poroshenko a 21 de Abril depois de uma campanha marcada pelo discurso anti-corrupção.


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Q&A What Is at Stake in Ukraine’s Election? [21/03/2019]
Balázs Jarábik, Gwendolyn Sasse, Thomas de Waal, Konstantin Skorkin, Alexander Baunov, CEIP


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Ucrania vota enfado [04/04/2019]
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Time to Play Hardball on Reforming Ukraine's Security Service [28/03/2019]
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Making Sense of Ukraine’s Complicated, Highly Competitive Presidential Campaign [28/03/2019]
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The Battle for Ukraine's Presidency is Just Beginning [27/03/2019]
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The Domestic and Regional Stakes of Ukraine's Elections [27/03/2019]
Kateryna Zarembo, ISPI

Ukcraine Election Bodes Ill for Corruption Fight, and for Kiev’s Ties to West [26/03/2019]
Tony Barber, Russia Matters

A Ukrainian Oligarch Waits in the Wings [26/03/2019]
Adrian Karatnycky, The American Interest

Ukraine’s Glass is Half-Full—Giving Up on it Would Be a Terrible Mistake [25/03/2019]
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Why Ukraine Might Make a TV Actor Its President [25/03/2019]
Stephen Sestanovich, CFR

Stakes and Outlook for the Ukrainian presidential election [25/03/2019]
Iris Muraz, Fondation Robert Schuman

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Removed From Russian Influence, Ukraine Election Is Unpredictable on Its Own Terms [20/03/2019]
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Ukraine Needs Political Support, Not War [15/03/2019]
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War and Peace in Ukraine’s Presidential Race [14/03/2019]
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Andrea Snyder, Institute for the Study of War

El experimento de confianza de Ucrania [08/03/2019]
Joanna Hosa, ES Global

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Adrian Karatnycky, Politico

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Gwendolyn Sasse, Carnegie Europe

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Kremlin-Linked Forces in Ukraine’s 2019 Elections: On the Brink of Revenge? [19/02/2019]
Vladislav Inozemtsev, IFRI

Russia and Ukraine: A Destructive Codependency [18/02/2019]
Gleb Pavlovsky, Moscow Times

Five Years (Is/Is Not)* A Long Time In Ukrainian Politics (*Delete As Applicable) [14/02/2019]
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Ukrainian Society Ahead of the Elections [07/02/2019]
Gwendolyn Sasse, Carnegie Europe

With West Tilting to Poroshenko, Fair Vote Could Be in Question [05/02/2019]
Timothy Garton Ash, Kyiv Post

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Konstantin Skorkin, Carnegie Moscow Center

Ukraine’s Presidential Race Will Be Fun [24/01/2019]
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Losing the Plot—Ukraine’s Opposition Seeks a Strategy [28/11/2018]
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Tymoshenko challenges exit poll results that show her defeat [01/04/2019]
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Poroshenko says election was free, met global standards [31/03/2019]

Ukraine's President Poroshenko Praises Anti-Russia Sentiment In Election Victory [31/03/2019]
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Poroshenko promises to regain Crimea – after election [18/03/2019]
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Leading Ukraine Candidate Fights 'Fakes With Fakes' As Facebook Tests New Political Ad Rules [18/03/2019]
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