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Resenha Semanal
16 – 20 : XI : 2015

 André Glucksmann: 1937-2015

> The Death of Glucksmann

> The Coruscating Moral Vision of André Glucksmann

13 de Novembro

> Le 13 novembre, et après?

> French democracy in danger

> The Profound Global Implications of the Paris Attacks

> France's Perpetual Battle Against Terrorism: The Paris Attacks in Context

> Retour sur les leçons des attentats du 11 mars 2004 à Madrid

> Why Did ISIS Attack Paris?


> What Should the U.S. Do About ISIS?

> ¿Por qué atrae el "Estado Islámico"?

> Why ISIS might regret the decision to go global

> ISIS Is Not a Terrorist Group:Why Counterterrorism Won’t Stop the Latest Jihadist Threat

> 2015 Global Terrorism Index

Segurança Europeia

> What Collective Security Agreements Does the EU Have?

> After Paris: Why Did France Pass on NATO?

> Paris Attacks Come at a Dangerous Moment for Europe

> El 42.7: cobertura europea para la defensa francesa

> Europe’s self-defence: Tous pour un et un pour tous?

> After Paris: why (now) the Lisbon Treaty

> Europe at the Center of the Terrorist Vortex, Again

Cimeira APEC

> A Primer on the Asia-Pacific Summits

Arco de Crises

> The Twisted Tehran-Moscow Axis

> Russia’s Syria Intervention is Not All About Gas

> Russia and the Conflict in Syria

Crise dos Refugiados

> La crisis de los refugiados y la respuesta europea

> Heat, Light and Power for Refugees: Saving Lives, Reducing Costs

Eleições na Birmânia

> Now Comes Aung San Suu Kyi’s True Test of Leadership

> What Should the NLD’s Priorities be in Myanmar?

Eleições na Turquia

> Violence Saved AKP’s Power, but the Regime Needs Peace with the Kurds

Angela Merkel e a Liderança Alemã

> Close Up: Angela Merkel – Alone at the Top

Crise nos Mares do Sul

> The Myth of a ‘Strategic Imbalance’ in the South China Sea

Política Árabe

> The Future of Political Salafism in Egypt and Tunisia


> Reflexiones jurídicas a propósito de una eventual declaración unilateral de independencia de Cataluña: un escenario político jurídicamente inviable


> The systemic roots of Russia’s recession


> Kenya’s Somali North East: Devolution and Security


Armed Confrontation Between China and India

> India’s Evolving Defence Diplomacy: An Assertive Multilateral Engagement?

> PACOM's Role in Sustaining Indo-Asia-Pacific Security


> Greece as an example of “post-politics” in the eurozone

> Spain 40 years after General Franco: change of a nation

> Are Referenda Blocking the EU’s Progress?

> Searching for an Energy Union


> ¿Ha fracasado el interregionalismo? Las negociaciones UE-ASEAN


> Multilateralism in the Far North: The Ukraine Crisis Threatens to Introduce a Security Dimension into Arctic Diplomacy

Cimeira de Paris sobre as Alterações Climáticas

> The Struggle of Our Time: Human Nature vs. Mother Nature

> Prospects for Climate Success in Paris

> A close call before Paris

Livros & Recensões

> Religious Difference in a Secular Age: A Minority Report [1st Chapter]st Chapter]

> ‘What is Europe?’ [1st Chapter]

> Timothy Snyder: The Newton of the Holocaust?

> Inside the Islamic State

> The Syrian Kurds Are Winning!

> The Mystery of ISIS

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