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01 | Agosto | 2019

Depois de acordada uma extensão de 6 meses ao prazo para a saída da EU com acordo até 31 de Outubro, o Reino Unido continua dividido quanto ao Brexit e os dasafios à política nacional intensificaram-se com a corrida ao cargo para Primeiro Ministro após o pedido de demissão de Theresa May.


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Deal or No Deal: What to Know About Brexit Under Boris Johnson [23/07/2019]
Richard Pérez-Peña, New York Times

The Brexit culture war in numbers [16/04/2019]
Tom McTague, Politico

UK’s Brexit options — an illustrated guide [30/03/2019]
James Randerson & Hanne Cokelaere, Politico

Brexit ou «plan B»: que peut-il se passer après le vote des députés sur l’accord de sortie de l’UE? [14/01/2019]
Pierre Breteau, Le Monde

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU [26/11/2018]
Alex Hunt & Brian Wheeler, BBC News

Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration [25/11/2018]
Department for Exiting the European Union

De 2016 à 2021, le laborieux parcours du Brexit en quinze dates [25/11/2018]
Le Monde

Theresa May's draft Brexit deal: what is it and what happens next? [14/11/2018]
Kate Lyons, The Guardian

The EU's response to Brexit
European Council


Opiniões & Análises
The Tories have become the Brexit party [01/08/2019]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

The Two Jacobs [01/08/2019]
James Meek, London Review of Books

Why Leaving the EU Could Mean Britain Loses Scotland [01/08/2019]
Elliot Ross, The Atlantic

No-deal Brexit was once a sick Tory joke. Now it’s serious [29/07/2019]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

A post-Brexit ‘Boris boom’? Stimulus, the pound beating expectations and a possible EU deal may make it happen [29/07/2019]
David Brown, SCMP

The EU must prepare for a no-deal Brexit [28/07/2019]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

Can Boris Johnson Survive Contact With Brexit Reality? [24/07/2019]
Aleks Eror, World Politics Review

Brexit and the left [23/07/2019]
Neal Lawson, Social Europe

Boris Johnson Is How Britain Ends [22/07/2019]
James Butler, The New York Times

We need the ‘can do’ spirit of 1960s America to help us get out of the EU [21/07/2019]
Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph

Johnson’s threat to British soft power [18/07/2019]
Gordon Brown, The Daily Star

Brexit: wisdom of crowds proves effective predictor of Britain’s chaotic EU departure [17/07/2019]
Aleks Berditchevskaia & Kathy Peach, The Conversation

Brexit is at an impasse — so let the people decide its fate [16/07/2019]
Margaret Beckett & Dominic Grieve, The Evening Standard

What Is Wrong With Us? [10/07/2019]
Rory Stewart, New Statesman

Royaume-Uni: cap sur le Brexit dur! [05/07/2019]
Frédérique Berrod, The Conversation

No-deal Brexit is a tripwire into economic chaos [05/07/2019]
Carolyn Fairbairn, Financial Times

The insecurity of a new no-deal Brexit Prime Minister [02/07/2019]
Helena Farrand Carrapico, Jocelyn Mawdsley & Richard G. Whitman, LSE Blog

Where Brexit goes, the law shall follow [25/06/2019]
Rebecca Christie, Bruegel

A Brexit Prime Minister Must Offer More Than Glib Slogans [20/06/2019]
Chris Giles, Financial Times

Why a No Deal Brexit Is Now Most Likely [18/06/2019]
Ivan Rogers, Spectator

Boris Johnson is a threat to democracy itself [18/06/2019]
Simon Wren-Lewis, New Statesman

Britain’s Labour Party Has Tried to Appeal to Everyone on Brexit—and Failed [04/06/2019]
Aleks Eror, World Politics Review

Britain Now Confronts a Lost Decade [31/05/2019]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Northern Ireland and the backstop: Why 'alternative arrangements' aren't an alternative [29/05/2019]
Sam Lowe, CER

How ambiguity on Brexit is hurting Britain’s main political parties [28/05/2019]
Ryan Bourne, Washington Post

The EU election changes nothing. May’s deal is still the only way forward [27/05/2019]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

A second referendum is a bad option for Labour. But it may be the only one left [27/05/2019]
Owen Jones, The Guardian

Corbynism is now in crisis: the only way forward is to oppose Brexit [27/05/2019]
Paul Mason, The Guardian

Theresa May’s Successor May Be Just as Doomed [24/05/2019]
Owen Matthews, Foreign Policy

May Leaves, But Brexit Remains [24/05/2019]
Thomas Raines, Chatham House

The Milkshake Party manifesto [21/05/2019]
Otto English, Politico

Britain divides but doesn’t rule [15/05/2019]
Paul Taylor, Politico

Both Labour and the Tories have gone awol on Brexit [12/05/2019]
Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian

A Backroom Stitch-Up Won't Solve Brexit [07/05/2019]
Rachel Sylvester, Times of London

Brexit Is Killing the Special Relationship [02/05/2019]
Stephen Paduano, Foreign Policy

Northern Ireland’s peace was already in trouble. Brexit is making things harder to fix. [01/05/2019]
Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, Carolyn Gallaher, Washington Post

Ultra-Remainers Could Score a Massive Own Goal on Brexit [01/05/2019]
Owen Jones, The Guardian

Finding the Real Will of the People [30/04/2019]
Charlene Rohr & Jonathan Grant, RAND

The Spies Who Came in from the Continent [27/04/2019]
Calder Walton, Foreign Policy

Post-Brexit immigration policy that shuts out low-skilled migrants won’t suit anyone [25/04/2019]
Heather Rolfe, The Conversation

Brexit extension: how much will it actually cost the UK to leave the EU? [17/04/2019]
Jonathan Perraton, The Conversation

Brexit des Anglais: pourquoi l’Europe ne peut pas dire « c’est leur problème»? [13/04/2019]
Michel Ghazal, Contrepoints

How things could turn ugly with Brexit [11/04/2019]
Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post

Brexit extended to October 31: why the EU chose a six-month reprieve for its awkward partner [11/04/2019]
Nieves Perez-Solorzano, The Conversation

Brexit Identities [10/04/2019]
Andrés Velasco, Project Syndicate

Brexit and the harsh reality of any further Article 50 extension [09/04/2019]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

Brexit is just one front in Europe’s battle for its soul [09/04/2019]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

Why Jeremy Corbyn secretly hopes his Brexit talks with Theresa May will fail [09/04/2019]
Craig Berry, The Conversation

Strong and stable? Britons want a new leader who is willing to break the rules, poll says. [08/04/2019]
Jennifer Hassan & Rick Noack, Washington Post

A long Brexit extension offers a chance to think again [04/04/2019]
Martin Wolf, Financial Times

The value of the customs union to the UK is overrated [04/04/2019]
Larry Elliott, The Guardian

Brexit, Ireland and the Failure of the European Idea [04/04/2019]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

The road to Brexit: how did the UK end up here? [04/04/2019]
Christopher Fear, The Conversation

Goodbye EU, and goodbye the United Kingdom [04/04/2019]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Why, as a Former Remainer, I'd Now Back Leaving EU [03/04/2019]
Piers Morgan, The Spectator

What the Brexit Mess Means for America [03/04/2019]
Paul R. Pillar, National Interest

Could Macron knock Britain out of the EU next week? [03/04/2019]
John Lichfield, The Guardian

The United Kingdom Has Gone Mad [03/04/2019]
Thomas Friedman, New York Times

Theresa May Crosses the Rubicon [03/04/2019]
Robert Peston, Spectator

Theresa May Clearly Thinks Jeremy Corbyn Is Stupid [03/04/2019]
Sean O'Grady, Independent

Theresa May Tears Up Her Red Lines [03/04/2019]
Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

Theresa May was warned about Brexit. She didn’t listen. [02/04/2019]
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Le Brexit, une tragicomédie sans issue [02/04/2019]
Dominique Moïsi, Les Echos

Remainers, take note: Much of Europe just wants to excise the British cancer [01/04/2019]
Charles Grant, The Guardian

Britain’s Crisis Isn’t Constitutional. It’s Political. [01/04/2019]
Vernon Bogdanor, Foreign Policy

En finir avec le Brexit grâce aux élections européennes [01/04/2019]
Julien Damon, Le Point

British House Speaker Bercow on His Brexit Role [01/04/2019]
Interview to John Bercow, Der Spiegel

Brexit’s Endgame [01/04/2019]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

Brexit is no game. But that’s how Tories are treating the indicative votes [01/04/2019]
Barry Gardiner, The Guardian

The Empire Strikes Back: Brexit, History and the Decline of Global Britain [03/2019]
Eoin Drea, Martens Centre

EU has little appetite for another Brexit extension [31/03/2019]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

Give the people a final say: the case for a referendum is far stronger than in 2016 [31/03/2019]
Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian

The UK needs a year-long extension on Brexit – to really take back control [30/03/2019]
Gordon Brown, The Guardian

Ireland Faces Tense Week Over Brexit Border Plans [30/03/2019]
Cliff Taylor, Irish Times

Leave vs. Remain caricatures have only added to Brexit’s messiness [30/03/2019]
Megan McArdle, Washington Post

The cost of Brexit to December 2018: Towards relative decline? [30/03/2019]
John Springford, CER

El Brexit y la obsesión de ser una isla [30/03/2019]
Rafa de Miguel, El País

The Irish Border Is a Scar [30/03/2019]
Patrick Radden Keefe, New York Times

The Brexit Hour Has Come [29/03/2019]
Chris Patten, Project Syndicate

Theresa May’s Third Brexit Loss Closes More Doors [29/03/2019]
Amy Davidson Sorkin, New Yorker

Theresa May loses another Brexit vote: here’s why April 12 is now the key date to watch [29/03/2019]
Kenneth Armstrong, The Conversation

The Guilty Men and Women of the UK's National Debacle [29/03/2019]
Anthony Seldon, New Statesman

Brexit indicative votes: what happens next? [28/03/2019]
Chris Stafford, The Conversation

What the Withdrawal 'Separation' Means For Brexit [28/03/2019]
Tom Kibasi, The Guardian

How Theresa May's greatest victory in Europe sowed the seeds of her Brexit defeat [28/03/2019]
James Crisp, Telegraph

Brexit: what a delay means for EU citizens and the settled status scheme [28/03/2019]
Egle Dagilyte, The Conversation

Brexit Fever is Breaking [28/03/2019]
Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate

How Brexit brought Britain’s constitution to the brink [27/03/2019]
Matthew Cole, The Conversation

How the UK lost Brexit battle [27/03/2019]
Tom McTague, Politico

MPs Reject Every Brexit Option - What Next? [27/03/2019]
Katy Balls, Spectator

May’s exit won’t halt Britain’s slow drift into a kind of Brexit civil war [27/03/2019]
Martin Kettle, The Guardian

LBJ’s Harsh Lessons for Theresa May [27/03/2019]
John M. Roberts, Atlantic Council

Brexit Q+A: Theresa May offers to stand down as British prime minister, but there’s a catch [27/03/2019]
Tom Quinn, The Conversation

Let the People Decide on Brexit [26/03/2019]
Hans-Werner Sinn, Project Syndicate

Revoke Brexit? Don’t Hold Your Breath [25/03/2019]
Therese Raphael, Bllooomberg

Rethinking Brexit is the only way forward [23/03/2019]
Fred Kempe, CNBC

Why I am marching against Brexit today [23/03/2019]
Andrew Adonis, The Guardian

Brexit and the Speaker’s Tale [22/03/2019]
Marion Turner, Project Syndicate

The Brexit farce is about to turn to tragedy [22/03/2019]
Robert Cooper, Financial Times

Brexit deadline extended: why Brussels chose these dates and what happens now [22/03/2019]
Nieves Perez-Solorzano, The Conversation

Britain is in a hole – Europe, we need you to dig us out [20/03/2019]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

The EU should insist on a long extension [20/03/2019]
Nicolai von Ondarza, SWP

How Second Thatcherite Revolution Could Follow Brexit Crisis [20/03/2019]
David Miliband, New Statesman

The Brexit Bind [18/03/2019]
Edward Lucas, CEPA

No deal, no border [17/03/2019]
Sam Lowe, The Business Post

Brexit: Britain’s Commonwealth pivot is nothing new [15/03/2019]
Andrew Dougall, The Interpreter

Brexit: The Essential (and Depressing) Dynamics of Theresa May’s Parliament [15/03/2019]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

The Great Realignment of Britain [14/03/2019]
David Frum, The Atlantic

MPs vote against no-deal Brexit – but what does that actually mean? [14/03/2019]
Christoph Meyer, The Conversation

Europe Without the UK: Liberated or Diminished? [13/03/2019]
Sophia Besch, et. al., CER

MPs vote against no-deal Brexit – but what does that actually mean? [13/03/2019]
Christoph Meyer, The Conversation

Brexiteers Never Wanted Brexit to Begin With [13/03/2019]
Stephen Paduano, Foreign Policy

Britain's political system is at the breaking point [13/03/2019]
Jon Worth, Al Jazeera

Brexit Britain’s weakness exposed in US trade deal documents [12/03/2019]
Michael Plouffe, The Conversation

The case for no-deal Brexit [12/03/2019]
Michael Northcott, Politico

Whither Brexit? [03/2019]
Quentin Peel, Associate Fellow, Chatham House

The Brexit Endgame: A Visual Guide [08/03/2019]
Amy Davidson Sorkin, New Yorker

Don’t worry, Labour’s position hasn’t really changed – a second referendum is still firmly on the cards [07/03/2019]
Sean O'Grady, The Independent

Brexit is not a retreat into isolationism – survey suggests public remains committed to global security role [07/03/2019]
Thomas Scotto, Jason Reifler &Timothy B. Gravelle, The Conversation

EU should offer UK two Brexit options [06/03/2019]
Martin Sandbu, Financial Times

How Brexit will save Britain [05/03/2019]
Otto English, Politico

Is There an Upside to Brexit? [04/03/2019]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

Brexit delay: what it would take for the EU to agree article 50 extension [01/03/2019]
Hussein Kassim, The Conversation

Theresa May has been forced to move on Brexit — now MPs must keep pushing [28/02/2019]
Matthew D'Ancona, The Evening Standard

A second Brexit vote will destroy what little trust is left in British politics [28/02/2019]
Ella Whelan, Irish Times

A ‘clean’ Brexit doesn’t exist. May finally admits it now [27/02/2019]
Rafael Behr, The Guardian

Rationality may prevail with a new Brexit vote [26/02/2019]
Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe

Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit betrayal Is Complete [26/02/2019]
Brendan O'Neill, Spectator

Extending Article 50: One step too far for the EU? [26/02/2019]
Larissa Brunner & Fabian Zuleeg, EPC

Why Corbyn’s second referendum announcement changes everything – even if he’s still lukewarm [26/02/2019]
Andy Price, The Conversation

May Keeps Everybody Locked in Brexit Purgatory [26/02/2019]
Therese Raphael, Bloomberg

Cautious welcome in the Dáil for Brexit Apocalypse Bill [26/02/2019]
Miriam Lord, Irish Times

Brexit Backtracking [26/02/2019]
John M. Roberts, Atlantic Council

The economic effects of Brexit in the “Campo de Gibraltar”: an econometric approach [26/02/2019]
Luis Galiano Bastarrica, Elcano

Brexit endgame: One month out with no clarity in sight [25/02/2019]
Amanda Sloat, Brookings Institution

The EU 27 Are Not Ready For No-Deal Brexit [25/02/2019]
Pieter Cleppe, Spectator

On Loathing Rees-Mogg [21/02/2019]
Nicholas Spice, London Review of Books

Brexit’s Lost World [20/02/2019]
Ngaire Woods, Project Syndicate

Brexit Betrays Margaret Thatcher’s Carmaking Legacy [20/02/2019]
John Gapper, Financial Times

Brexit Briefing: What is Really Going On? [14/02/2019]
Richard Chew, Atlantic Council

May's Brexit Defeat Splits Parties and Could Prompt a Constitutional Revolution in Britain [14/02/2019]
John M. Roberts, Atlantic Council

Extending Article 50: Brussels Geopolitical Play [02/2019]
Alan Riley, CIDOB

Taking Back Control? The UK Parliament and the Brexit Withdrawal Negotiations [12/02/2019]
Tim Oliver, IAI

Brexit poll: British public thinks the EU has been harsh in negotiations [12/02/2019]
Sarah Wolff, Javier Sajuria & Tim Bale, The Conversation

A no-deal Brexit spells trouble for Emmanuel Macron [12/02/2019]
John Keiger, Spectator

The Nine Levels of Brexit Hell [09/02/2019]
James Bloodworth, Foreign Policy

The sighs have it [06/02/2019]
James O’Brien, The Times Literary Supplement

Can the UK extend the brexit deadline? [06/02/2019]
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, CER

A Blind Brexit Will Simply Prolong the Agony [05/02/2019]
Tony Blair,The Guardian

Another Brexit referendum would be the EU’s worst nightmare [05/02/2019]
Jean Quatremer, The Guardian

Parliament voted to get a Brexit deal done now. So let’s make it happen [05/02/2019]
Caroline Flint, The Guardian

Brexit has been driven by England’s nostalgia for an imagined past [04/02/2019]
Michael Goldfarb, The National

Brexit: The collective madness behind Britain’s plan [01/02/2019]
Ian Dunt, Washington Post

Humiliated but Unrepentant, what Next for Theresa May? [01/2019]
Francis Ghilès, CIDOB

The three problems with changing the Brexit backstop [30/01/2019]
Robert Peston, The Spectator

Europe Needs to Show Britain the Door [30/01/2019]
Judy Dempsey, Washington Post

Los efectos del repliegue europeo [30/01/2019]
Pol Morillas, El País

MPs have voted for a fantasy. It’s an indictment of our entire political class [30/01/2019]

Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

The Cooper amendment’s failure is a setback for the MPs pushing for a softer Brexit [29/01/2019]
Katy Balls, Spectator

A New Way Forward for Brexit? [29/01/2019]
David A. Wemer, Atlantic Council

May thinks she’s won. But the reality of Brexit will soon hit her again [29/01/2019] 
Rafael Behr, The Guardian

Welcome to the New Britain, Where Every Week Is Hell [28/01/2019]
Yasmeen Serhan, The Atlantic

Brexiters Never Had a Real Exit Plan [26/01/2019]
Nick Cohen, Guardian

Brexit, le coût exorbitant du scénario de la sortie sans accord [24/01/2019]
Vincent Vicard, La Tribune

Why a no-deal Brexit would be less costly for the EU than the UK [24/01/2019]
Agelos Delis, Karen Jackson & Oleksandr Shepotylo, The Conversation

Brexit and public opinion 2019 [01/2019]
AA.VV., UK in a Changing Europe

England Has Not Gone Mad [23/01/2019]
John Lloyd, Irish Times

A Trucker’s Guide to Post-Brexit Disruption [23/01/2019]
Chris Giles, Financial Times

What is driving this chaos? I’ll tell you. The EU is determined to punish us. [23/01/2019]
Daniel Hannan, Conservative Home

Brexit disorder: Corbyn and May [22/01/2019]
José Ignacio Torreblanca, ECFR

Brexit Demands a New British Politics [22/01/2019]
Guy Verhofstadt, Project Syndicate

How Brussels blew Brexit [21/01/2019]
Bruno Maçães, Politico

Brexit, le coût exorbitant du scénario de la sortie sans accord [20/01/2019]
Vincent Vicard, The Conversation

It was never about Europe. Brexit is Britain’s reckoning with itself [18/01/2019]
Fintan O'Toole, The Guardian

Bracing for Brexit: Could ‘no deal’ chaos spread to Germany? [18/01/2019]
Almut Möller, ECFR

Brexit at the crossroads [17/01/2019]
Anna Vilovatykh , RISS

What the Brexit Shambles Says About the State of British Democracy [17/01/2019]
Rosa Balfour, German Marshall Fund

The EU-27 must make a magnanimous gesture, and Brits must vote again [17/01/2019]
Andreas Kluth, Handelsblatt

A “No Deal” Brexit Is Best for Britain and the United States [17/01/2019]
Nile Gardiner, The Heritage Foundation

A semi-Brexit, with just England and Wales leaving the EU, is the solution [17/01/2019]
Kim Lane Scheppele, Foreign Policy

Brexit Showdown [16/01/2019]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

There’s Officially Nobody in Charge of Britain [16/01/2019]
Stephen Paduano, Foreign Policy

Brexit: Can Parliament Take Control? [16/01/2019]
Brendan Donnelly, The Federal Trust

After this staggering defeat for May, our country is left lost and adrift [15/01/2019]
Jonathan Freedland, Guardian

Theresa May, Britain’s Kafkaesque Prime Minister [15/01/2019]
Tom Whyman, The New York Times

A polite request from Europe: wake us up when you know what you want from Brexit [15/01/2019]
Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian

A Nation Bored of Brexit Risks Sleepwalking Into Disaster [14/01/2019]
John Harris, The Guardian

The Implications of No-Deal Brexit: Is The European Union Prepared? [14/01/2019]
Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

Britain's Economic Future Depends On Brexit [14/01/2019]
Salvatore Babones, The National Interest

Brexiters’ delusions on trade die hard [14/01/2019]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Brexit: what are Theresa May’s options for a ‘plan B’? [14/01/2019]
Christopher Kirkland, The Conversation

With 75 days to Brexit, our future's on the line [13/01/2019]
Dan O'Brien, Irish Independent

From the Brexity bunch to hardline outsiders: A guide to the Tory cabinet factions [12/01/2019]
John Rentoul, The Independent

Brexit: parliament ties Theresa May in knots ahead of vote [09/01/2019]
Chris Stafford, The Conversation

Brexit's Impact on Europe's East [09/01/2019]
Janusz Bugajski, Center for European Policy Analysis

What’s Worse Than Brexit? This. [09/01/2019]
Rachel Rizzo, Politico

Brexit: The Uncivil War – what it told us, and what it didn’t [09/01/2019]
Charlotte O'Brien, The Conversation

Our Day Will Come: The Inevitability of Irish Unification as Brexit Approaches [07/01/2019]
Parker Ennis, Oxford University Politics Blog

Britain Needs a Brexit Insurance Plan [04/01/2019]
Jochen Bittner, The New York Times

Beware the clever lie of a 'clean break Brexit' [04/01/2019]
David Shariatmadari, The Guardian

Remainers are wrong to think the world hates Britain for seeking independence [04/01/2019]
Charles Moore, Telegraph

Britain clings to imperial nostalgia as Brexit looms [04/01/2019]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Labour’s ambiguous Brexit stance is now untenable [03/01/2019]
John Mcternan, Financial Times

Decision time on Brexit for the UK [03/01/2019]
Cal Thomas, Fox News

May has run down the Brexit clock. It must be stopped [02/01/2019]
Chi Onwurah, The Guardian

Five Brexit myths that will be exposed next year [28/12/2018]
Matthew Lynn, Spectator

Brexit Britain Will Be Just Fine [27/12/2018]
Quentin Letts, Politico EU

The Sum of All Brexit Fears [27/12/2018]
Chris Patten, Project Syndicate

Theresa May should be grateful for Brexit – it's obscured her weak domestic agenda and the ongoing effects of austerity [26/12/2018]
Andrew Grice, The Independent

Turning Brexit Into a Celebration of Democracy [26/12/2018]
Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate

Sacrificing Peace in Northern Ireland Is Not Acceptable Price for Brexit [20/12/2018]
Amanda Sloat, The Washington Post

As Brexit Deadline Beckons, Few Signs of Change in British Attitudes [20/12/2018]
Matthew Goodwin, Chatham House

No-deal Brexit is a national disaster. It is every politician’s job to avert it [19/12/2018]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

A question of sovereignty: on the (im)possibility of Brexit [18/12/2018]
Adam Standring, SPERI

La política no sabe resolver el Brexit [18/12/2018]
Andrés Ortega, Elcano

Brexit Is Destroying Britain’s Constitution [18/12/2018]
Garvan Walshe, Foreign Policy

A rightwing cult is driving Brexit Britain towards the cliff-edge [17/12/2018]
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

A people’s vote on Brexit was a distant hope. Last week changed that [16/12/2018]
Matthew d'Ancona, The Guardian

Ireland may face very uncomfortable choices in a no-deal Brexit [15/12/2018]
Cliff Taylor, Irish Times

Las vías de escape de May [15/12/2018]
Rafa De Miguel, El País

Decent middle England should reassert itself over Brexit [15/12/2018]
Stephen Collins, Irish Times

Will We Really Abandon Brexit Over a Mars Bar Shortage? [15/12/2018]
Boris Johnson, Spectator

Lecciones europeas frente al populismo [14/12/2018]
Carlos Carner, El País

Por qué sigue habiendo tantos británicos a favor del Brexit [14/12/2018]
Federico Steinberg, Elcano

My message to Europe: tell us you want Britain to stay [13/12/2018]
Timothy Garton Ash, Guardian

Brexit Britain: Small, Boring and Stupid [13/12/2018]
Ryan Heath, Politico

Theresa May Is Determined—and Doomed [13/12/2018]
Rosa Prince, The New York Times

Brexit: What Brexit? [13/12/2018]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

The bright side of Britain's Brexit chaos [12/12/2018]
Sebastian Mallaby, The Washington Post

Brexit endgame: Theresa May’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week [12/12/2018]
Amanda Sloat, Brookings

Britain's Brexit chaos: On the road to nowhere [10/12/2018]
James Hargrave, Washington Examiner

Brexit? Britain’s divides run far deeper than that [10/12/2018]
John Harris, The Guardian

No Brexit, No Exit From Brexit, and Nobody’s in Charge [10/12/2018]
Glen O'hara, Foreign Policy

The country will pay the price for May’s Brexit vote delay [10/12/2018]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn, your fellow European socialists need you in the EU [10/12/2018]
George Papandreou and 68 others, The Guardian

Brexit Brawl Hurts Britain's Reputation [09/12/2018]
Ruth Sunderland, Daily Mail

Another Brexit referendum is a terrible idea [07/12/2018]
John Lloyd, Reuters

Brexit : «“Le vote du jugement dernier”» aura lieu le 11 décembre» [07/12/2018]
Patrick Le Galès, Le Monde

May’s Brexit deal ignores Leavers’ real grievance [07/12/2018]
Paul Wallace, Reuters

If Brexit Is Blocked, Will It Ever Be Worth Voting Again? [06/12/2018]
Douglas Murray, Spectator

Brexit and services: How deep can the UK-EU relationship go? [06/12/2018]
Sam Lowe, CER

Brexit Reveals the Hollowing Out of Britishness [05/12/2018]
Mark Hutchinson, Irish Times

Friends without benefits? Britain and the EU’s foreign and security policy [05/12/2018]
Andre Barrinha, University of Bath

Brexit Is Falling Apart — Slowly [05/12/2018]
Owen Matthews, Foreign Policy

Who is behind the push for a post-Brexit free trade deal with the US? [04/12/2018]
Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian

Brexit: From revelation to re-accession [04/12/2018]
Andrew Duff, European Policy Centre

Theresa May's Betrayal of Britain [04/12/2018]
Mervyn King, Bloomberg

The far right will try to exploit any Brexit outcome. We can’t let it happen [28/11/2018]
Owen Jones, The Guardian

Blame Brexit not Mrs May [28/11/2018]
Brendan Donnelly, The Federal Trust

Europe’s door is still open – but Britain will have to move fast [27/11/2018]
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Only the ‘Norway Plus’ plan can save Brexit [27/11/2018]
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Alternate Brexit Plans Rejected; Theresa May Offers to Step Down [27/03/2019]
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Brexit by July 1 unless UK votes in EU election: Document [18/03/2019]
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'Why Would We Extend These Discussions?' [18/03/2019]
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Parliament speaker rules out third vote on ‘same’ Brexit deal [18/03/2019]
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Bruselas propone un aplazamiento de un año del Brexit para dar tiempo a que Londres se aclare [14/03/2019]
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El Parlamento británico votará hoy sobre un segundo referéndum del Brexit [14/03/2019]
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Britain Looks Into the Trade Abyss [13/03/2019]
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Theresa May: UK and EU agree to legally binding changes to Brexit deal [12/03/2019]
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Theresa May secures changes to Brexit deal ahead of key vote [12/03/2019]
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EU sees no Brexit breakthrough before the weekend – sources [06/03/2019]

Theresa May's lawyer seeks legal fix to the Brexit riddle [04/03/2019]
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Brexit: May tells MPs 'do your duty' ahead of fresh votes [27/02/2019]

Theresa May offers MPs Brexit delay vote [26/02/2019]

Brexit: Theresa May 'focused' on leaving on time, despite calls for delay [25/02/2019]

Theresa May faces ministerial revolt over no-deal Brexit [21/02/2019]
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Seven lawmakers quit UK Labour Party citing Brexit 'betrayal', anti-Semitism [18/02/2019]
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U.K. Government Downplays Suggestion It Will Seek Brexit Delay [13/02/2019]
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El gabinete de May estudia pedir un retraso de ocho semanas en el Brexit [06/02/2019]

May to meet Juncker on Thursday to seek Brexit concessions [05/02/2019]
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Irish backstop is ‘toxic,’ would ‘break up’ UK, says DUP leader [05/02/2019]
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Ireland and EU discuss emergency funds to offset no-deal Brexit [05/02/2019]
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Theresa May vows to ‘battle’ in Brussels [03/02/2019]

One in three UK firms plan for Brexit relocation, IoD says [01/02/2019]
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EU capitals agree to visa-free Schengen access for Brits [01/02/2019]

Eurosceptic fears grow over a potential customs union pivot [29/01/2019]
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Brexit : les députés britanniques votent en espérant reprendre la main [29/01/2019]
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Use the 'nuclear option', ministers tell May: PM is urged to trigger an April 4 ELECTION to stop MPs blocking no-deal Brexit [09/01/2019]
James Tapsfield, Daily Mail

Brexit: huit questions sur la possibilité d’un second referendum [20/12/2018]
Le Monde

Brexit: EU reveals no-deal plans [19/12/2018]

Brexit latest news: Gavin Williamson puts Army on standby as Cabinet agrees to implement 'no deal' plans in full [18/12/2018]
James Rothwell, Harry Yorke, Chris Graham, Asa Bennett & Steven Swinford, Telegraph

Theresa May awaits a Brexmas miracle [18/12/2018]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Brexit: cabinet meets to discuss ramping up plans for no deal [18/12/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Brexit latest news: Gavin Williamson puts Army on standby as Cabinet agrees to implement 'no deal' plans in full [18/12/2018]
James Rothwell, Harry Yorke, Chris Graham, Asa Bennett & Steven Swinford, Telegraph

Theresa May awaits a Brexmas miracle [18/12/2018]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Brexit: cabinet meets to discuss ramping up plans for no deal [18/12/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Corbyn anuncia una moción de censura contra May por su gestión del Brexit [17/12/2018]
Iván Alonso, ABC

Theresa May pushes forward £2bn no-deal Brexit preparations [17/12/2018]
Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian

New EU referendum would break faith with Britons, May to warn MPs [17/12/2018]

UK business secretary: May’s Brexit deal ‘good’ for economy [17/12/2018]
Esther King, Politico       

British officials line up for second referendum: reports [17/12/2018]
Mark Scott, Politico   

Corbyn anuncia una moción de censura contra May por su gestión del Brexit [17/12/2018]
Iván Alonso, ABC

Party activists pile pressure on Corbyn to back second vote [16/12/2018]
Toby Helm, The Observer

Brexit: What happens next may have to be put to MPs' vote – Fox [16/12/2018]

UK would have to delay Brexit for an 'entirely new' proposal: Irish foreign minister [16/12/2018]

Labour heaps pressure on PM by calling for no confidence vote [16/12/2018]
Kylie MacLellan & Elizabeth Piper, Reuters

May and Juncker clash over ‘nebulous’ comment [15/12/2018]
Charlie Cooper, David M. Herszenhorn And James Randerson, Politico

Los seis escenarios del Brexit que decidirán el destino del Reino Unido [15/12/2018]
Gina Tosas, La Vanguardia

New Brexit referendum logical, says Tony Blair [14/12/2018]

EU Leaders Tell May to Find Brexit Consensus Among MPs [14/12/2018]
Daniel Boffey, Jennifer Rankin & Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian

Brexit: EU says no to May on renegotiating deal [14/12/2018]

Theresa May delays Brexit vote over risk of ‘significant’ defeat [12/12/2018]
Annabelle Dickson & Lili Bayer, Politico

May looks to Merkel to save the day on Brexit [11/12/2018]
Guy Chazan & Alex Barker, Fnancial Times

Brexit: Theresa May says EU leaders 'determined' to solve Irish border issue [11/12/2018]

Desperate Theresa May reveals her Brexit plan B: buy more time [10/12/2018]
Dan Sabbagh and Daniel Boffey, The Guardian

Brexit in turmoil as May pulls vote to seek changes to EU divorce [10/12/2018]
Guy Faulconbridge, Elizabeth Piper, Reuters

Brexit chaos: what happens next? [10/12/2018]
Peter Walker, The Guardian

Brexit: Theresa May understood to be delaying key vote [10/12/2018]

Brexit ruling: UK can cancel decision, EU court says [10/12/2018]

Commons Brexit deal vote will definitely go ahead, says Gove [10/12/2018]
Peter Walker and Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Theresa May Tried to Lead Britain to a Brexit Compromise. Was It Too Late? [09/12/2018]
Ellen Barry, New York Times

Norwegian politicians reject UK's Norway-plus Brexit plan [07/12/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

EU judges to rule on Brexit on eve of May's crucial vote [06/12/2018]

Brexit vote: What could happen next? [06/12/2018]
Peter Barnes, BBC News

Theresa May Rejects Cabinet Pleas to Postpone Brexit Vote [06/12/2018]
Matthew Weaver, The Guardian

Britain Will Be Ready for a No Deal Brexit: Minister [06/12/2018]

MEP pours scorn on last-ditch Brexit scramble [05/12/2018]
Martin Banks, The Parliament Magazine

Conservative MEP urges UK counterparts to support ‘best deal for the UK’ Brexit agreement [28/11/2018]
Brian Johnson, The Parliament Magazine

Brexit analysis is meaningless, Corbyn tells May [28/11/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Chancellor says UK will be worse off under all Brexit scenarios [28/11/2018]
The Guardian

Theresa May Needs Parliament’s Support for Her Brexit Deal. The Math Isn’t in Her Favor [26/11/2018]
Karla Adam, The Washington Post

Brexit: May gives way over Gibraltar after Spain's 'veto' threat [24/11/2018]
Daniel Boffey & Sam Jones, The Guardian

The full list: MPs voting for and against May’s Brexit deal [26/11/2018]
John Connolly, The Spectator

Brexit: quels scénarios en cas de rejet de l’accord par le Parlement britannique? [26/11/2018]
Le Monde

May's Brexit deal sounds like a 'great deal for the EU', says Trump [26/11/2018]
Julian Borger, Daniel Boffey & Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian

Brexit: Theresa May defends deal amid criticism from MPs [26/11/2018]

EU leaders agree UK's Brexit deal at Brussels summit [25/11/2018]

What happens next if Theresa May's Brexit deal is voted down? [23/11/2018]
Heather Stewart, The Guardian

El ministro principal de Gibraltar dice que se ha alcanzado un acuerdo con España sobre Gibraltar en el pacto del Brexit [23/11/2018]
El Mundo

Brexit: Draft agreement on future relationship 'agreed' [22/11/2018]

May defends Brexit deal against cross-party hostility at PMQs [21/11/2018]
Peter Walker, The Guardian

British, EU Leaders to Meet as Brexit Deadline Looms [21/11/2018]
Jill Lawless, Associated Press

U.K. ‘Coup’ Against Theresa May Falters. For Now. [20/11/2018]
New York Times

La UE da un paso más hacia el acuerdo del Brexit pero sin resolver la cuestión de Gibraltar [20/11/2018]
Pablo R. Suanzes, El Mundo

Rees-Mogg: topple May now or she will lead Tories into election [20/11/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Michel Barnier proposes extending Brexit transition to 2022 [19/11/2018]
Mehreen Khan, Sylvia Pfeifer & Laura Hughes, Financial Times

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU [17/11/2018]
Alex Hunt & Brian Wheeler, BBC News

Bespoke Brexit deal better than any other option, May tells MPs [15/11/2018]
Jessica Elgot and Peter Walker, The Guardian

Two U.K. Cabinet Ministers, Including Chief Brexit Negotiator, Quit [15/11/2018]
Stephen Castle, The New York Times

Brexit: What does the draft withdrawal agreement reveal? [15/11/2018]
Chris Morris, BBC News

Cautious welcome for Brexit deal across Europe before Raab resignation [15/11/2018]
Jennifer Rankin, Christian Davies & Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian

Theresa May’s Brexit Deal: That Was the Easy Bit [14/11/2018]
Charlie Cooper & David M. Herszenhorn, Politico           

May says confident of getting Brexit deal MPs can support [23/10/2018]

EU daylight saving switch could leave Northern Ireland out of step with rest of UK [22/10/2018]
Eline Schaart, Politico

Raab floats extended transition as ‘alternative’ to Ireland backstop [21/10/2018]
Jakob Hanke, Politico    

U.K. and Spain Reach Brexit Deal on Gibraltar [19/10/2018]
Michael Stothard, Financial Times

Brexiters Don't Care About Northern Ireland​​​​​​​ [19/10/2018]
Fintan O'Toole, The Guardian

There Will Be No Second Brexit Referendum ​​​​​​​[18/10/2018]
Peter Harris, National Interest

Police bracing for Brexit hate crime spike against EU citizens and migrants in March [18/10/2018]
Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

La UE y Reino Unido sopesan alargar el periodo transitorio para desbloquear el Brexit [18/10/2018]
Bernardo De Miguel, El País

EU leaders shelve plans for special Brexit summit next month [18/10/2018]
Alex Barker, Mehreen Khan and Michael Peel, Financial Times

Brexit : un sommet européen hanté par le «no deal» [18/10/2018]
Anne Rovan, Le Figaro

May says Brexit deal is ‘achievable’ [17/10/2018]

12 Brits Who Will Shape Brexit [17/10/2018]
Charlie Cooper & Annabelle Dickson, Politico

¿Es posible llegar a un buen acuerdo para el Brexit? [17/10/2018]
Agenda Pública & Política Exterior

Bruselas y Londres encallan en el primer intento de rematar el Brexit [15/10/2018]
Bernardo de Miguel & Rafa de Miguel, El País

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