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Eleições Presidenciais na Rússia
23 | Março | 2018

Nas eleições presidenciais de 18 de Março confirmaram-se as previsões que apontavam para uma vitória confortável de Vladimir Putin. Em período de procura de afirmação da Rússia como grande potência, a campanha eleitoral ficou essencialmente marcada pelas questões económicas e securitárias em política externa, como os conflitos da Ucrânia e da Síria. 

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Elections in the Russian Federation: 2018 Presidential Election

2018 Presidential Election: Candidate Ratings 
Russian Public Opinion Research Center


Opiniões & Análises
Who counted the votes in Russia? We checked. [23/03/2018]
Nazar Boyko and Roman Sverdan, Washington Post

A Mandate for Stagnation: After Russia’s Presidential Election [22/03/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Europe needs a collective defence strategy to counter Russia [22/03/2018]
Guy Verhofstadt, The Guardian

Putin Won. But Russia Is Losing [22/03/2018]
Ian Bremmer, Time

Proyecto inercia: el cuarto mandato de Vladimir Putin [03/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Política Exterior

Putin's Succession Conundrum: How Authoritarians Navigate the Challenge [21/03/2018]
Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Erica Frantz, Foreign Affairs

Presidential election in Russia: Putin’s Stakhanovite record [21/03/2018]
Maria Domańska, OSW

Russia Has an Ideology—and It’s as Entrenched as Communism Was [21/03/2018]
John R. Schindler, Observer

Aggressive Abroad, Putin Is Cautious at Home [21/03/2018]
Ruchir Sharma, The New York Times

Why Putin’s sham election shows what he’s afraid of [20/03/2018]
Vladimir Kara-Murza, Washington Post

And Now What? Russian Foreign Policy in Putin’s Fourth Term [20/03/2018]
Kadri Liik, ECFR

Russia’s Impossible Coalition: Putin’s New Politics [20/03/2018]
Konstantin Gaaze, Carnegie Moscow Center

Putin for the fourth time. The state of and prospects for Russia (2018-2024) [20/03/2018]

Putin después de Putin [20/03/2018]
Mira Milosevich-Juaristi, Real Instituto Elcano

Putin Won at the Ballot Box. He's Losing Elsewhere. [19/03/2018]
Michael Dempsey, Bloomberg

Putin’s Victory, Europe’s Temptation [19/03/2018]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Putin won reelection yesterday. Now he’s a ‘lame duck.’ What will that mean? [19/03/2018]
Joshua Tucker, Washington Post

In the Russian Election, Voters Had Nothing but Bad Options [19/03/2018]
Masha Gessen, New Yorker

Russia's Next Prime Minister Is in for a Tough Ride [19/03/2018]
Tatyana Stanovaya, Moscow Times

Expect more trouble from Putin after the election [19/03/2018]
Samantha Vinograd, CNN

Putin confronts strategic choice after big Russian election win [19/03/2018]
Kathrin Hille, Financial Times

A Putin le siguen saliendo las cuentas [19/03/2018]
Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, Real Instituto Elcano

The Poison Putin Spreads [17/03/2018]
Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

These Russian elections follow an old Soviet tradition [17/03/2018]
Roman Dobrokhotov, Al Jazeera

Vladimir Putin’s Politics of Eternity [16/03/2018]
Timothy Snyder, The Guardian

Russia 2018: Predictable Elections, Uncertain Future [16/03/2018]
Aldo Ferrari, ISPI

The Rise of Putin’s Young Technocrats [15/03/2018]
Kathrin Hille & Henry Foy, Financial Times

Putin and Russia in 2018–24: What Next? [15/03/2018]
Andrew Wood, Chatham House

Putin’s Last Hurrah? Cementing His Legacy [15/03/2018]
Lincoln Pigman, RUSI

The Challenges of Putin’s Fourth (and Last?) Term [14/03/2018]
Andrea Aversano Stabile, IAI

Putin suspende en economía [14/03/2018]
Oksana Antonenko, ES Global

Putin's Pivot: 4 New Features of Russian Foreign Policy [14/03/2018]
Daniel Treisman, Russia Matters

Moscow and the Middle East After Russia's Election [12/03/2018]
Anna Borshchevskaya, Washington Institute

Is Putin Popular? [12/03/2018]
Jay Nordlinger, National Review

A Hi-Tech Russian Doll: Putin’s Fourth-Term Reboot [12/03/2018]
Alexander Baunov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Interrogantes ante la nueva victoria de Putin [03/2018]
Nicolás de Pedro, CIDOB

How Russia's Eternal President Has Changed His Country [11/03/2018]
Christian Esch, Der Spiegel

«Le pouvoir russe est obsédé par le contrôle» [09/03/2018]
Entrevista a Tatiana Kastoueva-Jean, Le Monde

Russia before the Presidential Elections 2018 [08/03/2018]
AA.VV., Russia Analytical Digest

Le «poutinisme»: un système prétorien? [08/03/2018]
Jean-Robert Raviot, IFRI 

Putin’s Coming Presidency: Tougher for Russo-Western Relations? [07/03/2018]
Chris Cheang, RSIS

Frozen Landscape: The Russian Political System Ahead of the 2018 Presidential Election [07/03/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Why Putin’s Corruption Crackdown May Be a Pre-Election Show [07/03/2018]
Marc Bennetts, Newsweek

The arrival of post-Putin Russia [01/03/2018]
Ivan Krastev and Gleb Pavlovsky, ECFR

The Real and Hidden Costs of Russia’s Foreign Policy [02/2018]
Stanislav Secrieru, European Union Institute for Security Studies

Putin’s worst enemy: Putin [28/02/2018]
Oksana Antonenko, Politico

Putin’s existential quandary: What happens next? [23/02/2018]
Sergey Aleksashenko, The Daily Star

Russia's Leadership Is Facing a Succession Dilemma [22/02/2018]
Gleb Pavlovsky, Moscow Times

How Navalny changed the rules of the game in Russia [19/02/2018]
Leonid Ragozin, Al Jazeera

The Tragedy of the Working Poor and the Populism of Russia’s Presidential Campaign [16/02/2018]
Irina Meyer-Olimpieva, Kennan Institute

A New Role for United Russia [12/02/2018]
Andrei Turchak, Carnege Moscow Center

The Curious Case of the Television Star Running Against Vladimir Putin [12/02/2018]
Masha Gessen, New Yorker

Russia's system of power defies any rational explanation [11/02/2018]
Lilia Shevtsova, Finanacial Times

Can Putin's opponent win presidency? [10/02/2018]
Fareed Zakaria, GPS

As Vladimir Putin steals the Russian election, our leaders are shamefully silent [08/02/2018]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

The Perils of Change: Russians’ Mixed Attitudes Toward Reform [02/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov & Denis Volkov, Carnegie Moscow Center

How to Monitor Russia's Next Election [07/02/2018]
Grigory Melkonyants, Moscow Times

"The Navalny Effect" on Russia [05/02/2018]
Alexis Mrachek, Heritage Foundation

Russia’s Election: Assured Victory, Protests, and Apathy [02/02/2018]
Yana Gorokhovskaia, Global Observatory

Russia's Election: Why the Show Must Go On [31/01/2018]
Stephen Blank, Lowy Interpreter

Do Russians Want Change? [16/01/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov & Denis Volkov, Carnegie Moscow Center

A Game with Unknown Rules [04/01/2018]
Maxim Matusevich, Kennan Institute

The Return of Global Russia: An Analytical Framework [14/12/2017]
Paul Stronski & Richard Sokolsky, CEIP

Putin 4.0: The President’s New Modus Operandi [18/11/2017]
Tatyana Stanovaya, Carnegie Moscow Center

Why the Kremlin Needs Sobchak [13/11/2017]
Konstantin Gaaze, Carnegie Moscow Center

‘This Myth About the Great and Horrible Putin’ [23/10/2017]
Susan B. Glasser, Politico

Putin’s Political Machine Defeats Its Purpose [20/10/2017]
Fedor Krasheninnikov, Kennan Institute

Putin contra Navalni [30/01/2018]
El País

'They could be twins': photos appear to show Russians voting twice in election [21/03/2018]
Martin Belam, The Guardian

Trump Congratulates Putin on Re-Election, but Fails to Mention Meddling in U.S. [20/03/2018]
Mark Landler, New York Times

Trump and Juncker under fire for hailing Putin election victory [20/03/2018]
Anushka Asthana, Daniel Boffey and Andrew Roth, The Guardian

Russia election: Muted Western reaction to Putin victory [19/03/2018]

Putin pledges to focus on domestic agenda and national defense [19/03/2018]

What the world is saying about Putin's re-election [19/03/2018]
Times of India

Europe sharply divided over Vladimir Putin's re-election [19/03/2018]
Patrick Wintour and Kate Connolly, The Guardian

Russia: Five Reasons Why Putin's Election Is a Sham [19/03/2018]
Shane Croucher, Newsweek

How Russians in Europe voted in 2018 presidential election [19/03/2018]

Putin winning over 90% of votes at Russian presidential polls in Crimea and Sevastopol [19/03/2018]

Putin winning presidential polls with 73.9% of votes — exit poll [18/03/2018]

Vladimir Putin: How a spy rose to power and held on to it [18/03/2018]
Elizabeth Schumacher, DW

Putin 4.0: as Russian president prepares for fourth term, what next? [18/03/2018]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

As Putin Sails to Six More Years, Navalny Eyes the Long Game [18/03/2018]
Evan Gershkovich, Moscow Times

How Russia Meddled in its Own Elections [18/03/2018]
Alina Polyakova, The Atlantic

Putin Urges High Voter Turnout Ahead of Russian Election [16/03/2018]
Vladimir Isachenkov, Times of India

Russian election 2018: Voters are faced with a difficult choice – Vladimir Putin or Vladimir Putin [13/03/2018]
Oliver Carroll, The Independent

Beyond Moscow, Apathy Rules Ahead of Russia's Presidential Election [13/03/2018]
Evan Gershkovich, Moscow Times

Russia This Week – Focus On The Presidential Election – March 12, 2018 [13/03/2018]

Russia Analytical Report, March 5-12, 2018 [12/03/2018]
Russia Matters

10 Charts That Explain Life in Putin's Russia [12/03/2018]

Putin's certain victory: What you need to know about the Russian presidential election [11/03/2018]
Roman Goncharenko, DW

Putin Nemesis Navalny, barred from Election, Tries Political Siege [21/02/2018]
Andrew Osborn, Reuters

Russia accuses Europe of meddling in presidential election [15/02/2018]
Emma Anderson, Politico

Who’s who in Russia’s presidential election [12/02/2018]
The Week

Alexei Navalny: The anti-Putin the Kremlin can’t neutralise [10/02/2018]
Isabel Gorst, Irish Times

Putin, Seven Rivals Register for Russia’s Presidential Race [08/02/2018]
Vladimir Isachenkov, Washington Post

Russia Election: Who Are Vladimir Putin’s Challengers? [08/02/2018]
Roman Goncharenko, Deutsche Welle

Alexei Navalny: 'There is no pro-Putin majority' in Russia [08/02/2018]
Zhanna Nemtsova, Deutsche Welle

On the Campaign Trail with a Former Russian Reality Star [08/02/2018]
Emily Tamkin, Foreign Policy

Eight Candidates To Run For President Of Russia [08/02/2018]

Kremlin Sees No Alternative to 'Absolute Leader' Putin [29/01/2018]
Moscow Times

Russia's Youth Takes the Lead in Countrywide Protests Against Putin [28/01/2018]
Moscow Times

73% of Russians Plan to Vote for Putin – Survey [18/01/2018]
Moscow Times

Senate Report Outlines Playbook to Prevent Future Russian Election Meddling [10/01/2018]
Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

Putin Confirms He Is Running for President [06/12/2017]
Neil MacFarquhar, The New York Times


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