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Resenha Semanal
08 - 12 : VI : 2020


Ordem Internacional Pós Covid-19 

> The Pandemic and Political Order

> Welcome Back to Kissinger’s World

> Middle Powers After the Middle Power Moment 

> Why a new Yalta wouldn’t end the malaise between the West and Russia

Protestos nos EUA 

> The George Floyd Protests: A Global Rallying Cry for Democracy

> A New Civil Rights Movement Is a Foreign Policy Win: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

> Trump’s Threat to Use the Military Against Protesters: What to Know


> For the US and China, Thucydides’ Trap Is Closing

> Could War on Huawei Lead to War With China? 

> China toys with a new propaganda technique: Irony

Relações Transatlânticas e Defesa Europeia 

> Trump’s Sudden Troop Withdrawal From Germany 

> Will U.S. Troop Pullouts Accelerate European Defense Integration?

> Withdrawing 9,500 troops from Germany will be costly for U.S.

Sudão em Transição 

> UN Security Council Walks Tightrope with Creation of New Mission in Sudan

> Multiplying crises: The coronavirus in Sudan

> Notes on post-revolutionary Sudan


> Brazilians Die, Bolsonaro Shrugs

> A Nightmare Scenario in Brazil’s Institutional Crisis

> Why America’s Protests Resonate So Deeply in Brazil


> Pierre Nkurunziza's Death and the Future of Burundi

> I cry, not for Nkurunziza, but for the lives he broke

> Transition and continuity in Burundi


> The Geopolitics of Post-Brexit Britain

> EU-UK negotiations: no need to panic (yet)

Conflito na Líbia 

> The Cairo Declaration is a false resolution to Libya's conflict

> Libya’s Legitimacy Crisis: Hostage to the Skhirat Agreement


>The Controller: How Basil Hassan Launched Islamic State Terror into the Skies

> Violent extremism in Africa: Popular assessments from the ‘Eastern Corridor’

> Terrorism in Afghanistan: A Joint Threat Assessment


> Biden’s Journey Left

> The Self-Defeating Executive Order Against the International Criminal Court

> The pandemic adds significantly to the risk of a contested result and a constitutional crisis

> Exceptionalism Is Killing Americans: An Insular Political Culture Failed the Test of the Pandemic


> Rise of e-RMB: Geopolitics of China’s Digital Currency

> Chine, puissance normative

> On the Yunnan-Rakhine Corridor

> Covid-19 and its aftermath: Impact on China’s soft power


> Double Shock: The Impact of COVID-19 and the Oil Price Collapse on Russia’s Energy Sector

> Russian Policy on Nuclear Deterrence

> Russian Economic Sovereignty in the COVID-19 Age

> Pandemic Blasts Change Through Russia’s Church

União Europeia 

> EU Security and Defense Challenges: Toward a European Defense Winter?

> Friends in Need: The Corona Pandemic Changes the Landscape of Groups and Coalitions in the EU

> Is the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity to boost the euro as a global currency?

> Le destin de l’économie allemande est inséparable de celui de l’Europe

> ¿Protestantes contra católicos en la UE?

Médio Oriente 

> The Oil for Security Myth and Middle East Insecurity

> Destroying Lebanon to Save It

> Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Challenges to China’s Silk Road Strategy in the Middle East

> Al Assad y la lucha fratricida por el poder en Siria

América Latina

> COVID-19 May Ultimately Strengthen Latin America’s Democracies, Not Destroy Them

> Chile: The COVID-19 catches up with President Sebastián Piñera

> Cuba: crisis económica, sus causas, el COVID-19 y las políticas de rescate

> Guyana’s final hurdle


> Interpreting the India-Nepal border dispute

> Renewed Crisis on the Korean Peninsula

> The Asia Pacific’s “Age of Uncertainty”

> East Asia decouples from the United States: Trade war, COVID-19, and East Asia's new trade blocs


> Decentralisation Amidst Hybrid Governance: Case Of Northern Mali

> Mozambique ante la insurgencia islamista

> The DRC is riveted by a political thriller

> L’Afrique de l’Est face à la gestion du COVID-19. Un enchevêtrement de crises?

> Bridging the Divide in Ethiopia’s North

Alterações Climáticas

> From pandemics to floods: Inequality as a comorbidity

> Climate Change and Populism: Comparing the populist parties’ climate policies in Denmark, Finland and Sweden


> NATO and CSDP: party and public positioning in Germany and France

> NATO: Rebranding exercise or new product launch?


> The EU’s international politics of cyberspace in an emerging post-liberal order

> Intelligence artificielle et cybersécurité


> Global Peace Index 2020


> Why Are Fossil Fuels So Hard To Quit?

Livros & Recensões

> Divided We Fall: What Is Tearing America Apart?

> Les violences du militantisme radical en France

> War for Eternity by Benjamin R Teitelbaum review – starstruck by Steve Bannon?

> Is There a Religious Left?

> The Debate Over the Word ‘Fascism’ Takes a New Turn

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