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Resenha Semanal
11 -15 : V : 2020


UE vs Tribunal Constitucional Federal alemão 

> Europe’s Sovereignty Conundrum

> Arrêt de la Cour de Karlsruhe: quelles conséquences économiques et politiques ?

Covid 19: a estratégia sueca 

> Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World’s

> The ‘Swedish Model’ Is a Failure, Not a Panacea

Líbia em conflito 

> Has Haftar’s ‘Ponzi scheme’ imploded?

> Libia sigue sin encontrar la salida

> Haftar, Tribal Power, And the Battle For Libya

Iraque: Novo Governo

> On Third Try, a New Government for Iraq

> Keep Expectations Modest For Iraq’s New Government

China- EUA 

> The Great Decoupling

> Six Crises: How the U.S. and China Coordinated Despite Strategic Rivalry

> US-China tensions: A slow road to conflict?


> Examining the Longer-Term Effects of COVID-19 on UN Peacekeeping Operations

> The impact of COVID-19 on peace operations in Africa

> Is All Hope Lost for a Global Cease-Fire Resolution at the U.N.?


> El Covid-19 en las economías emergentes

> Only Saving Lives Will Save Livelihoods: The Right Way to Understand Pandemic Economics

> COVID-19 Will Reshape Our Relationship with the State

> Why Trade Freedom Will Be Key to Post-COVID-19 Global Economic Rebound


> The global fragility strategy: Posturing the United States for a reshaping world order

> The Supreme Court Is Not Going to Fix the Electoral College

> 12 New Immigration Ideas for the 21st Century


> Is the Pandemic China’s Sputnik Moment? What a Virus Reveals About Two Systems

> Is China in breach of its nuclear-testing commitments?

> Is Xi Jinping Weaker Than We Think?


> As Coronavirus Cases Surge Across Russia, Putin Retreats

> Will the Pandemic Weaken Russia’s ‘Deep State’—or Make It Stronger Still?

> Covid-19 And The Limits Of Putin’s Power

> Moscow’s War in Syria

> COVID-19 Presents Both Opportunities and Threats to Russia’s Foreign Policy

União Europeia 

> Why Europe Still Matters

> European Identity and the Test of COVID-19

> Rebooting Europe: a framework for a Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery

> Covid-19 calls for European strategic autonomy

> The ‘frugal four’ should save the European project

Europa de Leste 

> Why Populists Understand Eastern Europe

> The Reality of China’s Push Into Eastern Europe

Médio Oriente 

> Silencing the Guns in Syria’s Idlib

> Israel-Palestine: Annexation Will Change Everything and Nothing

> Power Shifts and the Risk of a "Crisis Within the Crisis": COVID, Oil and the MENA Region

> Turkey’s Growing Military Expeditionary Posture

América Latina

> The Risk Of Democratic Backsliding In Latin America During The Pandemic

> Colombia en la OCDE: oportunidad de desarrollo y gobernanza

> Presidential authoritarianism: A threat to the health of democracy

> L’Amérique latine en désintégration pandémique

> CELAC as a strategic vehicle for China’s relations with Latin America (2011–2018)


> Pakistan & China Escalate Border Tensions with India

> Covid contest in Indian Ocean region: India, China jostle for top spot

> Migration, river management, radicalisation: What does the future hold for India-Bangladesh relations?

> Taiwan’s Coronavirus Lesson—Technology with Transparency

> India’s foreign affairs strategy


> Angola's new president: reforming to survive

> RDC: le changement à pas feutrés

> Lessons from the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic in Africa

> Masks off

> Out of Sight: Northeast Nigeria's Humanitarian Crisis

Relações Transtalânticas 

> Why Transatlantic Relations Are in Trouble


> Ciberseguridad en tiempos de pandemia: repaso a la COVID-19


> League of nations: the race out of lockdown

Livros & Recensões

> The Price of Peace [Excerpt]

> The Myth of Henry Kissinger

> Cómo el populismo se apodera del pueblo

> Des manuels d'hier pour inspirer l'action d'aujourd'hui

> Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College

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