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Resenha Semanal
01 - 05 : VI : 2020


Protestos no EUA 

> The Drivers of Deadly Conflict Emerge in the U.S.

> Fury at America and Its Values Spreads Globally

> Military Prestige During A Political Crisis: Use It And You’ll Lose It

> Foreign Policy By Example: Crisis at Home Makes the United States Vulnerable Abroad

Covid 19 e a Ordem Internacional 

> Taking stock: Where are geopolitics headed in the COVID-19 era?

> El orden internacional tras la COVID-19: estados más replegados y potencias más débiles

> ¿Podrá reinventarse el multilateralismo? El orden internacional y el coronavírus

> COVID-19: le monde d’après est déjà là…

Fundo de Recuperação para a UE 

> Is democracy the missing link in EU recovery plans?

> Algunos apuntes sobre el fondo de recuperación europeo

> The Recovery Fund Faces A Tricky Passage

> Recovering a meaningful debate about Europe

Hong Kong

> What the End of One Country, Two Systems Means for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the World

> Options on Hong Kong: A Suggested NSC Memo


> Brazil Is Suffering. Bolsonaro Isn’t

> Los frentes abiertos de Bolsonaro

> Brazil Suffers Its Own Scourge of Police Brutality


> The Folly of Decoupling From China: It Isn’t Just Perilous—It’s Impossible

> China Is Weaponizing Globalization


> Lessons from the Global Counterterrorism Forum for International Cooperation on Pandemics

> La crise pandémique et les groupes armés non étatiques : l’exemple de Daech et du Hezbollah

> Designating the Russian Imperial Movement a Terrorist Organization: a Drop in the Bucket of Needed U.S. Counter-Extremism Responses


> Le « trumpisme » en politique étrangère : vision et pratique

> Immature leadership: Donald Trump and the American presidency

> Another American first: a self-collapsing empire!

> Can Congress’ ‘Most Successful Bill’ Fix the Legislative Branch?


> Chinese Crisis Decision Making—Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic Part One: The Domestic Component

> Chinese defence spending in the age of COVID-19

> China after the pandemic: Insecurity spills over to contradictory foreign policy actions

> China's Arctic Strategy In Iceland And Greenland


> Mutations, ambitions et limites de la culture stratégique russe contemporaine

> Decoding Russia’s Official Nuclear Deterrence Paper

> Forward to the Past? New/Old Theatres of Russia’s International Projection

> Pakistan’s Role in Russia’s Greater Eurasian Partnership

União Europeia 

> Five ways that the coronavirus should transform the EU

> Des défis et contraintes d'une "Commission géopolitique" pour une souveraineté européenne

> Brexit: How “No Deal” became the bookies’ favourite

> Uniformity and Differentiation in the Fundamentals of EU Membership

> EU-China trade and investment relations in challenging times

Médio Oriente 

> From risk to opportunity: Local governance in the southern Mediterranean

> Two Paths to Dominance: Military Businesses in Turkey and Egypt

> Successes and shortcomings: How Algeria’s Hirak can inform Lebanon’s protest movement

> A new Gaza: Turkey’s border policy in northern Syria

América Latina

> Colombia y la crisis venezolana: una estrategia fallida

> Puntos para una agenda política en América Latina

> Four Urgent Questions on Bolivia’s Election

> Honduras’ opposition needs to learn from its mistakes

> Nuevas incertidumbres y posibilidades en el tablero colombiano


> China and Japan’s Island Dispute

> The Endangered Asian Century: America, China, and the Perils of Confrontation

> COVID-19 Presents Fresh Challenges to a Struggling Central Asia

> Vietnam’s party politics back on centre stage

> Timor-Leste’s New Kingmakers


> States, Not Jihadis, Exploiting Corona Crisis In West Africa

> Au Malawi, un scrutin qui dure depuis un an

> Does the Sahel really need more AU troops?

> Le Kenya, un acteur régional majeur


> Understanding the Iran-Venezuela Relationship

Relações Transatlânticas 

> Trump's Covid-19 Response Is Deepening The Transatlantic Rift

> NATO’s role in a transatlantic strategy on China

> The U.S.-China Race and the Fate of Transatlantic Relations

Segurança Internacional 

> La multipolarité nucléaire : mythes et réalités de la compétition

> The Post-INF European Missile Balance: Thinking About NATO’s Deterrence Strategy


> History Will Judge the Complicit

Livros & Recensões 

> The World: A Brief Introduction [excerpt]

> Where does the US go now?

> Democracy’s Red Line

> The Corrupt Bargain

> The Left Side of History

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