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Resenha Semanal
06 - 10 : I : 2020


Tensão Irão-EUA 

> A Guide to Getting Real on Iran

> The Iran Crisis Can Be a Boost for Russia

> How the Soleimani Strike Impacts Syria and the Fight Against ISIS

> A prolonged US-Iran confrontation may spark a new economic crisis in the Middle East

> What Does the U.S. Killing of Soleimani Mean for Saudi Arabia?


> Crimes and Recriminations in Catalonia

> Spain's New Culture War

Eleições em Taiwan

> Tsai’s Likely Reelection in Taiwan Will Lead to More Tensions With China

> Taiwan’s Presidential Election: What to Know

> Hong Kong repression pushes Taiwan away from China

Crise na Venezuela

> Seizure of Parliament Plunges Venezuela into Deeper Turmoil

> How to Explain Maduro's Radical Move Against Guaidó

> 2020 kicks-off with chaos at Venezuela’s National Assembly

Não Proliferação 

> How to Save the Open Skies Treaty

> 2020: The End of New START, or the Start of Something New?

> Beyond Sanctions

Brasil: 1 ano de Bolsonaro

> Making Sense of Bolsonaro’s Foreign Policy at Year One

> Bolsonaro’s First Year: Balancing the Economy and Cultural Wars


> Tackling the Foreign Fighter Threat in Europe

> Is Islamic State taking charge of Mozambique’s jihadist insurgency?

> Hizb ul-Ahrar: Pakistan’s Cross-border Taliban Problem Remains Critical

> “More coordination” won’t fix the Sahel

Grandes Potências

> China and US in the new global order: The role for the EU?

> What Went Wrong? U.S.-China Relations from Tiananmen to Trump


> How Congress Can Take Back Foreign Policy: A Playbook for Capitol Hill

> Is Preemptive Assassination the New Trump Doctrine?

> James Madison and republican statesmanship, part 2: A road map from tribalism

> Trump Ratings Remain Low Around Globe, While Views of U.S. Stay Mostly Favorable

Trump foreign policies receive little support


> Les politiques économiques chinoises: l’heure des choix

> The Risks of China’s Expansionism

> China’s Regional Missile Threats, CSIS


> The Russian Military: Forging a Foreign Policy Tool

> War & Peace: Russia in 2020

> Development of Russia-Bulgaria relations as in the case of common energy-related projects

> How Putin Tries to Depoliticize Russia’s Youth

União Europeia

> Europe in Identity Crisis: The Future of the EU in the Age of Nationalism

> Market versus policy Europeanisation: has an imbalance grown over time?

> Unconventional monetary policy and inflation expectations in the Euro area

> Why the EU should pay more attention to Taiwan

Médio Oriente 

> Lebanon’s Economic Crisis: A Ten Point Action Plan for Avoiding a Lost Decade

> Manufacturing New Loyalties in the UAE

> How to stop Libya's collapse

> Les revendications amazighes dans la tourmente des « printemps arabes ». Trajectoires historiques et évolutions récentes des mouvements identitaires en Afrique du Nord

América Latina

> Solving Chile’s Crisis Starts With Fixing Its Pension System

> Golpes de Estado de nuevo estilo en América Latina


> Top Risks in Asia in Early 2020

> Strengthening the ASEAN-centric multilateral security architecture

> Ideological shift, public support and social media: The ‘New’ in Kashmir’s ‘New Militancy’

> Understanding the dynamics of the Indo-Pacific: US–China strategic competition, regional actors, and beyond


> Tanzania Elections: Life Has Got Worse Under Magufuli. We Need Change

> Foresight Africa: Top priorities for the continent in 2020

> How Sudan May Surprise Everyone

> La Corée en Afrique. Entre soft power et intérêts économiques

> La fragmentación institucional y económica en África


> Beyond the Tracks? Reflections on Multitrack Approaches to Peace Processes


> The Human Freedom Index – 2019


> American Self-Criticism Borders on Narcissism

Livros & Recensões 

> Surprising News: How the Media Affect—and Do Not Affect—Politics [Introduction]

> Why Morals Matter in Foreign Policy

> The Contagious Revolution,

> “The Hidden History of Burma”

> ‘1917’ review: World War I tale captures a realistic, riveting race across enemy lines


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