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21 - 25 : X : 2019


Mundo em Protesto


> Protesters Are Drawing Their Own Red Lines

> Hezbollah’s counterrevolution

> Liban. « La rue n’a pas son propre plan économique »


> Finding a pathway forward in Chile

> “It’s Not About 30 Pesos, It’s About 30 Years”

> Chile’s Riots: Frustration at the Gate of the Promised Land

Hong Kong

> Inside Hong Kong’s Leaderless Uprising

> Is There a Way Forward in Hong Kong?

> Hong Kong, Beijing, and the US-China Policy Shift


> Iraqi youth protesters: Who they are, what they want, and what’s next

> Revolutionary Protests Spread Across Central and Southern Iraq and Are Ongoing


> The independence conflict in Catalonia


> Brexit Weltschmerz: An era ends

> The Pestilence of Brexit and the Failure of the Political Class

> Brexit and Finance: Brace for No Impact?

> Brexit Is a Cultural Revolution

Eleições na Argentina 

> Argentines pessimistic about economy, political system leading up to election

> Mauricio Macri Was Bound for Disaster

> Argentina’s Black Swan Primaries

Intervenção Turca na Síria 

> Turkey's Offensive in Northeastern Syria: The Expected, the Surprising, and the Still Unknown

> Siria y los kurdos: la pelota en el tejado de Rusia

> Turkey’s invasion of Syria was predictable

Eleições no Uruguai 

> Could Famously Liberal Uruguay Swing Right in Its Closest Election in Years?

> The Newcomers Shaking Up Uruguay's Election

Guerra Comercial 

> The Trump-Xi Trade Truce: Will It Hold in the Long Run?

> The October Truce on US-China Trade Failed to Address Subsidies

Grandes Potências

> Russia and China: The Potential of Their Partnership

> Issues in Repairing U.S.-Russian Strategic Relations


> Terrorism Boosts Military Involvement in Politics (And Why It Matters for Democracy)

> Beyond good and evil: Why Europe should bring ISIS foreign fighters home


> Trump Prepares America for a Great-Power Competition

> Lost in the Furor Over Syria: Alliances are a Means, not an End

> The dangers of neglecting allies


> Xi’s in Charge: What the Fourth Plenum Tells Us about Xi Jinping’s Hold on Power

> 30 Years of Chinese Peacekeeping

> The gradual internationalisation of the RMB


> Russia's Pivot to the East Is Real

> Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa

> “Ukraine-Gate” and Russia

União Europeia 

> With or without you: are central European countries ready for the euro?

> Mutual Reinforcement: CSDP and NATO in the Face of Rising Challenges

> The single market remains the decisive power of the EU

Médio Oriente 

> Libye. Une «drôle de guerre » des drones

> Syria’s Civil War: The Descent into Horror

> The Middle East’s Lost Decades: Development, Dissent, and the Future of the Arab World

América Latina

> Latin America Risks Becoming the Land of Militarized Democracies

> After economic policies backfire, Ecuador’s Lenín Moreno struggles to save his presidency… and the country’s democracy?

> Colombia, los fantasmas de la violencia


> Asia-Pacific global presence: the emerged region

> Cooperative Security in South Asia: A Mirage?

> Acting East: India in the Indo-Pacific


> The Bougainville referendum and beyond

> Should Australia build its own nuclear arsenal?


> Shifting Borders: Africa’s Displacement Crisis and Its Security Implications

> Troubling times in Burkina Faso

> Africa only fights internal wars. Right? Wrong.

Segurança Internacional 

> Getting to a New Iran Deal: A Guide for Trump, Washington, Tehran, Europe and the Middle East

Relações Transatlânticas 

> Without the U.S., European Defense Falls to Pieces

> Taking Responsibility in a Dangerous World Europe’s Evolving Transatlantic Partnership


> Cyber security meets security politics: Complex technology, fragmented politics, and networked science


> Time for a New Liberation?

Livros & Recensões 

> Global Jihad in South East Asia [E-Book]

> Comprendre le(s) populisme(s)

> How Close Are Barack Obama and Joe Biden?

> When Reagan Sent In The Marines

> Fearing and Ignoring Russia: A Recipe for Trouble

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