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Resenha Semanal
09 – 13 : XI : 2015

Helmut Schmidt, 1918-2015

> Germany’s man of balance

> Helmut Schmidt, 1918-2015

Arco de Crises

> Russia’s Operation in Syria: Concealing Mission Creep

> Syria’s Nightmare: Diverging US and Chinese Policies, and Global Repercussions

40 anos da Independência de Angola

> Angola Can Mark 40 Years Since Independence with Bold Economic Reforms

Crise dos Refugiados

> Europe’s Refugee Crisis

> Migration: the new 'push' and 'pull' dynamics


> The Future of Britain's Relationship with the European Union

> Cameron's EU gamble: Five reforms he can win, and ten pitfalls he must avoid

> Britain and the Spectre of Geopolitical Irrelevance

70º Aniversário das Nações Unidas

> The United Nations: before, during and after 1945

Grandes Potências

> Obama & Xi: More Than Meets the Eye

> Is China Pursuing Counter-Intervention?

> From Keeping a Low Profile to Striving for Achievement

> The 2016 presidential election and why primaries matter [Podcast]

> America Divided: Political Partisanship and US Foreign Policy

Cimeira UE-África

> Valletta Summit on migration

> The EU and its neighbours: enforcing the politics of inhospitality

A Estratégia de Putin

> A Case of Putin Envy: Behind the Obsession With Russia's Leader

> Russia: in search of geopolitical glory

> The Concert of Vienna: Russia’s New Strategy

Eleições na Birmânia

> Myanmar’s Election Success

> What Will Happen in Rakhine State after Myanmar’s Election?

Proliferação Nuclear

> 3-D Printing the Bomb? The Nuclear Nonproliferation Challenge

> Lifting of Iran sanctions could have major impact on energy markets

> Great Expectations: Iran After The Deal

China & Taiwan: Encontro Histórico

> Strategic Significance of China- Taiwan Summit

> The Ma Xi Meeting: A Taiwan Perspective

> What the historic Ma-Xi meeting could mean for cross-Strait relations

União Económica e Monetária

> 25 years on: How the euro's architects erred

> Greece’s Bailout Dead End

> Redessiner l’UEM : quel programme après les négociations grecques ?

> Firmer foundations for a stronger European Banking Union

Médio Oriente

> Why media crackdowns in the Middle East are likely to backfire

> Iran and the Arabs: The Historical Shift in the Balance of Power

> Netanyahu's Excellent Washington Adventure


> Securing the Australian frontier: an agenda for border security policy


> The End of German Hegemony

> The growing intergenerational divide in Europe


> Religious Authority and the State in Africa

> Tweeting against the wall of Jericho

> South Africa: white fear, black anger and student protests

América Latina

> The coup in Brazil has already happened

> Elecciones en Argentina: Cambiemos y el “factor Cristina”

> ¿Problemas para Uruguay o para el Frente Amplio?

Sudeste Asiático

> What does India think?

> Getting Japan–South Korea Relations Back on Track

> India and the emergence of the Indo-Pacific

Segurança Energética

> There Will Be Gas: Gazprom’s Transport Strategy in Europe

> Re-calibrating Iran-India Energy Ties

Estados Frágeis

> Fixing fragile states: a country-based framework


> The Danger of Not Competing

Livros & Recensões

> Weimar Thought::A Contested Legacy [introdução]

> From Deep State to Islamic State by Jean-Pierre Filiu

> Along the Divide

> Jon Meacham’s ‘Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush’

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