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Resenha Semanal
16 - 20 : III : 2020


O Desafio da COVID 19 

COVID 19 & Ordem Internacional 

> The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order

> Covid-19 – a trigger for global transformation? Political distancing, global decoupling and growing distrust in health governance

> Planning for the World After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid 19 & China 

> La crisis del coronavirus y el estatus internacional de China: cuando la geopolítica y la política doméstica no van de la mano

> COVID-19 : un premier bilan politique en Chine

> What the COVID-19 Pandemic May Mean for China's Belt and Road Initiative

Covid 19 & América do Norte 

> Canada's Response to Coronavirus

> A view from Washington: The America First pandemic

> Is Mexico Prepared to Confront Coronavirus?

COVID 19 & Europa

> Crisis sanitaria del COVID-19: la respuesta de Europa contra la pandemia

> Caught Unprepared by Pandemic, Europe Must Relearn Tough Lessons

> Coronavirus: Why the EU Needs to Unleash The ECB

COVID 19 & América Latina 

> Coronavirus Comes for Latin America

> Latin America, With Few Bullets to Spare

COVID 19 & Rússia

> Confronting the Challenges of Coronavirus, Russia Sees Its Worldview Vindicated

> For The Kremlin, Covid-19 Is Not Just A Crisis, It's An Opportunity

COVID 19 & África 

> Coronavirus and upcoming elections in Africa: What are the options?

> Covid-19: Africa must act locally, but keep thinking globally

COVID 19 & Médio Oriente

> Infected: The impact of the coronavirus on the Middle East and north Africa

> COVID-19 and the Middle East

COVID 19: Economia & Petróleo 

> Why odds of a coronavirus recession have risen

> Saudi Arabia’s Weaponization of Oil Abundance

> Krach, coronavirus et guerre du pétrole, mais où va-t-on?

Eleições Presidenciais Americanas 

> The Democrats’ Big Gamble

> An Outside Chance

> How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Reshape the U.S. Election?


> Ukraine: The Religious Dimension of the Conflict

> Ukraine’s Unromantic Reshuffle

Conflitos na Síria 

> After Nine Years, Syria’s Conflict Has Only Become More Complicated

> Turkey Commits to Idlib

> What Syria Ought to Teach America About Competition with Russia


> The Emerging Triad of Islamic State Central Africa Province

> Extremist charities spread in Indonesia

Grandes Potências

> Alternative Worldviews:Understanding Potential Trajectories of Great-Power Ideological Competition

> Shaping Beats Decoupling: Alternatives to Global Conflict between the United States and China


> A New Kirkpatrick Doctrine: How Should America Deal with Authoritarian States?

> How the Endless War Came Home


> China’s Artificial Islands in South China Sea: Extended Forward Presence

> Limited Payoffs: What Have BRI Investments Delivered for China Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak?


> Putin’s Coup: Cunning Plan, or Improvisation?

> Kremlin Under Siege From Simultaneous Health, Economic Crises

União Europeia 

> Germany, Wilsonianism, and the Return of Realpolitik

> The Brexit Revolution

> French Municipal Elections amid a Pandemic: What Do They Tell Us?

Médio Oriente 

> Preventing a Deadly Showdown in Northern Yemen

> The Return of Iraq’s Political Stalemate

> El pulso entre Estado y sociedad civil en Líbano

> Tinder Diplomacy? Questioning Alignments in Middle Eastern Geopolitics

América Latina

> Chile’s quest for constitutional reform: Risk or opportunity?

> Bolsonaro Faces His Biggest Crisis—and Is Struggling

> The Colombian Trap: Another Partial Peace


> The Coming Crisis Along the Iran-Pakistan Border

> The “Indo-Pacific” Concept: Geographical Adjustments and their Implications

> New Zealand Picks up on the Indo-Pacific


> Sudan Has a Window of Opportunity. The West Shouldn’t Squander It

> Mozambique: el negocio del gas en manos de una democracia quebrada

> La réputation chèrement acquise de la CEDEAO en danger


> How to Beat a Populist

Livros & Recensões 

> Democratic Experiments [Open Access]

> Le Roi-machine

> Stuck

> L'islamisme est-il soluble dans le capitalisme?

> Cuando Portugal creó la globalización

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