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Resenha Semanal
20 - 24 : I : 2020


Russia: Putin e a Reforma Constitucional 

> Enter Mishustin: The New Russian Prime Minister’s Agenda

> Un nuevo enroque en la política interior de Rusia

> Russia's Puzzling Moves

Saúde Global & Quarentena Chinesa 

> New Coronavirus Outbreak: Concern Is Warranted, Panic Is Not

> Why Experts Are Worried About a New Virus in China

Cimeira de Berlim para a Líbia 

> The Libya Conflict and its Security Implications for the Broader Region

> Is Libya Merkel’s Legacy?

> Russia's Libya Role Gives It Leverage in Europe

Novo Governo no Líbano 

> Can the new Lebanese government survive?

> Lebanon’s Halloween Government

> Pulling Lebanon Back from the Precipice

Forum de Davos 

> From Versailles to Davos: Confronting historic perils

> Shaping a Multiconceptual World 2020

Grandes Potências 

> Bipolarity Is Back 

> Narrowing Interests in the Middle East: Planning for Great Power Competition

> Why the U.S.-China Cold War Will Be Different


> The Imperial Presidency Is Alive and Well: Don’t Mistake Impeachment for a Congressional Effort to Claw Back Power

> Why America Must Lead Again

> The Disintegration of America's Presidency

> Ten Key Elements of U.S. Gulf Strategy


> What CPEC Means for China’s Middle East Relations

> Chinese Coercion in the South China Sea: Resolve and Costs

> The Middle Kingdom at Center Stage: China's Past and Future Growth Strategy

> China’s global investment in 2019: Going Out goes small


> Putin’s Surprise and Russia’s Foreign Policy

> Russia’s Strategy in Central Asia: Inviting India to Balance China

União Europeia 

> Les trois Europes migratoires

> The Pros and Cons of a European Security Council

> The Challenges Ahead for EU Defense Cooperation

> El turno de Croacia en la Unión Europea

Médio Oriente

> War and pieces: Political divides in southern Yemen

> The Widening Military–political Gap in Israel

> Kushner’s Technocratic Vision and the Unlearned Lessons of Fayyadism

> Synergy in North Africa: Furthering Cooperation

América Latina

> Los tres grandes retos de Bolivia

> Suriname: The Next Big Oil Player?

> Retos político-electorales de América Latina en el nuevo decenio

> Venezuela un año después: el desgobierno de dos presidentes y tres parlamentos


> Pakistan’s hybrid ‘civilian–military’ government weakens democracy

> The myths of Australia’s role in East Timorese independence

> China and the US push in West Asia

> Contrasting Interpretations of Mamallapuram Summit: A Similar Expectation with Different Emphases


> Three Conflict Scenarios for the Black Sea in 2020

> Zelensky Walks the Knife’s Edge

> Unsettled union: The future of the Belarus-Russia relationship

> Why Macron Refuses to Retire in France’s Pensions Battle


> The Challenges of Reform in Angola

> Is Heineken brewing a better Africa?

> Nigeria’s Slide Toward Authoritarianism

> Sudan’s uncertain road ahead

> Averting Proxy Wars in the Eastern DR Congo and Great Lakes


> Military Assets in the Arctic: A Russia-West Correlation of Forces


> Hard security dynamics in the Baltic Sea region: From turbulence to tense stability

> Should NATO Stay Away From the Middle East?

> The Alliance Five Years after Crimea: Implementing the Wales Summit Pledges

Populismo & Nacionalismo

> Trump’s Growing European Base

> Managing the rising influence of nationalism

Democracia & Autoritarismo 

> Global democracy in retreta - Democracy Index 2019

> Presidential Term Limits in Africa and Latin America: Contested but Resilient

> Why Protest?

> Democracy and the rule of law: Failing partnership?


> CPI 2019


> Dictators Without Borders

Livros & Recensões 

> Against Political Equality: The Confucian Case

> Why Do Trump Supporters Support Trump?

> Hombres y mujeres eminentes

> Five books that explain Iran’s distrust of the west

> L’Histoire à l’épreuve du XXIe siècle 

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