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Resenha Semanal
25 -29 : V : 2020


Turbulência em Hong Kong 

> Is Hong Kong Still Autonomous? What to Know About China’s New Laws

> Hong Kong Calls. Can Europe Respond?


> The Coronavirus Must Push Europe to Rescue Multilateralism

> How to repair multilateralism after covid-19

Tensões no Mar do Sul da China 

> Preventing a Clash in the South China Sea

> Chinese Coercion in the South China Sea: Resolve and Costs

Ordem Internacional Pós Covid-19 

> The End of World Order and American Foreign Policy

> World Order after Covid-19

Conflito na Síria 

> Syria Redux: Preventing the Spread of Violent Extremism Through Weaponized Populations and Mobile Safehavens

> Syrie – la maison Assad ébranlée

> Syria's Constitutional Committee Is Not About the Constitution

Tratado de Céus Abertos 

> How a US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty would benefit the Kremlin

> The Open Skies Treaty and prospects for European confidence-building measures 

> U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Bolsters Case for New Strategic Regime

Governo em Israel 

> Israel’s New Government Is a Many-Headed Hydra

> Israel Coalition: Third Time Lucky or Same Old Story

Eleições na Bielorrússia

> The least predictable Belarusian election in decades

Israel & Palestina 

> Years of dereliction has left the PLO facing annexation without a plan

> How Should the PA Respond to the US-Israeli Annexation Plan?

Não Proliferação 

> Planète nucléaire: le TNP à l’épreuve de la Covid-19

> COVID-19 has given the 2020 NPT Review Conference a reprieve. Let’s take advantage of it

> Learning From the 2015 NPT Review Conference

Economia Internacional

> COVID-19’s reality shock for external-funding dependent emerging economies

> Lessons from China: This is how COVID-19 could affect globalization


> Al Qaeda and ISIS Had a Truce in Africa—Until They Didn’t

> The Evolution of East African Salafi-jihadism

> How the coronavirus increases terrorism threats in the developing world

Grandes Potências 

> The Coronavirus and the US-Russia-China Triangle

> Russia-China Partnership Proves Immune to Coronavirus

> Great-power competition and COVID-19


> Build a Better Blob

> The Shape of a Real Grand Strategy

> How Violent Protests Change Politics

> The George Floyd Tragedy Is Part of a Bigger National Problem


> China’s revisionism: From Hong Kong to India’s borders

> The role of the National People’s Congress in China’s party-state constitutionalism

> What Do Taiwan’s People Think About Their Relationship to China?

> The Rise of Xi Jinping and China’s New Era: Implications for the United States and Taiwan


> Russia and Collective Security: Why CSTO Is No Match for Warsaw Pact

> Pandemic Heightens Need to Reset Belarus-Russia Ties

> Putin’s Hollow Power Verticals, Revealed

União Europeia 

> A Tricky Path for Europe’s Recovery Fund

> Europe's moment: Repair and prepare for the next generation

> The End of Europe’s Chinese Dream

> A Just Transition Fund – How the EU budget can help with the transition

Médio Oriente

> New Political Parties and the Reconfigu­ration of Turkey’s Political Landscape

> The Impact of the Oil Crisis on the MENA Region

> The political economy of economic policy in Iraq

> The Nonsense Of “Neo-Ottomanism”

América Latina

> The authoritarian temptation

> Uruguay, the exception to Latin America’s COVID-19 surge

> How Venezuela Should Think About Reopening Its Economy

> Inserción externa y crecimiento de la economía cubana


> The BRI in Post-Coronavirus South Asia

> Shaping South Korea’s middle-power future

> Why We Should Worry About China and India’s Border Skirmishes

> Nepal: Amendment to Constitution Delayed: Why?


> How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Africa’s Developmental Focus?

> Creating colonial Portugal in Africa

> Will Burundi’s Disputed Election Mark a New Chapter or a Return to Violence?

> Last Month Could’ve Been a Real Turning Point for Africa-China Ties


> El poder de las diásporas en el siglo XXI

> The Role of Diasporic Structures in Crisis Governance During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Guerra & Paz 

> Peering into the Crystal Ball: Holistically Assessing the Future of Warfare


> Stronger Together: NATO’s Evolving Approach Toward China

> NATO and the Frameworks of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament: Challenges for the 10th NPT Review Conference


> Britain Adrift: The United Kingdom’s Search for a Post-Brexit Role

Livros & Recensões 

> L'Europe doit retrouver le fil de son histoire

> Do Autocracies Really Have an Advantage over Democracies?

> A Few Good Men: Trump, the Generals, and the Corrosion of Civil-Military Relations

> “Dragonomics”

> The “Miracle” Of Dunkirk

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