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Resenha Semanal
04 - 08 : XI : 2019


30 anos da Queda do Muro de Berlim 

> German Lessons

> Thirty Years: The Changing State of Freedom in Central Europe

> Why We Build Walls: 30 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

> Is Post-1989 Europe Building Walls?

> The fall of the Berlin Wall

Mundo em Protesto 

> Hong Kong: le mouvement de protestation de 2019 et l'avenir du statut d'autonomie

> Latin America’s Protests Are Likely to Fail

> Chile's Protests and Prospects

> Will protests herald a new era in Iraqi politics?

> Anti-government Protests

Guerra no Iémen

> Riyadh Agreement Delivers Political Gains in Yemen, But Implementation Less Certain

> Preparing for a Failed War

Cimeira ASEAN

> India Had Good Reason to Pull out of RCEP

> East Asia Summit buffeted by great power rivalry

> Economic diplomacy: RCEP and ASEAN’s new way, plus voting ADB-style


> Anti-​Radicalisation Report 2019

> The uncertain fate of Islamic State in Pakistan

> ¿Quién es el Nuevo Líder del Estado Islámico?

Grandes Potências 

> US–China Strategic Competition: The Quest for Global Technological Leadership

> New Phase in Middle-Power Adjustment to US-China Standoff?


> The Usurpation of U.S. Foreign Policy: How the Trump-Zelensky Call Corrodes American Power

> Trump Doctrine: Deterrence Without Intervention?

> Can the United States Deter Election Meddling?


> Belt and Road and Beyond: China Makes Inroads Into South Caucasus

> Beijing’s cryptic blockchain gambit

> Make China Great Again: Xi’s Truly Grand Strategy

> Mounting Challenges for Xi

> China’s Complicated Relationship with Central Asia


> ¿Es Rusia una gran potencia en Oriente Medio?

> How Big Is Russia’s Win in Syria?

> Let Russia Be Russia: The Case for a More Pragmatic Approach to Moscow

União Europeia 

> Why Can’t the EU’s West and East Work as One?

> Europe’s “Just Do It” Moment

> The end of Critical Engagement: on the failures of the EU’s North Korea strategy

> How to make the European Green Deal work

Médio Oriente 

> Why Would Arab Leaders Pursue Strategic Partnerships With Russia?

> Why Turkey Is Raising the Stakes in the East Mediterranean

> Toward a Red Sea forum: The Gulf, the Horn of Africa, and architecture for a new regional order

América Latina

> We’re underestimating China’s impact on governance in Latin America: Three persistent myths

> Argentina: la enésima reinvención del peronismo

> Cambio de gobierno en Argentina


> How China Is Interfering in Taiwan’s Election

> What Indonesia’s Capital Move Really Means

> Foreign and Security Policy in the new Malaysia

> The Strange Triumph of Narendra Modi

> Is Change Afoot in Azerbaijan?


> Shifting Borders: Africa’s Displacement Crisis and Its Security Implications

> What’s the point of opposition politics in Southern Africa?

> Namibia: la recesión y la desigualdad ponen a prueba al partido en el poder


> Return and Reintegration: Conflicting Priorities between Domestic Political Demands and Development Policy Principles

> ¡La migración es economía, estúpidos!

Guerra & Paz 

> Fusion Doctrine in Five Steps: Lessons Learned from Remote Warfare in Africa

Crise da Democracia 

> The Democracy Playbook: Preventing and Reversing Democratic Backsliding

Relações Transatlânticas 

> Resetting the US-EU Defense Relationship

Justiça Transicional

> Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad en Guatemala: morir de éxito


> Think Peace: Essays for an Age of Disorder

Livros & Recensões

> Africa’s Totalitarian Temptation: The Evolution of Autocratic Regimes [Introduction]

> America’s Original Identity Politics        

> Brazil Apart, by Perry Anderson

> Exit Mugabe

> Weimar et la défaite

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