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Resenha Semanal
27 - 31 : I : 2020



> Brexit Is Just the Beginning: The United Kingdom Heads Into the Storm After the Storm

> The European Union’s Double Crisis of Legitimacy

> EU sanctions and Brexit: Losing the hard edge of European foreign policy?

> In Next Round of EU Negotiations, Britain Faces Familiar Pitfalls

> Brexit eve: The slow burn begins

Plano Trump para a Paz Israelo-Palestiniana 

> Disaster in the Desert: Why Trump’s Middle East Plan Can’t Work

> Don't Call It a Peace Plan

> Trump’s deal for Israel-Palestine: Entrenched unequal rights and annexation

> Palestinian Reactions to the Trump Plan

EUA: Primárias Democratas 

> Voters need help: How party insiders can make presidential primaries safer, fairer, and more democratic

> As Voting Begins, Democrats Are Upbeat About the 2020 Field, Divided in Their Preferences

Itália: o impacto das eleições regionais 

> La résistible ascension de Matteo Salvini

> Italy’s Sardines Want to Stop Matteo Salvini. They Might End Up Strengthening Him.

Saúde Global 

> Coronavirus - Faire face à la pandémie

> The Geopolitical Consequences of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Tensão Estados Unidos – Irão 

> Who Benefits? Trump, Iran and the Bigger Picture

> How Trump’s Failed Maximum Pressure Policy Played a Role in Suleimani’s Assassination


> Israel’s Joint List Has a New Strategy

> The Widening Military–political Gap in Israel


> Augmentation et diversification de la menace provenant des groupes islamistes militants

> Understanding the Indian foreign fighter lacuna

Grandes Potências 

> What Stops US and Russia From Stumbling Into War?

> The real US–China competition:Competing theories of influence

> Survey: Europe’s view of China and the US-Chinese conflict

> Technology and Great Power Competition: 5 Top Challenges for the Next Decade


> Trump’s State of the Union: A preview

> Deep partisan divisions exist in the news sources Americans trust, distrust and rely on

> The Wounded Presidency, Part Two


> China's Quest for Global Clean Energy Leadership

> Estimating The Arms Sales Of Chinese Companies


> Why Aren’t Russians Protesting Putin’s Reforms?

> Explaining Bad Governance in Russia

> Russian Youth

União Europeia 

> The 3 Elephants of European Security

> Is the Eurozone Disintegrating?

> Final call: Macron goes to Poland

Médio Oriente 

> Caught in a Debtor’s Prison

> Iranians Turn Away from the Islamic Republic

> Why Did Egyptian Democratization Fail?

> Sadr Withdraws Support for Iraq's Popular Protest Movement

América Latina

> Los frentes abiertos de Bolsonaro

> Justice Reform Puts Mexico at a Dangerous Crossroads

> La agenda del MERCOSUR y sus principales frentes de negociaciones comerciales

> Peru: Between a lame-duck president and a congress soon to expire


> Por qué en Macao no arderán las calles como en Hong Kong

> How is Indonesia’s human rights record stacking up?

> The Standoff Between India’s Government and Its Protesters Can Only Be Broken by Elections

> More continuity than change in Indonesia’s security posture


> The Great Balkan Game 

> Against the Current

> The Czech Republic Tests a New Approach for Dealing with Paramilitary Groups

> The Birth of Belarusian Nationalism


> Mozambique General Elections 15 Oct 2019 Final Report

> ‘It’s the Year of Mass Protests’: Malawi Awaits Crucial Election Ruling

> Luanda Leaks and the politics of anti-corruption

> Africa and Europe: Cyber governance lessons

Segurança Internacional

> Revitalising the NPT

> Denuclearizing North Korea: Time for Plan B

> The Long-Term Costs of NATO Expansion


> How Third-Worldism Can Be Reimagined Today

Livros & Recensões 

> US Policy Toward Africa: Eight Decades of Realpolitik [introduction]

> How to avoid America’s coming secession crisis

> Black Wave by Kim Ghattas review – insightful history of Middle Eastern conflict

> Building Institutions That Last 

> A Very Stable Genius — yes, we do need another White House exposé

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