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Resenha Semanal
15 - 20 : II : 2021


Golpe em Myanmar

> Responding to the Myanmar Coup

> Myanmar’s generals recoup: The recurrence of military-defined “disciplined democracy”

> Myanmar’s coup will test the loyalty of the security forces

Gigantes tecnológicos 

> Regulating big tech: the Digital Markets Act

> Facebook vs. Australia: What Happens When Big Tech Comes for the News?

> Regulación a las tecnológicas en EE UU y China, con un ojo en la geopolítica

Líbia 10 anos sem Khadafi 

> Planning for the day 10 years after the fall of Gadhafi

> Libya 10 Years Later: Dashed Hopes and Renewed Negotiations


> NATO2030: future-proofing the Alliance

> Turkey-NATO ties are problematic, but there is one bright spot

> As NATO Convenes, Erdoğan’s Authoritarianism Remains an Awkward Problem


>What’s Next for the WTO?

> The WTO’s Historic New Leader

> Fiscal Policy and the Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Eleições na Catalunha 

> What we learned from the 2021 Catalan elections

Eleições no Kosovo 

> Kosovo snap election: A chance for action

> Elecciones en Kosovo: las malas perspectivas

Irão: acordo Nuclear 

> A Way Forward With Iran? Options for Crafting a U.S. Strategy

> Where’s Europe on the Iran Nuclear Deal?

> Europe’s Defence of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Less than a Success, More than a Failure

República Democrática do Congo

> Presidentialism shouldn’t trump democracy in the DRC

> DRC: New prime minister, new era?


> Counter Terrorism,Global Terrorism

> Slow progress for West Africa’s latest counter-terrorism plan


> A Superpower, Like It or Not: Why Americans Must Accept Their Global Role

> An Insurrection And A New President Make The Us Vulnerable To Foreign Policy Crises

> Why such an imperfect union?

> A US-India Trade Agenda for the Biden Administration


> The United States, China, and Taiwan: A Strategy to Prevent War

> Political repression and authoritarian legalism in Hong Kong

> Xi Jinping’s conception of socialism

> What Happened to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor?

Rússia | Russia

> The trouble with unchecked power: Why Putin will never leave

> El caso Navalny: ¿’primavera’ rusa o pulso geopolítico?

> Russia in 2020: The Kremlin’s Increasing Apprehensiveness

> Russia’s New ‘Arctic Offensive’: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? (Part One)

União Europeia 

> European Defence Fund: The Real Test Is Yet To Come

> Ursula von der Leyen’s mission ‘to the moon’

> Summit of the V4 Prime Ministers in Kraków on the 30th Anniversary of the Visegrad Group

> EU Needs to Stop Punishing UK for Brexit

Médio Oriente

> Between Geopolitics and Geoeconomics: The Growing Role of Gulf States in the Eastern Mediterranean

> La llegada de Biden sacude el golfo Pérsico

> The electoral path may not save Lebanon, but its citizens deserve the chance to walk it

> Biden’s Challenge: Kurdish Autonomy and Turkish Expansionism

América Latina

> Venezuela Needs Unity at Home and Abroad

> Colombia’s Ruling Party Is Undaunted in Its Foreign Overreach

> Divisive Politics and Democratic Dangers in Latin America

> Democratic Backsliding and Personalization of Power in Brazil

> Vacunas sin integración y geopolítica en América Latina


> Japón vuelve a ‘sus’ escenarios

> Îles Senkaku/Diaoyu: des tensions croissantes

> The Economic Pillar of Korea’s New Southern Policy: Building on Existing Assets

> East Timorese politics in flux

> An End in Sight for the Philippines’ Maoist Insurgency?


> Will the Restructured African Union meet the Continent’s Urgent Challenges?

> The Truth About Museveni’s Crimes

> Somalia’s election impasse: A crisis of state building

> Food Insecurity Crisis Mounting in Africa


> «Inmigración en tiempos de Covid-19». Anuario CIDOB de la Inmigración 2020


> How to save aid

Livros & Recensões 

> America in the World: A History of U.S. Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

> What pagans, Putin and the Volga teach us about Russia

> Société vigilante, État de surveillance?

> How Egypt’s Military Owns the Economy

> ‘George Washington’ Review: Our Founding Politician

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