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Resenha Semanal
27 - 31 : VII : 2020


Tensões Estados Unidos-China 

U.S.-China confrontation is like nothing we’ve seen before

Yes, to balance China, let’s bring Russia in from the cold

Mike Pompeo Just Declared America’s New China Policy: Regime Change

Relações Transatlânticas

Trans-Atlantic Ties Should Put Finance, Not Security, First

Trump’s Troop Move Is 21st-Century Strategy

UE: Fundo de Recuperação 

Europe’s Expensive Coronavirus Summit

The European Council and Europe's Magic Lantern

Is the EU Council agreement aligned with the Green Deal ambitions?

Eleições Presidenciais nos Estados Unidos

Trump Is the Election Crisis He Warns About

Here’s How Biden’s Possible VP Picks Stack Up on Foreign Policy


The Mosque, the Dam, and Erdogan’s Widening Culture War

The New Turn in Turkey’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Damaging judicial impartiality


The inevitable partner: Why Europe needs to re-engage with Africa

Implications of COVID-19 for a new Africa–Europe Strategic Partnership

Refocusing the Africa-EU strategy


The Tactics and Targets of Domestic Terrorists

Boko Haram’s Expansionary Project in Northwestern Nigeria


The American-style Covid-19 recession

America Must Become a World Model Again

Racial Cycles

The Third Neighbor: Can America Live With Putin's Russia?


China’s Pandemic Power Play

Post-COVID, China Set to Gain in Central Asia

Can China’s Military Win the Tech War?

China’s Eurasian Ambition


Russia’s Permanent Revolution of Dignity

Russie: les patrons de l’énergie face aux sanctions occidentales

Why the anti-Putin protests in Russia’s eastern city are something new

Networks and Links: Why Russia’s Infrastructure is Holding Back its Pivot to Asia

União Europeia 

Europe's helpless foreign policy

Vers la fin de l’Union européenne ou son renouveau ?

The Future of the E3: Post-Brexit Cooperation Between the UK, France and Germany

The Impact of Monetary Policy on Structural Reforms in the Euro Area

Médio Oriente 

Tarhuna, Mass Graves, and Libya’s Internationalized Civil War

The UAE in Libya and Yemen: Different Tactics, One Goal

The End of the Middle East’s Trickle-Down Economy

Assessing Iraqi Kurdistan's stability: how patronage shapes conflict

Regional Power United Arab Emirates

América Latina

¿Qué hacer ante el órdago electoral en Venezuela?

Perú: reforma política y elecciones

Needed: Latin Leadership for a New Inter-American System

Bolivia: A Pivotal Moment for Populism and the Pandemic Response


Could ASEAN move the region beyond the US–China dynamic?

Resuming of a Frozen Conflict: Escalating Tensions on the Azerbaijani-Armenian Border

Which Side Would the U.S. Public Choose in an India-China Conflict?

How COVID-19 is Changing Indian Federalism


Why Ukraine Really Is On the Road to Reform

A Revival of the Left in the Age of Coronavirus?


Sudan, a coup laboratory

Covid-19 is accelerating multilateralism in Africa

Elections in Côte d’Ivoire: President Ouattara’s Dilemma

Kenya’s electoral authoritarianism

Democracia & Autoritarismo 

Can Elections Be Credible During a Pandemic?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Populism, Nativism, Isolationism, and Protectionism


Russia’s Behaviour Risks Weaponizing Outer Space

La militarización del espacio, ¿hacia una carrera de armas en la atmósfera?

The Assumptions of the New U.S. “Defense Space Strategy”

Tecnologia & Relações Internacionais 

Could a Bridge between the EU and Latin America Boost Innovation "Sovereignty" in a Multipolar World?

Europe, The Us And Huawei: Do Hang Up!


The Global God Divide

Religion and Forced Displacement in the Eastern Orthodox World

Livros & Recensões 

Turkey in Transition: The Dynamics of Domestic and Foreign Politics [Introduction]

A KGB Man to the End

El ascenso al poder de Mohammed bin Salmán

Les années 1990, un continent inexploré

Superpower showdown

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