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Cimeira Trump-Kim em Hanói
01 | Abril | 2019

Após a Cimeira de Singapura de 12 de Junho de 2018, os presidentes Donald Trump e Kim Jong Un reunem novamente, desta vez em Hanói, numa cimeira cheia de simbolismo e expectativa em que se procura avançar o processo de desnuclearização da Coreia do Norte e a paz no continente asiático.


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Exclusive: here’s the tentative deal Trump and Kim Jong Un may strike in Vietnam [26/02/2019]
Alex Ward, Vox

Indo-Pacific Relations with North Korea On the Eve of the 2nd Trump-Kim Summit
AA.VV., East-West Center

North Korea's missile and nuclear programme

North Korean Nuclear Negotiations – Timeline
Council on Foreign Relations


Opiniões & Análises
What Happened in Hanoi? [04/2019]
Jessica Mathews, New York Review of Books

Why North Korea Won't Succumb to 'Maximum Pressure' [27/03/2019]
Henri Féron, National Interest

North Korea and the US: no deal towards a workable and sustainable deal? [27/03/2019]
Ramón Pacheco Pardo, Elcano

Small or Nothing [20/03/2019]
John Carl Baker, Jacobin Mag

Picking Up the Pieces After Hanoi [15/03/2019]
Richard N. Haass, Project Syndicate

El misterio de Hanói [07/03/2019]
Lluís Bassets, El País

North Korea's year of reckoning: famine, sanctions and security [06/03/2019]
Hazel Smith, Pacific Forum

What’s in a Name? North Korea and The Contested Politics Of ‘Nuclear Weapons States’ [06/03/2019]
Sidra Hamidi, Waron the Rocks

Why Ending U.S.-South Korea Joint Exercises Was the Wrong Move [03/03/2019]
Thomas Spoehr, Heritage Foundation

The Push for a Trump-Kim Nuke Deal Is Far from Over [02/03/2019]
Evelyn Farkas, Foreign Policy

Trump’s denuclearization strategies for Iran and North Korea are totally opposite. Why? [02/03/2019]
Michael McFaul, Washington Post

Why Vietnam Is More Than Just a Venue for the United States and DPRK Summit: A View From Hanoi [01/03/2019]
Le Dinh Tinh & Nguyen Duc Chinh, Pacific Forum

No-deal summit -- will Trump and Kim break up or make up? [01/03/2019]
Scott Snyder, Nikkei Asian Review

Why the Hanoi Summit Failed [01/03/2019]
Steven Metz, World Politics Review

You can’t solve North Korea’s nuclear challenge if you ignore its torture chambers [01/03/2019]
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

The Hanoi Setback and Tokyo’s North Korea Problem [01/03/2019]
Sheila A. Smith, CFR

Lecciones de la fake summit de Hanoi [01/03/2019]
Mario Esteban, Elcano

From Pyongyang to Hanoi: Kim Jong Un’s Long March Through China [28/02/2019]
Jin Kai, The Diplomat

Trump Was Right to Walk Away [28/02/2019]
Peter Feaver, Foreign Policy

Hanoi Summit: Trump Hit a Bump On a Long Road  [28/02/2019]
Doug Bandow, National Interest

Forget Hanoi. Trump has already done irreparable damage to America’s reputation. [28/02/2019]
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Assessment of the Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit [28/02/2019]
Sue Mi Terry & Lisa Collins, CSIS

The Kim Jong Un-thinkable press conference [28/02/2019]
Rick Noack, Washington Post

How Will Kim Respond to Trump's Move? [28/02/2019]
James Jay Carafano, Fox News

Did Trump Team Miss Key Summit Signals?
Christopher Hill, The Hill

3 Reasons Not to Worry About DPRK's Post-Summit Statement  [28/02/2019]
Tom Rogan, Examiner

Kim Jong Un Played Trump - Again [28/02/2019]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

«Rocket Man» ou «Terrific Kim»? [27/02/2019]
Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Público

Is China playing the North Korea card? [27/02/2019]
Lee Seong-hyon, East Asia Forum

Sommet Trump-Kim à Hanoï: quels enjeux pour les alliés des États-Unis en Europe et en Asie? [27/02/2019]
Valérie Niquet & Marianne Peron-Doise, Le Fiagro

How to Judge the Hanoi Summit [27/02/2019]
Yoon Young-Kwan, Project Syndicate

North Korea Is Not Vietnam [27/02/2019]
Geoffrey Cain, New Republic

The Hanoi summit shines a light on the “Vietnam model” of development [27/02/2019]
David Dollar, Brookings Institution

Give Peace a Chance, Just Not This Way [26/02/2019]
John Schaus, CSIS

Trump Serves the North Koreans a Power Cocktail [26/02/2019]
Austin Bay, Strategy Page

Here are Some Economic Incentives That Could Help Move North Korea’s Kim Toward Denuclearization [26/02/2019]
Jungbae Seo, Atlantic Council

The U.S. Can Afford a Peace Deal in Korea [26/02/2019]
S. Nathan Park, Foreign Policy

Made by Maduro: The Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela and U.S. Policy Responses [26/02/2019]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Can Trump Avoid Caving to Kim in Vietnam? [26/02/2019]
Susan Rice, New York Times

North Korea's Nukes Are Not the Only Problem [26/02/2019]
Daniel DePetris & Richard Sokolsky, CNN

The Second Trump-Kim Summit: Where Is China? [26/02/2019]
Yun Sun, 38 North

How the “Moon Miracle” Made the Second Trump-Kim Summit a Reality [26/02/2019]
Harry J. Kazianis, National Interest

The Real North Korea Summit Is Inside the Trump Administration [26/02/2019]
Jeffrey Lewis, Foreign Policy

Round 2: North Korea and China versus the USA [25/02/2019]
Ron Huisken, The Strategist

US-DPRK: Bridging the Differences [25/02/2019]
Ralph A. Cossa, Pacific Forum

Trump Meets Kim Jong-un This Week. There’ll Be One Winner. [25/02/2019]
Nicholas Eberstadt, New York Times

Trump-Kim Summit in Vietnam: End the Korean War with a Peace Declaration [25/02/2019]
Harry J. Kazianis, National Interest

The Second Trump-Kim Summit: What Will Success Look Like? [25/02/2019]
Ashish Kumar Sen et. Al., Atlantic Council

While Trump presses the flesh in Hanoi, Abe sits on the sidelines [25/02/2019]
William Pesek, Asia Times

How Trump’s “Victory” Became Kim’s Triumph [25/02/2019]
Grant T. Harris, Project Syndicate

The Trump-Kim Summit in Hanoi: How America Can Make History [25/02/2019]
Douglas Macgregor, National Interest

Negotiations, nukes and Nobels [25/02/2019]
Andrew Salmon, Asia Times

Trump-Kim summit II: North Korea’s superficial modernisation [25/02/2019]
Gianluca Spezza & Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings, Lowy Institute

Poor Japan-South Korea Relations Weaken Trump’s Hand With Kim Jong Un [25/02/2019]
Yoichi Funabashi, Washington Post

Why Trump’s Pragmatic Diplomacy on North Korea Could Pay Dividends [25/09/2018]
George Perkovich, CEIP

What to Expect at the Second North Korea Summit [22/02/2019]
Victor Cha & Katrin Fraser Katz, Foreign Affairs

Why Russia is Standing Aloof on the Korean Peninsula [22/02/2019]
Artyom Lukin, Global Observatory

Give Trump a Chance on North Korea [22/02/2019]
Daniel R. DePetris, National Interest

Sanctions are an important tool in China's North Korea diplomacy [22/02/2019]
Yang Jiang, DIIS

Getting Japan to the negotiating table on the North Korea crisis [22/02/2019]
Luke Patey, DIIS

Engagement with North Korea: Small Steps May Matter More Than Big Ones [21/02/2019]
Rafiq Dossani & Heejin Kim, RAND

Vietnam can be template for a US deal with North Korea [21/02/2019]
Huong Le Thu, Nikkei Asian Review

Hanoi Is Happy Cozying Up to Trump [21/02/2019]
Bennett Murray, Foreign Policy

Is Trump’s Hard Bargaining Fraying U.S.-South Korean Ties? [21/02/2019]
Scott A. Snyder, Council on Foreign Relations

In 2012, Kim Jong Un put his father’s plans on rapprochement with U.S. on hold; is 2019 the year he carries out Kim Jong Il’s mission? [21/02/2019]
Jean H. Lee, Wilson Center

The stage may be set for progress at the Trump-Kim summit [20/02/2019]
Siegfried S. Hecker, Robert L. Carlin & Elliot Serbin, Washington Post

North Korea And Asean: Friends Again, But It's Complicated [20/02/2019]
Daniel Wertz, Asia Pacific Bulletin

Benchmarking the Second Trump-Kim Summit [19/02/2019]
Toby Dalton & Ariel (Eli) Levite, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Trump-Kim 2: Why Hanoi? [15/02/2019]
Viet Phuong Nguyen, The Diplomat

The Status Quo with North Korea Is Better Than a Bad Deal [13/02/2019]
Robert E. Kelly, The National Interest

Goals for any arms control proposal with North Korea [13/02/2019]
John K. Warden & Ankit Panda, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

How Vietnam’s transition experience may be helpful for North Korea Today [08/02/2019]
Bradley O. Babson, Global Observatory

Negotiating with North Korea [04/02/2019]
Patrick M. Cronin & Kristine Lee, CNAS

The limitations of summits around the Korean peninsula [30/01/2019]
Leif-Eric Easley, Asia Pacific Bulletin

What to Expect From Trump-Kim Take Two [18/01/2019]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Purposeful Engagement: Getting to Where We Want to Be with North Korea [21/12/2018]
Marcus Noland, East-West Center

When Kim Jong-un Speaks, the United States Should Listen Carefully [19/12/2018]
Toby Dalton, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Facets of the North Korea Conflict: Actors, Problems and Europe’s Interests [12/2018]
Hanns Günther Hilpert & Oliver Meier (eds.), SWP


Trump and Kim walk away [02/03/2019]
The Economist

Hanoi hiccup: on Kim-Trump summit [02/03/2019]
The Hindu

The Hanoi summit was bound to fail [01/03/2019]
Hindustan Times

2nd US-North Korea summit exposes gap on denuclearization stance [01/03/2019]
Mainichi Japan

Trump-Kim love story —a sterile romance [28/02/2019]
Economic Times

What Trump Got Wrong, and Right, on North Korea [28/02/2019]
New York Times

The Hanoi summit failure exposes Trump’s weak diplomacy [28/02/2019]
Washington Post

Trump-Kim summit's ultimate goal should be N. Korea's denuclearization [27/02/2019]
The Mainichi

Trump-Kim summit must produce specific, verifiable results [26/02/2019]
Star Tribune

Trump and Kim in Hanoi [25/02/2019]
Washington Times

Trump Should Aim Small on North Korea [25/02/2019]

Don't set the bar too low for North Korea [20/02/2019]
Japan Times

Triumph or trap? [13/02/2019]
Washington Times

Foundations of Venezuela’s Regime Are Cracking, Not Yet Collapsing [10/02/2019]
The Economist 


North Korea threatens to end nuclear talks with U.S., resume testing [15/03/2019]
Ed Adamczyk, UPI

Kim Jong Un missing from Supreme People's Assembly list [12/03/2019]
Elizabeth Shim, UPI

UN Probing North Korea Sanctions Violations in 20 Countries [11/03/2019]

North Korea state media says people blame U.S. for summit breakdown [07/03/2019]
David Brunnstrom & Hyonhee Shin, Reuters

North Korea rebuilding long-range rocket site in sign of displeasure after failed nuke talks, experts say [06/03/2019]
Jesse Johnson, Japan Times

Experts: North Korea Can Make Nuclear Weapons Without Yongbyon [05/03/2019]
Patrick Park, VOA

After Hanoi Summit: Rebuilding of Sohae Launch Facility [05/03/2019]
Joseph Bermudez & Victor Cha, CSIS

Downsized joint military drill begin [04/03/2019]
Lee Min-hyung, Korea Times

Trump blames Cohen testimony for failed deal with North Korea [03/03/2019]
Seung Min Kim, Washington Post

US officials say Trump overstated Kim's demand on sanctions [01/03/2019]

Trump and Kim abruptly cut short summit after failing to reach nuclear deal [28/02/2019]
Washintgon Post

Face à Kim Jong-un, la diplomatie de Trump en échec [28/02/2019]
Gilles Paris & Philippe Pons, Le Monde

North Korea contradicts Trump: Seeks partial lifting of sanctions [28/02/2019]
Yonhap News Agency

White House excludes reporters from Trump-Kim dinner after they asked questions [27/02/2019]

Kim Jong Un takes questions from reporters as Trump says 'no rush' on nukes [27/02/2019]
Elizabeth Shim, UPI

Kim, Trump kick off second summit with handshake in Hanoi [27/02/2019]
Jesse Johnson, Japan Times

Trump meets Kim in Hà Nội [27/02/2019]
Viet Nam News

Trump hails North Korea's 'awesome' potential ahead of talks with Kim Jong Un [27/02/2019]

Pourquoi le rapprochement entre les Etats-Unis et la Corée du Nord a marqué le pas [27/02/2019]
Gilles Paris, Le Monde

Trump and Kim in Hanoi: Your need-to-know guide [26/02/2019]

Huit mois d'âpres négociations entre Washington et Pyongyang [26/02/2019]
Figaro Roland Gauron, Le Figaro

Qué se espera de la segunda cumbre de Trump y Kim [26/02/2019]

Trump arrives by plane, Kim Jong Un by train ahead of two-day nuclear summit in Hanoi [26/02/2019]
Simon Denyer, John Hudson & David Nakamura, Washington Post

Trump and Kim May Declare End of War at Summit, South Korea Says [25/02/2019]
Choe Sang-Hun, The New York Times

Trump-Kim: Don't stop believin' in a successful summit [25/02/2019]
Laura Bicker, BBC News

Seoul hopeful of war-ending declaration at Trump-Kim summit [25/02/2019]
Nikkei Asian Review

Trump-Kim summit II: North Korea’s superficial modernisation [25/02/2019]
Gianluca Spezza & Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings, The Interpreter

North Korea Sells Weapons Worldwide While Trump Pushes for Peace [22/02/2019]
Michael Hirsh, Colum Lynch & Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

The United States Is Still Trying to Sell North Korea on Denuclearization [21/02/2019]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Kim Jong Un visit could restore old ties with Vietnam [21/02/2019]
Elizabeth Shim, UPI

Trump-Kim summit: What might Kim learn from hosts Vietnam? [20/02/2019]

Ahead of Second Summit, Trump Says He’s in ‘No Rush Whatsoever’ on North Korean Denuclearization [19/02/2019]
Felicia Sonmez, The Washington Post

South Korea Proposes Joint Economic Projects to Prod North to Denuclearize [19/02/2019]
Choe Sang-Hun, New York Times

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