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Resenha Semanal
24 - 28 : II : 2020


Eleições americanas

> To win North Carolina on Super Tuesday, moderates still matter

> Dem Candidates Are Floundering on Foreign Policy

> When Will Moderates Learn Their Lesson?

Relações Transatlânticas 

> Europe Is Thinking Harder About Divorcing America

> No Time to Die

> La seguridad europea ante un posible segundo mandato de Trump

Saúde Global: Coronavirus 

> Coronavirus and the death of Xi’s ‘China Dream’

> El coronavirus y la tentación autoritária

> The Coronavirus, Oil, and Global Supply Chains

Eleições em Israel 

> Another Israeli Election—and Yet Another Plan to Defeat Benjamin Netanyahu

> Why Israel’s Political System Is Broken and How It Can Be Fixed

> Israel's Elections Are About the Small Stuff

Protestos na India 

> How Polarized India Erupted Into Violence

> Delhi: The Anatomy of a Riot

Conflito na Síria

> Idlib is a disaster. Where is the West?

> Turkey Needs Help from its Allies

> The U.N. Won’t Save Idlib. The EU and NATO Can.

Eleições na Eslováquia 

> Slovakia Faces a Stark Choice

> Slovak Parliamentary Elections

Arco de Crises

> The Price of Peace in the Donbas

> Time for an Armenia-Azerbaijan History Ceasefire


> ‘Fighters Without Borders’: Forecasting New Trends in Iran Threat Network Foreign Operations Tradecraft

> The Terrorist Challenge: Offshoot Groups Are Waging War Under the Flag of Sharia

> Whither al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula?

> Sahel militaries need better governance to face the terror threat

Grandes Potências

> The Sino-American World Conflict

> Russian Railway System in Trouble, Threatening China Trade and Russian Economy


> Levada Polls Show Russian Public Opinion Toward West Is Thawing

> The Near-Instant Death of the Russian Constitution

> With Friends Like These: The Kremlin’s Far-Right and Populist Connections in Italy and Austria

União Europeia 

> How the EU Can Survive in a Geopolitical Age

> How good is the European Commission’s Just Transition Fund proposal?

> What if...? 14 futures for 2024

> Las medidas de la UE para proteger las redes 5G (EU Toolbox): se dice el pecado, pero no el pecador

América do Norte 

> The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement: Developing Trade Policy For Digital Trade

Médio Oriente 

> The Gulf and the Challenge of Missile Defense

> How Do You See the Libyan Conflict Developing in the Coming Months?

> Iraq's unsustainable status quo

> Lebanon Is Paying the Cost of Its Dysfunctional Politics

> Did Iran’s Latest Elections Strengthen Hard-Liners?

América Latina

> Wanted: South America's Participation in Global Geopolitics

> Paving a new Paraguay?

> Venezuela Is the Eerie Endgame of Modern Politics

> Learning from the Banality and Aftermath of Bolivia’s Coup

> Evangelicals and Politics in Brazil


> Is the political deadlock in Kashmir breaking?

> How Does Asia Think About Taiwan and Its New Southbound Policy?

> Taiwan’s Threatened Democracy Stays on Course

> Taiwan Flashpoint: What Australia Can Do to Stop the Coming Taiwan Crisis

> Political Settlement and Post-Conflict Order in Afghanistan People’s Views


> Understanding the African Continental Free Trade Agreement

> Rwanda’s Opposition Is Disappearing, Along With Kagame’s Credibility

> Élection présidentielle au Togo : « La frustration de savoir qu’on ne saura jamais la vérité »

> Point of order

Segurança Internacional 

> Confettis d’empire ou points d’appui ? L’avenir de la stratégie française de présence et de souveraineté

> Nonstate Actors and Anti-Access/Area Denial Strategies: The Coming Challenge

> A Horizon Scan of Trends and Developments In Hybrid Conflicts Set To Shape 2020 And Beyond


> Women’s Parties Win Change, If Not Votes

Livros & Recensões 

> Turkey in Transition: The Dynamics of Domestic and Foreign Politics [Introduction] 

> Blaming a new social hierarchy for the rise of populism

> Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital and Ideology’: scholarship without solutions

> Henry Kamen: “No hubo Reconquista. Ninguna campaña militar dura ocho siglos”

> L’Europe au regard de la Chine

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