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Resenha Semanal
23 - 27 : XI : 2020


Administração Biden 

> The Fraught Politics Facing Biden’s Foreign Policy

> Repairing the World: The Imperative—and Limits—of a Post-Trump Foreign Policy

> The Best and Worst U.S. Presidential Transitions in History

Relações Transatlânticas 

> Americans and Germans Head Into 2021 With Divergent Opinions on Transatlantic Alliance

> For the West, There Is No Road Back to a Time Before Trump

Crise Política no Peru 

> La ultraderecha pierde en Perú

> Can Francisco Sagasti Hold Peru Together?

> Perú, una democracia secuestrada de difícil arreglo

UE: Vetos ao Plano de Recuperação 

> The Rule Of Law In The EU Budget: Backing Down Is Too High a Price for the EU to Pay

> Can the EU solve the Budget and Rule-of-Law Crisis?

> What If the EU’s Economic Recovery Plan Fails?

Cimeira G20 

> Vacuidad y esperanzas del G20

> Prospects for a G20 “pandemic treaty”

Balcãs: da Guerra à normalização 

> Getting Serbia-Kosovo Normalization Right

> Hostage state: How to free Bosnia from Dayton’s paralysing grip

> 25 after Dayton: The EU and the accompaniment of Bosnia’s future

Guerra Civil na Etiópia 

> The Situation in Ethiopia is a Unique War and the African Union Has a Legal Duty to Silence the Guns

> Ethiopia’s Problems Will Not End with a Military Victory


> Why Reforming Islam to Fight Violent Extremism is a Bad Idea

> Overlooked and underrated? The role of youth and women in preventing violent extremism


> Defense In Depth: Why U.S. Security Depends on Alliances—Now More Than Ever

> The U.S. Navy’s Loss of Command of the Seas to China and How to Regain It

> Can Janet Yellen Rebuild the U.S. Economy?

> This Is How a Constitution Dies


> Asia-Pacific Trade Deal RCEP Is Signed; Xi Signals Potential Interest in CPTPP

> The Hong Kong National Security Law: A Harbinger of China’s Emerging International Legal Discourse Power

> China Diversifies in Central Asia

> Current and Future Trends in Chinese Counterspace Capabilities


> Russia’s Arctic Strategy through 2035: Grand Plans and Pragmatic Constraints

> Russia’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ Encounters New Difficulties

> Russia and the CSTO in the Face of Destabilisation in the Neighbourhood

> How Biden Will Impact Russian Domestic Policy

União Europeia 

> The transformative five: A new role for the frugal states after the EU recovery deal

> Unpacking the Brexit Deal: What to Look Out for

> Revisiting EU climate and energy diplomacy: A starting point for Green Deal diplomacy?

> COVID-19 Reveals Europe's Strategic Loneliness

> Allemagne-France: Pour une politique européenne commune à l’égard de la Chine

Médio Oriente 

> Regional stability is in the interest of both Saudi Arabia and Iran

> The Many Faces of Turkey's Religious Soft Power

> The Biden Administration Shouldn’t Try to Solve the Israel-Palestinian Conflict—because It Can’t Be Solved

> Enhancing Mediterranean Integration

América Latina

> AMLO’s threat to Latin American Democracy

> Bolivia after the 2020 General Elections

> Brazil’s Deadly Calm

> Panamericanismo versus latinoamericanismo: tensión geopolítica y civilizacional


> Pakistan’s ‘three evils’, CPEC and good governance

> Thailand Protesters Gather as Government Weaponizes Lese Majeste

> Despite Modi, India Has Not Yet Become a Hindu Authoritarian State

> New Asia-Pacific trade deal: Implications for East Asia and the EU

> Why the Quad Should Focus on a Strategy to Contain China


> Cabo Verde – Presidential Activism during the Pandemic

> Tensions cloud December polls in Ghana

> Zimbabwe Now: Post-Coup, Mid-Covid; Continuing Crises, Corruption, and Confusion

> In Uganda, Another Museveni Crackdown

> COVID-19 exacerbating existing security, social and livelihood challenges in the Lake Chad Basin region

Democracia & Autoritarismo

> Why the Pandemic and Populism Still Work Together

> Panopticon 2.0? AI Enabled Surveillance Practices in Authoritarian Regimes,

> How to Save Democracy From Technology: Ending Big Tech’s Information Monopoly


> NATO toward 2030: a resilient Alliance and its main priorities

> Trump’s Mixed NATO Legacy

Livros & Recensões 

> Politics and Society in Contemporary China [introduction]

> Reinventing China

> Ambivalence and Desire in Revolutionary Syria

> “To Rule Eurasia’s Waves: The New Great Power Competition at Sea”

> Law and Leviathan: Redeeming the Administrative State

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