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Resenha Semanal
25 - 29 : XI : 2019


Mundo em Protesto 

> This may be the largest wave of nonviolent mass movements in world history. What comes next?

> We live in a world of upheaval. So why aren’t today’s protests leading to revolutions?

Cimeira da Nato 

> New Perspectives on Shared Security: NATO’s Next 70 Years

> Trump, NATO Leaders Converge in London: What to Watch

10 anos do Tratado de Lisboa 

> 10 años del Tratado de Lisboa

> Shaping the EU as we know it: The first 10 years of the Lisbon Treaty 2009-2019

Comissão Europeia

> The makings of a “geopolitical” European Commission

> Von der Leyen’s Foreign Policy Bucket List

Eleições na Bielorrússia 

> Geopolitics, As Usual

> The Path to Politics: Belarus Prepares for Double Elections

Arco de Crises 

> Prospects for Resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict


> Are We Entering a New Era of Far-Right Terrorism?

> Typology of Terror — The Backgrounds of Australian Jihadis

> When Does Terrorism Have a Strategic Effect?

Grandes Potências 

> The New Geography of Global Diplomacy

> Alternative History: Would Russia in NATO and EU Be Game Changer in West’s Rivalry With China?

> Whose Multilateralism? EU-Russia Relations in the Diminished World Order


> Is Impeachment Exposing Crimes or Policy Differences?

> Donald Trump's Huge Policy Mistake in Iran


> Dealing with Beijing’s View and Abuse of History


> Russia’s undeclared ‘new-generation war’ on the West

> United Russia’s Rehabilitation Means a Tightening of the Screws

> The Limits of Russian Strategy in the Middle East

União Europeia

> EU Defense Cooperation: Progress Amid Transatlantic Concerns

> Se acerca la hora de la verdad en la negociación presupuestaria europea: el Marco Financiero Plurianual 2021-2027

> Six Ideas for Rejuvenating European Democracy

> Can Europe learn to play power politics?

Médio Oriente 

> Hezbollah Has Trapped Itself

> Italy’s Libyan conundrum: The risks of short-term thinking

> Iran Looking East: An Alternative to the EU?

> The Recent Round of Fighting with Islamic Jihad: Lessons for the Civilian Front

América Latina

> It’s a New and Troubling Era in Mexico Under AMLO

> El poder blando de China en Perú

> New Oil Finds Could Mean a Tripling of Guyana’s GDP

> Religions and Political Elites in Latin America: Analysing Youth Political Elites through Religious Technologies of Government in Mexico


> Cambodia: Playing the long game against Hun Sen

> Kazakhstan: Tested by Transition

> Alliances Under Stress: South Korea, Japan, and the United States


> How China Influences Media in Central and Eastern Europe


> Somalia: President Farmaajo’s stacks the deck to secure a second term

> What is the root cause of South Africa’s violence problem?

> La fin de la toute puissance des godfathers dans la politique nigériane?

> Zambia: The plan to remove President Lungu, from within his own party

Alterações Climáticas

> Emissions Gap Report 2019

> Marine and coastal EbA for enhanced resilience in Southern Africa country review: Mozambique

Informação & Democracia 

> Can social media ‘targetcasting’ and democracy coexist?

Democracia & Autoritarismo 

> Economic Crisis and Regime Transitions from Within

> Poland’s State of the Media

Guerra & Paz

> Ceasefires in Intra-state Peace Processes

Comércio Internacional 

> Depende: el futuro de la OMC

> The 2019 global mercantilist index: ranking nations’ distortive trade policies


> How to Tell if You’re in a Good Alliance

Livros & Recensões 

> Civil-Military Relations: Control and Effectiveness Across Regimes [introduction]

> NATO in Modern World Politics

> Le retour d'un « vote de classe »

> An Unfinished Revolution

> Europa necesita revisar su política exterior

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