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Resenha Semanal
28 : IX - 02 : X : 2020


Eleições Presidenciais nos Estados Unidos 

> First US Presidential Debate – Five Key Questions Answered

> Large-scale political unrest is unlikely, but not impossible

> A Foreign Policy for the Day After Trump

Conflito Nagorno-Karabakh 

> A hill here, a village there: Nagorno-Karabakh and the salami-slicing wars

> Is Peace Possible Between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

> Armenia-Azerbaijan War: Military Dimensions of the Conflict

Protestos na Bielorrússia

> The Making of a Revolution

> Planning for Belarus After Lukashenko

> How a Dictator Became Vulnerable


> Finding Britain’s role in a changing world: Protecting the UK’s ability to defend its value

> Le drame du Brexit n’est pas encore terminé

> A Terrible Border Is Reborn? Ireland And A No-Deal Brexit

Sri Lanka

> Political Upheaval in Sri Lanka

No Accountability for War Crimes in Sri Lanka

Pacto europeu para as Migrações

Uncertain solidarity: Why Europe’s new migration pact could fall apart

> Perceiving Migration Crises: A View from the European Neighbourhood                                                                                       

> Malta, Italy, and Mediterranean Migration

> Deciphering the European Union’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Tensão no Mediterrâneo Oriental 

> How to Defuse Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

> European Foreign Policy Is Drowning in the Mediterranean

30 anos de reunificação alemã 

> Since reunification, Germany has had its best 30 years. The next 30 will be harder

> Germany's Reunification, Thirty Years Later

> Gorbachev Was Right About German Reunification


> Incompatible Bedfellows: UN Peace Operations and Counterterrorism

> Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Factions Reunited for ‘Holy War’ Against Islamabad

> Making The U.S. Military’s Counter-Terrorism Mission Sustainable


> L’état C’est Trump

> Le renouveau du secteur nucléaire aux États-Unis. De "Make America Great Again" à l’"Energy Dominance"

> Nuclear War with North Korea Shouldn’t Be an Option

> The United States in Russia’s Public Opinion and Contemporary Political Thought


> The Unfinished Chinese Civil War

> People's Liberation Army Operational Concepts

> There Never Was a Cold War China


> Russia’s nuclear doctrine moves the focus from non-Western threats

> Moscow's Perspective: The West Is Responsible for Navalny’s Poisoning

União Europeia

> Europe’s double bind

> Europe’s Global Test

> The EU must overhaul its farming policy to save the Green Deal

> A proposal for a public infrastructure leasing entity for Europe

> Une Union toujours plus géopolitique ?

Médio Oriente 

> How Palestinians agreed on elections

> A Pit(i)less Blame Game at the Beirut Port of Institutional Corruption

> Middle East and North Africa: Terrorism and Conflicts

> Another Invasion of Kuwait

> Qatar’s Looming Decisions on LNG Expansion

América Latina

> What Went Right (and Wrong) in Latin America’s Anti-Corruption Fight?

> Bolivia: ¿vuelve el MAS al poder?

What Venezuela’s Henrique Capriles Really Wants

> Washington’s ‘Blind Eye’ Toward Human Rights Abuses in Latin America


> Southeast Asia is Rushing Headlong Toward an ‘Asian Fall’

> What a China+1 Policy Might Look Like for Japan?

> Reimagining India’s Engagement with BIMSTEC

> Winning Strategic Competition in the Indo-Pacific

> The lull before the storm: the worst may be yet to come in the Korean Peninsula


> Australia must demand answers on Asian Development Bank funding in Papua New Guinea

> The Australia–India Strategic Partnership: Accelerating Security Cooperation In The Indo–Pacific


> Safeguarding Democracy in West Africa

> Nigeria at 60

> Covid-19 and Africa’s Recession: How Bad Can It Get?

> Three African Countries Brace for Potential Election Turmoil

> In the shadow of a liberation war


> Arctic Matters: Sino-Russian Dynamics

> Phantom Peril in the Arctic


> Why Europe Wins

Livros & Recensões 

> A World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global Order [excerto]

> ‘Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times,’ by David S. Reynolds: An Excerpt

> Rethinking the Liberal World Order

> Horizontes de ‘democradura’

> Our Most Vulnerable Election

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