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Resenha Semanal
18 -22 : V : 2020


Ordem Internacional 

> The United States and the New World Disorder: Retreat from Primacy

> From Wuhan to the World: How the Pandemic Will Reshape Geopolitics

> How to repair multilateralism after covid-19

> In the Post-Pandemic Cold War, America Is Losing Europe

> The Abbas declaration: Why this time may be different

> Could the Pandemic Jump-Start National Reconciliation in Palestine?

> Palestinian Politics After Abbas

Processo de Paz no Afeganistão 

> Rival Afghan leaders strike a power-sharing deal, but there are plenty of other obstacles on the road to peace


> Taiwan’s president begins her second term with a call for unity

> China’s Provocations Around Taiwan Aren’t a Crisis


> Geostrategic Dimensions of Libya’s Civil War

> Challenges to Internationally Mediated Peace in Libya

> Moscow-Supported Forces Besieging Tripoli Retreat


> The Minsk Conundrum: Western Policy and Russia’s War in Eastern Ukraine

> The Uneven First Year of Zelenskiy’s Presidency


> To act, or not? Al-Shabaab’s response to a Covid-19 crisis in Somalia

> Extremism and Terrorism in a Time of Pandemic

> Rise O Muwahhid, Wherever You May Be: An Analysis of the Democratization of the Terrorist Threat in the West

> U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle Class: Perspectives from Nebraska

> The Future of Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda Hangs on Pompeo’s Scandals

> The Future of the Dollar: U.S. Financial Power Depends on Washington, Not Beijing

> It's Time for an America First Green New Deal


> L'économie et la diplomatie: les deux défis de la Chine dans le monde post-Covid-19

> Previewing China’s National People’s Congress Session

> Towards Urban Decoupling? China’s Smart City Ambitions At The Time Of Covid-19

> China Declares Victory Over Both the Coronavirus and Critics of the Communist Party at the Biggest Political Event of the Year

> ¿Qué papel juega China en el mapa de la cooperación para el desarrollo?


> Centre and Periphery in Russia. Is Something Changing?

> COVID-19: A Reckoning for Russia’s Asian Energy Aims

> Sanctions Against Russia: A Look Into 2020

> 2020: el año en el que Vladimir Putin vive peligrosamente

União Europeia 

> Pushing the EU to a Hamiltonian Moment

> How to Ensure the EU’s Rule-of-Law Monitoring Does Not Legitimize Autocracies in the Making

> Three Ways Covid-19 Will Cause Economic Divergence in Europe

> Europe Needs a Regional Strategy on Iran

> The EU’s strategic sovereignty starts in Eastern Europe

Médio Oriente 

> New Political Parties and the Reconfigu­ration of Turkey’s Political Landscape

> L'Arabie Saoudite face au COVID-19: l'ambition contrariée

> Don’t Overthink the Assad-Makhlouf Feud

> Weighing U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq: Strategic Risks and Recommendations

América Latina

> Latin America Needs to Protect Itself From the Virus of Populism

> Democracy Delayed: COVID-19’s Effect on Latin America’s Politics

> Bolivia: coronavirus y retroceso democrático

> Guyana’s recount: patience, not sanctions

> Brazil’s Opposition Is Still Divided. Here’s Why.


> Covid Corrections: How the Pandemic Reveals the Failures of India’s Growth Model

> Taking Stock of Myanmar’s Political Transformation since 2011

> Leveraging ASEAN to respond to COVID-19

> West Papua: Looking for an opening

> Post-Pandemic Central Asia: Moving Beyond ‘Helicopter Money’


> How African countries are dealing with elections during COVID-19

> Meeting the Promise of the 2010 Constitution: Devolution, Gender and Equality in Kenya

> La stratégie économico-sécuritaire russe au Mozambique

> Risks of delaying Africa’s free trade deal

> Lockdowns, curfews and prayer: Exploring East African countries’ COVID19 response

Autoritarismo & Democracia 

> State of the world 2019: autocratization surges – resistance grows


> War Is Not a Metaphor

Livros & Recensões 

> The Iranian Revolution at Forty [chapter 1]

> Economic policy remains hotly contested in South Africa: this detailed history shows why

> Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order

> Mussolini's War by John Gooch review – fascist dreams of the 1930s and 40s

> Botch on the Rhine

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