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> The 2nd Nagorno-Karabakh War, 2 Weeks in

> Tipping Point in the Karabakh Crisis: What Next?

> The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Increasingly deadly and destabilising

Protestos na Tailândia 

> Thai Protests Focus More Explicitly on the Monarchy

> As Thailand’s Protests Gather Momentum, What is the Endgame?

Eleições na Bolívia 

> Bolivia Has Changed Since 2003. Has Carlos Mesa?

> Will Bolivia’s Elections Usher in a New Wave of Socialism in Latin America?


> The Scramble for Power in Kyrgyzstan

> Kyrgyzstan’s turmoil and the competition for Central Asia

Protestos na Nigéria

> Police, Protest Power, and Nigeria's Young Democrats

> Why #EndSARS won’t quit

Eleições na Guiné Conacri 

> Guinea Elections and the Third Presidential Term Syndrome

> In Conakry


> El Estado Islámico en África: radiografía de un grupo en expansiónv

> HTS Leader al-Julani’s New Strategy in Northwestern Syria


> Deep Divisions in Views of the Election Process – and Whether It Will Be Clear Who Won

> US foreign policy priorities: What difference can an election make?

> Homeland Threat Assessment

> America should stay in Afghanistan until an intra-Afghan deal is reached — not forever


> Sinology and China's Rise

> What Did the Chinese FM’s Tour of Southeast Asia Achieve?

> How Milk Tea Became an Anti-China Symbol

> Can 'Dual Circulation' Reverse China's Slowdown?


> New Russia Sanctions Are a Call to Action for Kremlin Doves

> In Search of a Solution to Russia’s Strategic Problem

> Germany to Complete Nord Stream 2 Despite US Pressure

União Europeia

> Washington Should Push For A Stronger E.U. Foreign Policy

> EU peace mediation in the 2020s: From intervention to investment

> Rule of law and the Next Generation EU recovery

Médio Oriente 

> Jordan’s Endless Transition

> Can Another Shaky Truce in Libya Actually Hold?

> L'éviction de l'Europe du Moyen-Orient

> Iraq One Year After its Seismic Protests Began

América Latina

> A Less Apocalyptic Case For Latin America

> How Lava Jato Died – And What Comes Next

> Mancuso: el fantasma de la Colombia pasada


> Beyond the Military Domain: A Potential Role for the Quad in South Asia

> Competition Among Ports in the Caspian Sea and the Significance of the Port of Baku

> Sino-Indian Competition in the Indian Ocean Region intensifies

> Short-term nuclear stability on the Korean Peninsula


> Keeping West Papua on the agenda

> New Zealand’s corona-shaped election

> Australia's Security and the Rules–Based Order


> The Obstacles to Sudan’s Landmark Peace Deal

> The myth of South African nationality

> African agency and Chinese power: The case of Djibouti

Relações Transatlânticas 

> Together or Alone? Choices and Strategies for Transatlantic Relations for 2021 and Beyond

> What Should Europe Expect From American Trade Policy After The Election?

> Reviving transatlantic relations after Trump


> NATO 20/2020: Twenty bold ideas to reimagine the Alliance after the 2020 US election

> A renewed collective defense bargain? NATO in COVID’s shadow

Saúde Global 

> Taking Pandemic Preparedness Seriously: Lessons from COVID-19

> Upholding the World Health Organization

> Planning For Pandemics: Learning From The 2004–05 Avian Influenza Outbreak In Vietnam

Economia Global 

> 2021: The crucial year for social order-global order transformational changes

> China Is Now the World’s Largest Economy. We Shouldn’t Be Shocked.


> Global Report on Internal Displacement 2020


> The Afterlife of Empire

Livros & Recensões 

> How Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Solidified his Power [adapted essay]

> Progressive politics in Thailand’s polarised polity

> The Oligarchs’ Revenge

> Historia y futuro de la globalización

> Mémoires et archives de la Révolution française

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