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Crise na Venezuela
23 | Julho | 2019

O lançamento da última fase da Operação Liberdade de Juan Guaidó, em que o autodenominado presidente interino acreditava conseguir levar à demissão de Nicolás Maduro, aprofundou o impasse na Venezuela. Na América Latina joga-se o equilibrio de poderes entre os diferentes países, mas também o impacto das potências não-regionais, como os EUA, a Rússia, a China e a UE.

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Maduro vs. Guaidó: A Global Scorecard (Infographics) [04/02/2019]
Amy Mackinnon, Foreign Policy

Comunicado do Governo sobre a situação na Venezuela [04/02/2019]
Portal Diplomático

Continuing U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Venezuela - Press Statement [23/01/2019]
Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State

Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the European Union on latest developments in Venezuela [23/01/2019]
Council of the EU

Declaración del Gobierno Revolucionario: Debe cesar la agresión contra Venezuela [23/01/2019]

Maduro is a usurper. It’s time to restore democracy in Venezuela [15/01/2019]
Juan Guaido, Washington Post 


Opiniões & Análises
Dialogue in Barbados: will it yield results? [23/07/2019]
Roberto Mansilla Blanco, Global Americans 

“Las torturas en Venezuela son sistemáticas” [11/07/2019]
Entrevista a Cristopher Figuera, El País

Venezuela’s Inconvenient Truth: U.S. Sanctions Are Failing the People [10/07/2019]
Francisco Rodríguez, New York Times

The Armed Forces in the Venezuelan crisis [02/07/2019]
Roberto Mansilla Blanco, Global Americans

Power and Paranoia in Caracas [02/07/2019]
Ivan Briscoe, Foreign Affairs 

Preparing for a Venezuela After Maduro [24/06/2019]
James Dobbins, Foreign Affairs 

The Venezuela crisis is going to get much worse — and Trump will get the blame [23/06/2019]
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

Stabilizing Venezuela: Preparing for the Day After [21/06/2019]
Frank O. Mora, CFR

Why Venezuela Needs Russia [20/06/2019]
Taylor Valley, National Interest

Is It Time to Cut U.S. Losses in Venezuela? [19/06/2019]
Ted Galen Carpenter, CATO

Negotiating Venezuela’s Transition [11/06/2019]
Abraham F. Lowenthal & David Smilde, New York Times

One Way to Bring Down Maduro and His Cronies: Indictments [03/06/2019]
Fernando Cutz, New York Times

Why Venezuela’s Regime Hasn’t Collapsed [30/05/2019]
Laura Gamboa Gutiérrez, Foreign Affairs

Deadlocked Venezuela [23/05/2019]
Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans

Five Ways Spain Can Lead on Venezuela [20/05/2019]
Irene Estefanía González & Ben Raderstorf, Americas Quarterly

The Morning After Maduro in Venezuela [17/05/2019]
Fabiana Sofia Perera, War on the Rocks

Russia and Cuba Could End the Venezuelan Catastrophe [16/05/2019]
Jorge Castañeda, NY Times

Quo vadis Venezuela? [14/05/2019]
Armando Chaguaceda, Global Americans

Venezuelan Democracy Was Strangled by Cuba [14/05/2019]
Jorge C. Carrasco, Foreign Policy

What Happens Next in Venezuela? [10/05/2019]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Venezuela Isn’t Ready for Elections. The UN Could Help Change That. [09/05/2019]
Beatriz Borges, Americas Quarterly

Great Power Intrigue In Venezuela [09/05/2019]
Maximilian Hess, Riddle

How a Political Tug-of-War Between America and Russia Could Ruin Venezuela [08/05/2019]
Clay Fuller & Ryan Berg, National Interest

Military Force Will Not Achieve U.S. Objectives in Venezuela [08/05/2019]
Doug Bandow, National Interest

Our Venezuelan Embassy protest aims to push peace and diplomacy over war [07/05/2019]
Medea Benjamin, Washington Post

Russia's Venezuela Motives: It's About the U.S., Not Maduro [07/05/2019]
Fred Weir, CS Monitor

Fast and Furious in Venezuela [06/05/2019]
Peter Schechter, ISPI

To Help Venezuela, America Must First Help Herself [06/05/2019]
Clay Fuller, AEI

Putin Is Ready to Give Up Venezuela for the Right Price [05/05/2019]
Vladimir Frolov, Moscow Times

Was a Russian Plot Behind the Venezuela Coup? [05/05/2019]
Annika Hernroth, Daily Beast

War in Venezuela? Let's Study That Time U.S. Invaded Cuba [04/05/2019]
Daniel Davis, National Interest

Caracas and the ‘Uncanny Valley’ of Socialism [04/05/2019]
Boris Zelkin, American Greatness

Trump Should Target Maduro Mafia to Restore Democracy in Venezuela. [03/05/2019]
Nate Sibley, The Hill

What the history of coups in the Middle East tells us about Venezuela [02/05/2019]
Drew Holland Kinney, Washington Post

America Must Lead on Venezuela [02/05/2019]
Steve Waugh, National Interest

Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny [02/05/2019]
Patrick Buchanan, The American Conservative

Don't Blame Washington For Venezuela's Oil Woes [02/05/2019]
Hausmann & Muci, Am. Quarterly

Opposition's gambit stalls after day of tumult rocks Venezuela [01/05/2019]
Shannon K. O'Neil, Axios

It's the Military That Holds the Key to the Future of Venezuela [01/05/2019]
Eric Farnsworth, NPR

Guaidó's Risky Bet Paid Off, Barely [01/05/2019]
Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View

America's Coup Attempt in Caracas [01/05/2019]
Damon Linker, The Week

Will Guaidó's Gamble Pay Off? [01/05/2019]
Christopher Sabatini, Foreign Policy

How an Elaborate Plan to Topple Maduro Went Wrong [01/05/2019]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Why is Russia clashing with the United States over Venezuela? [01/05/2019]
Emily Tamkin, Washington Post

Did Trump fumble an uprising in Venezuela? [01/05/2019]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

En torno a la palabra “disidente” [30/04/2019]
Ibsen Martínez, El País

Escupiendo hacia arriba [30/04/2019]
Juan Jesús Aznarez, El País

The bitter truth about what’s happening in Venezuela [30/04/2019]
Francisco Toro, Washington Post

Why Military Rebellion in Venezuela Is Not a Coup [30/04/2019]
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald

Will Venezuela become South America's Afghanistan? [30/04/2019]
Roberto Valladares & Nicola Morfini, Al Jazeera

Coexistencia democrática en Venezuela [29/04/2019]
Temir Porras, El País

Juan Guaidó: ¿héroe, mártir o traidor? [28/04/2019]
Anna Ayuso, Beers & Politics

Trump’s Misguided Policies Are a Gift to Venezuela’s Maduro [23/04/2019]
Shannon K. O'Neil, Bloomberg

Blackouts in Venezuela: why the power system failed and how to fix it [22/04/2019]
Lisa Viscidi & Nate Graham, Elcano

La trampa venezolana [16/04/2019]
Érika Rodríguez, El País

Will Pressure Bring Down Venezuela’s Government? [09/04/2019]
Ivan Briscoe, ICG

Venezuela’s power struggle reaches a tense stalemate, as human suffering deepens [04/04/2019]
David Smilde, The Conversation

How to Stop Venezuela’s Hyperinflation? Brazil Offers an Idea. [03/04/2019]
Monica de Bolle, Americas Quarterly

Waiting for Guaidó: This is about more than Venezuela; it’s about the future of the liberal international order [03/04/2019]
Christopher Sabatini, Global Americans

Trump has a Russia problem in Venezuela [02/04/2019]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

What My Fellow Liberals Don’t Get About Venezuela [01/04/2019]
Joanna Hausmann, New York Times

Trump’s intervention in Venezuela has stalled — because Caracas knows he’s bluffing [31/03/2019]
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

The Kremlin Prepares to Defend Venezuela’s Maduro Regime by All Means [28/03/2019]
Pavel Felgenhauer, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Is Venezuela where Trump finally stands up to Putin? [28/03/2019]
Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

Los generales de Guaidó [26/03/2019]
Ibsen Martínez, El País

“Hay mucho miedo en las Fuerzas Armadas, mucha persecución” [14/03/2019]
Entrevista a Juan Guaidó, El País

Can there be a peaceful exit from the Venezuelan crisis? [09/03/2019]
George Ciccariello-Maher, Al Jazeera

As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Priorities Are De-escalation and Elections [06/03/2019]
Adriana Erthal Abdenur & Robert Muggah, Global Observatory

La proyección internacional del conflicto venezolano [04/03/2019]
Asbel Bohigues & Fran Olucha-Sánchez, Política Exterior

Guaido's military mutiny miscalculation [03/03/2019]
Asa Cusack, Al Jazeera

Why are progressives more focused on disagreeing with Trump than countering a dictator? [02/03/2019]
Max Boot, Washington Post

What’s Good for Maduro Is Bad for Chavismo [01/03/2019]
Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez, Foreign Policy

The most effective way to help Venezuelans: Stop politicizing aid [01/03/2019]
Jeremy Konyndyk, Washington Post

The Dictator of Venezuela Earns His Title [27/02/2019]
Jorge Ramos, New York Times

How Socialism Broke Venezuela [02/2019]
Joshua Muravchik, Commentary

¿Qué hacer ahora con Venezuela? [26/02/2019]
Patricio Navia, El Libero

How to Avoid a War in Venezuela [26/02/2019]
Jeffrey D. Sachs & Francisco Rodríguez, Project Syndicate

There Is Still a Way Out of Venezuela’s Stalemate [26/02/2019]
Michael Albertus, Foreign Policy

Abandoning even the mention of the military option is the best way to bring about regime change in Venezuela [26/02/2019]
Patricio Navia, Global Americans

In Venezuela, Time Is Not on Maduro’s Side [26/02/2019]
Eli Lake, Bloomberg

How Venezuela’s pro-democracy movement has learned from past mistakes [26/02/2019]
Isabella Picón & Maria J. Stephan, Washington Post

Will Maduro’s Supporters Abandon Him? [25/02/2019]
Ivan Briscoe, Foreign Affairs

What does authoritarianism have to do with Venezuela’s food fight? Everything. [25/02/2019]
Amy Erica Smith, Vox

What’s going on in Venezuela? [25/02/2019]
Ruby Mellen, Washington Post

La crisis de Venezuela y el tablero geopolítico internacional [25/02/2019]
Carlos Malamud & Rogelio Núñez, Elcano

With U.S. Military Action, Venezuela Could Become the Libya of the Caribbean [25/02/2019]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

Venezuela: a humanitarian and security crisis on the border with Colombia [21/02/2019]
Annette Idler, The Conversation

Venezuela's Maduro Needs to Go, But U.S. Military Intervention Isn't the Way [21/02/2019]
Aryeh Neier, Americas Quarterly

International Intrigue Over Venezuela’s Gold Could Help Decide Maduro’s Fate [21/02/2019]
Frida Ghitis, World Politics Review

The Guaidó Generation [20/02/2019]
Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans

Humanitarian Aid Ready to Enter Venezuela on February 23 [20/02/2019]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Amnistía en la encrujicada [20/02/2019]
Jessica Almqvist, El País

Mexico Is Making the Wrong Bet on Venezuela [19/02/2019]
Shannon K O'Neil, Bloomberg

Cómo China se empantanó en Venezuela [18/02/2019]
Javier Borràs i Arumí, ES Global

Venezuela’s Guaido On Humanitarian Crisis, Potential Political Transition [18/02/2019]
Entrevista a Juan Guaidó, PBS NewsHour

How Maduro Is Holding Desperate Venezuelans Hostage [18/02/2019]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

¿Qué salida tiene el laberinto venezolano? [02/2019]
Anna Ayuso & Susanne Gratius, CIDOB

Putin in Caracas [14/02/2019]
Moisés Naím, El País

Venezuela: polarización más allá de la ideología [13/02/2019]
Asbel Bohigues Y Fran Olucha-Sánchez, Política Exterior

What's Next For Venezuela As Political Tensions Continue To Grow [13/02/2019]
Entrevista a Cynthia Arnson, NPR

“Los militares viven la crisis. Tienen los mismos dilemas que nosotros” [13/02/2019]
Entrevista a Stalin González, El País

La crisis venezolana y la llegada de ayuda humanitaria [13/02/2019]
Carlos Malamud, Elcano

Civil Society in Venezuela Under Maduro’s Government [11/02/2019]

Guaidó backed an amnesty plan for Venezuela’s military. How might that play out? [11/02/2019]
Mieczysław P. Boduszyński & Victor Peskin, Wasgington Post

3 Major Scenarios For Venezuela [10/02/2019]
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald

A Visit With Venezuela’s Interim President [08/02/2019]
Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, Wall Street Journal

Yes, conditions in Venezuela are bad. No, we shouldn’t intervene. [08/02/2019]
Stephen Kinzer, Boston Globe

What We Heard in Caracas [07/02/2019]
Robert Malley & Robert Fadel, The Atlantic

How to restore democracy in Venezuela? [07/02/2019]
Felipe González & José Ignacio Torreblanca, ECFR

Exiled General: Why the Venezuelan Military Hasn’t Turned Against Maduro [07/02/2019]
Antonio Rivero, The Washington Post

Recognizing Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s Leader Isn’t a Coup. It’s an Embrace of Democracy [06/02/2019]
Irwin Cotler & Brandon Silver, Foreign Policy

Venezuela Could Force a Foreign Policy Reckoning for U.S. Progressives [06/02/2019]
Judah Grunstein, World Politics Review

Venezuela – Elections Alone Are Not Enough [02/2019]
Sabine Kurtenbach, GIGA

«Maduro va a salir del poder por las buenas o por las malas» [06/02/2019]
Entrevista a Julio Borges, ABC

Maduro’s Allies: Who Backs the Venezuelan Regime? [05/02/2019]
Rocio Cara Labrador, CFR

Why Did China Stand by Maduro in Venezuela? [05/02/2019]
Matt Ferchen, Washington Post

Recognising Juan Guaidó risks a bloody civil war in Venezuela [04/02/2019]
Temir Porras Ponceleon, The Guardian

European countries' stance on the Venezuelan crisis [04/02/2019]
Emre Gönen, Daily Sabah

Nicolás Maduro must be praying for the US to intervene in Venezuela [04/02/2019]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Russia’s support for Venezuela has deep roots [03/02/2019]
Alexander Gabuev, Financial Times

Russian mercenaries on the march: next stop Venezuela? [01/02/2019]
Sergey Sukhankin, ECFR

In Venezuela, Vladimir Putin fights for his own future [01/02/2019]
The Economist

How South America Ceded the Field in Venezuela [31/01/2019]
Oliver Stuenkel, Foreign Affairs

“En algún momento el descontento de los militares será total” [31/01/2019]
Entrevista a Juan Guaidó, El País

O princípio do fim da tirania [30/01/2019]
Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Público

Venezuela is how ‘illiberal democracy’ ends [30/01/2019]
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Democrats should stand for democracy in Venezuela — and democratic values in America [29/01/2019]
Chris Murphy, Washington Post

Why Venezuela's Opposition Is Finally Getting It Right [29/01/2019]
Félix Seijas Rodríguez, Americas Quarterly

¿Por qué China y Rusia siguen apoyando a Maduro? [28/01/2019]
Lautaro Rubbi, Clarín

Venezuela – A Rough Road Ahead [28/01/2019]
International Crisis Group

The Left Keeps Getting Venezuela Wrong [28/01/2019]
James Bloodworth, Foreign Policy

Venezuela does not need another charismatic strongman [28/01/2019]
Maryhen Jimenez Morales, Al Jazeera

What has happened in Venezuela is a coup. Trump’s denial is dangerous [28/01/2019]
Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, The Guardian

Maduro Is Putin’s Man in Caracas [28/01/2019]
Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal

Venezuelans Must Lead in Building Off-Ramp for Maduro [28/01/2019]
Dany Bahar, Ted Piccone and Harold Trinkunas, The Hill

There’s No Path to a Fast Recovery in Venezuelan Oil [27/01/2019]
Julian Lee, Bloomberg

The Oil Market Will Soon Feel the Heat of Turmoil in Venezuela [27/01/2019]
Nick Butler, Financial Times

A Failed Coup in Venezuela [26/01/2019]
Vijay Prashad, The Hindu

The White House’s Move on Venezuela Is the Least Trumpian Thing It’s Done [26/01/2019]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Inside the Trump Administration’s Diplomatic Intervention in Venezuela [26/01/2019]
Josh Rogin, The Washington Post

Venezuela's Friends and Foes Square Off Over Maduro [26/01/2019]

Yes, Venezuela Is a Socialist Catastrophe [25/01/2019]
Bret Stephens, New York Times

Bicefalia en Venezuela [25/01/2019]
Carmen Beatriz Fernández, Política Exterior

Who Is Nicolas Maduro’s Biggest Ally? You, the American Driver [25/01/2019]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

Juan Guaidó’s biggest asset, a humble personality, helped unite a fragmented opposition in Venezuela [25/01/2019]
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald

The Venezuelan Opposition's High-Stakes Assault on Maduro [25/01/2019]
Harold Trinkunas, Fooreign Affairs

Venezuela’s Presidential Crisis and the Transition to Democracy [25/01/2019]
José Ignacio Hernández G., CSIS

Trump must not be allowed to dictate Venezuela's democratic recovery [25/01/2019]
Reynaldo Trombetta, The Guardian

Credit for rebellion against Maduro goes to Venezuelan people — not Rubio or Trump [24/01/2019]
Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald

With Juan Guaidó seizing the presidency, Venezuela’s ‘Latin Spring’ is heating up [24/01/2019]
Markos Kounalakis, Miami Herald

Can Venezuela’s new president restore its democracy? (Podcast) [24/01/2019]
Dany Bahar, Brookings Institution

Nicolás Maduro, the usurper [23/01/2019]
Rut Diamint & Laura Tedesco, Open Democracy

How to End Venezuela's Nightmare [03/12/2018]
Ricardo Hausmann, Project Syndicate


How to Get Rid of Nicolás Maduro [03/05/2019]
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A Treacherous Stalemate in Venezuela [02/05/2019]
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Be Smart About Venezuela’s Future [10/05/2019]

How can Venezuela move forward? [06/05/2019]
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How to Get Rid of Nicolás Maduro [03/05/2019]
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A Treacherous Stalemate in Venezuela [02/05/2019]
New York Times

Don’t call it a coup. Venezuelans have a right to replace an oppressive, toxic regime. [01/05/2019]
Washington Post          

The impasse continues; the people pay [01/05/2019]
The Guardian

Don’t call it a coup. Venezuelans have a right to replace an oppressive, toxic regime. [30/04/2019]
Washington Post

Venezuela’s worsening plight cannot be ignored [29/03/2019]
Financial Times 

Russia’s Venezuelan power play [25/03/2019]
Wall Street Journal

Is Russia Throwing Its Lot in With Maduro? [25/03/2019]
Stratfor Worldview

Venezuela’s Hunger Games [03/03/2019]
New York Times

A peaceful ploy against Venezuela failed. That doesn’t make force the answer. [25/02/2019]
Washington Post

Ayuda humanitaria [25/02/2019]
El País

La crisis se enquista en Venezuela [25/02/2019]
La Vanguardia

Après le show [24/02/2019]
Le Courrier

Venezuela’s Border Standoff [19/02/2019]
New York Times

A broad front is needed to address Venezuela crisis [04/02/2019]
Financial Times

Venezuela: a new Cold War battlefront [29/01/2019]
he National

A Ray of Hope for Venezuela [27/01/2019]
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Why Venezuela needs consensus, not conflict [27/01/2019]
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Crisis in Caracas [26/01/2019]
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A Bold, Risky Stroke for Democracy in Venezuela [26/01/2019]
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Venezuela: its people deserve better [25/01/2019]
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Hope for Venezuela [25/01/2019]
Boston Globe

How to hasten the demise of Venezuela’s dictatorship [24/01/2019]
The Economist


Venezuelan Opposition Returning to Barbados to Continue Talks With Government [15/07/2019]

Felipe González: “El diálogo mal planteado solo beneficia a Maduro” [24/06/2019]
J. Morla, El País

UN human rights chief appeals for dialogue in Venezuela [22/06/2019]
Scott Smith and Joshua Goodman, Washington Post

Michelle Bachelet, entre las protestas de la sociedad y la propaganda chavista [20/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano & Diego Santander, El Mundo

With Maduro entrenched in Venezuela, Trump loses patience and interest in issue, officials say [19/06/2019]
Karen DeYoung & Josh Dawsey, Washington Post

Maduro recibe a Bachelet tras liberar a tres presos políticos en Venezuela [19/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

Venezuelan prosecutor: Opposition leader linked to crimes [18/06/2019]
Scott Smith, Associated Press

La ayuda humanitaria escasea ante el recrudecimiento de la crisis en Venezuela [18/06/2019]
Maolis Castro & Florantonia Singer, El País

Venezuela’s Collapse Frays Its Economic Ties With Russia [17/06/2019]
Anatoly Kurmanaev, New York Times

El chavismo suma dos diputados más a su lista negra [14/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

El chavismo acusa a ACNUR de inflar las cifras de la diáspora venezolana para "recibir más recursos" [10/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

Maduro ordena reabrir todos los pasos fronterizos con Colombia [08/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

Venezuelan Government and Opposition End Talks With No Deal [30/05/2019]
Nicholas Casey, New York Times

Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó May Negotiate With Maduro [21/05/2019]
Anatoly Kurmanaev, New York Times

Pro-Maduro Activists Evicted From Venezuelan Embassy [16/05/2019]
Courtney McBride, France 24

Venezuela government, opposition in Norway for crucial talks [16/05/2019]
Al Jazeera

Opposition-led congress in Venezuela returns to chambers [15/05/2019]
Fox News

Venezuela's opposition vow to defy Maduro after key figure detained [09/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Guaidó deputy towed in car to prison in Venezuela crackdown [09/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Venezuela’s Top Court Targets Opposition Lawmakers [07/05/2019]
Fabiola Sanchez & Christopher Torchia, Washington Times

US lifts sanctions on Venezuelan general who joined uprising against Maduro [07/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Exclusive: Pence to offer 'carrots' to Venezuela military, warnings to judges [06/05/2019]
Roberta Rampton, Reuters

El plan de Guaidó para el cambio en Venezuela se estanca [06/05/2019]
Francesco Manetto, El País

Venezuela: Le ton monte entre les États-Unis et la Russie [06/05/2019]
Les Infos

How a plot filled with intrigue and betrayal failed to oust Venezuela’s president [03/05/2019]
Anthony Faiola, Washington Post

Secret Venezuela Files Warn About Maduro Confidant [02/05/2019]
Nicholas Casey, New York Times

Venezuela crisis: Dozens injured in clashes in Caracas [02/05/2019]

Venezuela opposition seeks to maintain momentum against the government [02/05/2019]
Anthony Faiola & Mariana Zuñiga, Washington Post

Venezuela becomes Trump’s latest proxy battle with Russia [02/05/2019]
Nahal Toosi, Politico

Venezuela opposition’s plan to oust Maduro crumbles, leaving U.S. to mull next steps [02/05/2019]
Karen DeYoung, Josh Dawsey & Paul Sonne, Washington Post

Guaidó’s Plan for Venezuela Is in Limbo [01/05/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels, Foreign Policy

Guaidó supporters and Maduro forces clash in second day of Venezuelan protests [01/05/2019]
Mariana Zuñiga, Anthony Faiola & Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post

Venezuela: Guaidó calls on supporters to intensify ‘peaceful rebellion’ against Maduro [01/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, Julian Borger & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

El dinero y el poder retienen a la cúpula militar venezolana junto a Nicolás Maduro [01/05/2019]
La Vanguardia

With Maduro Still in Power, Questions About the U.S. Role in Venezuela [01/05/2019]
Mark Landler & Julian E. Barnes, New York Times

Guaidó's uprising seems to have flatlined. What's next for Venezuela? [01/05/2019]
Tom Phillips & Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian

Venezuela crisis: Maduro claims coup has been 'defeated' [01/05/2019]
The Guardian

What Is Happening in Venezuela and Why It Matters [01/05/2019]
Megan Specia, New York Times

Venezuela: Moscow persuaded Maduro not to step down, US claims [30/04/2019]
Julian Borger & Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian

Brazil backs Venezuela uprising, but says it won't intervene militarily [30/04/2019]

Venezuela : Guaido lance l’opération « Liberté », le gouvernement Maduro dénonce une « tentative de coup d’Etat» [30/04/2019]
Le Monde

Social media remains key to Venezuela’s opposition, despite efforts to block it [30/04/2019]
Drew Harwell &Mariana Zuñiga, Washington Post

Guaidó libera de su arresto a Leopoldo López y convoca a los militares y al pueblo a tomar “las calles de Venezuela” [30/04/2019]
El País

'Operation Blackout is underway': Russia blames US for Venezuela power crisis [23/04/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

As Venezuela Crisis Drags On, Pompeo Defends U.S. Actions [14/04/2019]
John Hudson, The Washington Post

Venezuela cae 18 puestos y ya es el cuarto país más pobre de Latinoamérica [09/04/2019]
El País

Venezuelan deputy minister says more Russian troops could arrive: Interfax [04/04/2019]

Venezuela: Juan Guaidó stripped of parliamentary immunity [03/04/2019]
Tom Phillips & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

Venezuela: Maduro calls on armed groups to keep order amid electricity rationing [01/04/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Maduro declara la “guerra eléctrica” y ordena el racionamiento durante un mês [01/04/2019]
La Vanguardia

Venezuela crisis: Red Cross set to begin crucial aid [30/03/2019]

Venezuela blocks Guaido from office as the opposition scoffs [28/03/2019]
Vivian Sequera & Luc Cohen, Reuters

Venezuela: opposition leader promises final push against Maduro amid new blackout [27/03/2019]
Tom Phillips & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

Venezuela blocks Guaido from office as the opposition scoffs [28/03/2019]
Vivian Sequera & Luc Cohen, Reuters

How Russia sank billions of dollars into Venezuelan quicksand [14/03/2019]
Christian Lowe & Rinat Sagdiev, Reuters

Venezuela power cuts: Blackouts hit Caracas and spread [08/03/2019]

Guaidó appeals to Venezuelan public-sector workers to join anti-government movement [05/03/2019]
Mary Beth Sheridan & Rachelle Krygier, Washington Post

Guaidó regresa hoy a Venezuela desafiando un posible arresto [04/03/2019]
La Vanguardia

‘Losing support by the hour’: Venezuela’s Maduro will be out of power soon, Colombian president says [03/03/2019]
Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post

Rusia y China vetan en la ONU la resolución de EE UU que exigía a Maduro elecciones y permitir la entrada de ayuda [01/03/2019]
Sandro Pozzi, El País

Venezuelan vice president to fly into Moscow for talks on Friday: RIA [27/02/2019]

La economía de la frontera entre Brasil y Venezuela sufre el embate del cierre [27/02/2019]
Naiara Galarraga Gortázar, El País

Venezuela Cushions Blow of Oil Sanctions With Non-U.S. Sales [27/02/2019]
Benoit Faucon & Summer Said, Wall Street Journal

One witness, conflicting evidence: How Venezuelan justice targets the opposition [27/02/2019]
Angus Berwick, Reuters

El Grupo de Lima recalca que la transición en Venezuela debe ser pacífica [26/02/2019]
Santiago Torrado, El País

What next for Venezuela's would-be president? [26/02/2019]
Nicholas Casey & Albinson Linares, Sidney Morning Herald

Pence, in Colombia to Meet Guaido, Announces New Venezuela Sanctions [25/02/2019]
Katie Rogers, New York Times

EE UU llama a sus aliados a congelar los activos petroleros de Venezuela [25/02/2019]
Santiago Torrado & Francesco Manetto, El País

La ‘batalla’ del puente Simón Bolívar se estrella con el muro de los militares [24/02/2019]
Santiago Torrado, El País

As Venezuela Aid Standoff Turns Deadly, Maduro Severs Ties With Colombia [23/02/2019]
The New York Times

Venezuela conta com defesa aérea, mas tem menos poder de fogo que os vizinhos [22/02/2019]
Igor Gielow, Folha de São Paulo

Eleven Venezuela diplomats in U.S. defect since last month: opposition [20/02/2019]

Venezuela Shuts Sea, Air Links to Dutch Islands Amid Turmoil [19/02/2019]
ABC News

Rubio visits Venezuela-Colombia border, says aid will get through [17/02/2019]
Jamie Ehrlich & Kate Sullivan, CNN

Venezuela Opposition Rallies to Tell Maduro: Let Aid In [13/02/2019]

As Maduro Digs In, His Aides Hunt for an Emergency Escape Route [11/02/2019]
Esteban Duarte , Eric Martin & Ilya Arkhipov, Bloomberg

Maduro issues threat to jail Venezuela’s opposition leader [05/02/2019]
Tom Phillips & Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian

UPDATE 1-Portuguese bank halted $1.2 bln transfer of Venezuela funds: lawmaker [05/02/2019]

Diecinueve países de la UE reconocen ya a Guaidó como presidente interino de Venezuela [04/02/2019]

European Countries Recognize Guaidó as Venezuela’s Leader, Joining U.S. [04/02/2019]
Richard Pérez-Peña, New York Times

El vicepresidente de EE UU asegura que el tiempo de Maduro ha acabado [02/02/2019]
Yolanda Monge, El País

El Parlamento Europeo se dispone a reconocer a Guaidó como presidente venezolano [30/01/2019]
Bernardo de Miguel,El País

For the Kremlin, Venezuela Is Not the Next Syria [30/01/2019]
Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

La estrategia coral que resucitó a la oposición y echa el pulso más firme a Maduro [30/01/2019]
Alonso Moleiro & Javier Lafuente, El País

Maduro rechaza adelantar las elecciones presidenciales pese a la presión internacional [30/01/2019]
El País

As protests threaten Maduro’s power, his government punishes once-loyal slums [29/01/2019] 
Mariana Zuñiga, Washington Post

How Trump’s Venezuela Sanctions Could Undercut His Iran Policy [29/01/2019] 
Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy

U.S. Targets Venezuela With Tough Oil Sanctions During Crisis of Power [29/01/2019]
Edward Wong & Nicholas Casey, The New York Times

Guaido calls for more protests as Maduro displays military might [28/01/2019]
Al Jazeera

Venezuelan security forces offered amnesty if they defect to opposition [28/01/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

Juan Guaidó: Venezuela has chance to leave chaos behind [28/01/2019]
Virginia López & Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Venezuela: All you need to know about the crisis in seven charts [27/01/2019]
BBC News

Russia denies sending mercenaries to shore up Nicolás Maduro's position [27/01/2019]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

UK tries to keep EU united in piling pressure on Maduro [27/01/2019]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Pompeo Presses U.N. Security Council on Venezuela [26/01/2019]
Wall Street Journal

Venezuela crisis: Maduro given ultimatum by European leaders [26/01/2019]

Spain, France, Germany Set to Recognize Guaido as Venezuela's Leader [26/01/2019]
Nike Ching, VOA

Venezuelan President Does an About-Face That Allows U.S. Diplomats to Stay [26/01/2019]
Ana Vanessa Herrero & Megan Specia, The New York Times

Exclusive: Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela's Maduro – sources [25/01/2019]
Maria Tsvetkova & Anton Zverev, Reuters

Venezuela: la crispation est à son comble entre le camp « Maduro » et l’opposition [25/01/2019]
Le Monde

Venezuela’s crisis: How did it get so bad? [24/01/2019]
Siobhán O'Grady, Washington Post

OEA reconhece Guaidó como presidente da Venezuela [24/01/2019]
Brasil 247

Trump says 'all options on table' as Venezuela crisis deepens [24/01/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels, Mariana Zuñiga & Julian Borger, The Guardian

'Guys with guns' will determine what happens next in Venezuela, former minister says [24/01/2019]
Sam Meredith, CNBC

Venezuela crisis: Maduro cuts ties with US after it recognises opposition leader [24/01/2019]

Venezuela: who is Juan Guaidó, the man who declared himself president?  [23/01/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels & Mariana Zúñiga, The Guardian

U.S. to defy Venezuelan order for American diplomats to leave Caracas in 72 hours [23/01/2019]
Mariana Zuñiga, Anthony Faiola & Carol Morello, Washington Post

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Declares Himself President, With Trump Backing [23/01/2019]
Keith Johnson & Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

OAS Permanent Council rejects Nicolas Maduro’s new term [10/01/2019]
Victoria Gaytan, Global Americans 

Meet the New Face of Venezuela’s Opposition [09/01/2019]
Guillermo Zubillaga, Americas Quarterly