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Resenha Semanal
16 - 20 : XII : 2019


2020: Prospectivas 

> El mundo en 2020: diez temas que marcarán la agenda global

> The COP25 Dilemma and Looking Forward to 2020

> Conflicts to Watch in 2020

> What Will the Attention of Carnegie Middle East Scholars Be Focused On in 2020?

2019: Ano em revista

> 2019: A Year of Protest

> We’ve just had the best decade in human history. Seriously

Eleições no RU & Brexit 

> Britain Must Balance a Transatlantic Heart With a European Head

> The Strange Death of Social-Democratic England

> Boris Johnson: a triumphant victory or a distorted electoral system?

Processo de Impugnação nos EUA

> Impeachment and 2020: Inside the Democrats’ Strategy

> All the president’s privileges

Protestos na Índia 

> Modi Pushes India Into Revolt

> India's New Security Order

Alterações Climáticas 

> Climate Politics in a Fragmented Europe

> The Earth Climate System as the Coupled Oscillators under the Quasi-Periodical Forcing from the Space

> Addressing China’s Exported Emissions


> Turkey Pivots to Tripoli: Implications for Libya’s Civil War and U.S. Policy

> Egypt and Allies Seek to Confront Turkish Involvement in Libya

> Haftar: hora cero en Libia

> On the cliff edge of a new stage of the Libyan conflict

Crise Política em Israel 

> No Way to Run a Country

> Round Three in Israel: Domestic Dynamics and Foreign Policy Implications

> Has Netanyahu’s End Finally Come?


> Le terrorisme d’extrême droite en Allemagne. Une menace sous-estimée ?

Grandes Potências 

> Lessons From The China-Us Trade Truce

> Global Powers and the Arctic: Growing Cooperation or Contestation?


> In a Politically Polarized Era, Sharp Divides in Both Partisan Coalitions


> La Smart City chinoise: nouvelle sphère d’influence ?

> China’s Economic Slowdown: Root Causes, Beijing’s Response and Strategic Implications for the US and Allies

> Can the Belt and Road Help Countries Replicate China’s Development Successes?


> Russian Private Military Companies: Continuity and Evolution of the Model

> Russian Economic Policy and the Russian Economic System: Stability Versus Growth

> Russian Foreign Policy Moving into 2020: Today’s Achievements and Tomorrow’s Challenges

União Europeia 

> European Green Deal: Bring in the Western Balkans

> No Time to Lose for the EU

> Five challenges for Europe

América do Norte

> The USMCA: New, Modestly Improved, but Still Costly

> North America 2.0: A Workforce Development Agenda

> The USMCA Breakthrough: The New U.S. Trade Consensus and What it Means for the World

Médio Oriente 

> The "Victor’s Peace" in Syria and the Limits of Multilateral Policies

> Red Sea Geopolitics: Six Plotlines to Watch

> Iraqis Demand a Country

América Latina

> Why We Protest, In Case You Were Wondering

> It's Not the 1970s Again for Latin America's Militaries. Here's Why.

> Latin America – Multilateralism without Multilateral Values


> Don't Fear Political Fragmentation

> The Changing Geopolitics of Energy Infrastructure in the Caspian Sea Region

> PD and M5S: The Italian Alliance of Convenience


> Japan's Strategy to Shape a Hybrid Regional Order 

> Strategic Implications of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

> Malaysia’s New Game in the South China Sea


> Angola – The President and the “new alliance” with the Catholic Church

> Keeping Ethiopia’s Transition on the Rails

> African Migrant Flows Reshaping Security Challenges in Africa

Relações Euromediterrânicas 

> Mapping European leverage in the MENA region


> How to Reframe the American-Israeli Alliance in a New Age of Great-Power Competition

> The Alliance for Multilateralism Makes Sense. Can It Make Good?

> Competing to Win: A Coalition Approach to Countering the BRI


> NATO Is Not Brain Dead

> El auge de China: ¿un tema para la OTAN?


> The Decade Big Power Politics Returned

Livros & Recensões 

> Religious Identity in US Politics [Introduction]

> Trump/Netanyahu: Israel, America and the rise of authoritarianism-lite

> Agents of Disorder: Inside China’s Cultural Revolution

> La rationalisation de la guerre (XVe-XIXe siècle)

> Los 25 libros de esglobal 2019

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