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Resenha Semanal
09 - 13 : IX : 2019


A Diplomacia de Trump 

> Bolton’s Departure Signals Trump’s Foreign-Policy Pivot

> The Tragedy of Trump Diplomacy

> Bolton Was Trump’s Best Match, Until He Wasn’t

Comissão Europeia 

> From a political to a politicised Commission?

Eleições na Tunísia 

> Tunisia’s Elections, Explained: The world’s youngest democracy votes

> Elecciones presidenciales 2019: Túnez ante un nuevo escenario político

> Ennahda’s Uneasy Exit From Political Islam

Eleições em Israel 

> Israeli Voters Don’t Care About the Economy. They Should.

> Israel’s upcoming elections: Much ado about nothing?

> Elections législatives en Israël: Benjamin Netanyahou obtiendra-t-il un cinquième mandat?

A Turquia de Erdogan 

> Erdogan Wants to Blow Up the System

> Autopsy of Erdoǧan’s Istanbul Defeat

Arco de Crises 

> What does Ukraine-Russia Prisoner Swap Mean?

> Time to Reboot the Mistake-Riddled U.S.-Taliban Peace Talks

Extremismo & Terrorismo

> It’s Hard to Commemorate 9/11 If You Don’t Understand It.

> Providing Security in the Sahel: A ‘Traffic Jam’ of Military Interventions

> Where Macro Meets Micro: How Climate Change Fuels Violent Extremism

Grandes Potências 

> As China Surges, Europe Is on the Menu

> Russia and China: Union or Strategic Uncertainty?

> Great-Power Competition Is Washington’s Top Priority—but Not the Public’s


> Arctic Strategy

> The breakdown of US–Taliban talks buys time to reset the Afghanistan strategy

> Donald Trump and the Art of the Perpetual Bluff


> La Chine en quête de sécurité pour ses approvisionnements gaziers: impacts globaux

> Kazakhstan: A Centrepiece in China’s Belt and Road

> Why Isn’t China Salami-Slicing in Cyberspace?


> Anticipating a New Russian Military Doctrine in 2020: What it Might Contain and Why it Matters

> Regional Rehearsal: Kremlin’s Electoral Plans Look Set for Rethink

> Once more with feeling: Russia and the Asia-Pacific

União Europeia 

> Democratization First. The Community Method in CFSP as a Precondition for a European Defense Policy

> Give the people what they want: Popular demand for a strong European foreign policy

> Hybrid and cybersecurity threats and the European Union’s financial system

Médio Oriente 

> Between Order and Chaos: A New Approach to Stalled State Transformations in Iraq and Yemen

> How Will Palestinians Respond to Netanyahu’s Annexation Announcement?

> A troubled partnership: The US and Europe in the Middle East

América Latina

> Why the EU-Mercosur Deal Hinges on Germany's Reaction to Bolsonaro

> Brazil First, Climate Last: Bolsonaro's Foreign Policy

> The New U.S. Strategy to Remove Maduro


> The ‘new’ Taiwan beyond cross-strait relations

> How an Alliance System Withers

> More Significance than Value: Explaining Developments in the Sino-Japanese Contest Over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands

> Rumblings in the Northeast


> The making of Mugabe’s intolerance

> Appraising intergroup contact in Zambia’s electoral politics

> The Ebola Virus Is Winning in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

> Russ-Afrique? Russia, France, and the Central African Republic


> Seven Opportunities for the UN in 2019-2020

Comércio Internacional 

> On Trade, the Center Holds


> Combating disinformation and foreign interference in democracies: Lessons from Europe

> Who’s Afraid of Huawei? Understanding the 5G Security Concerns

Democracia & Populismo

> The One Percent Problem: Muslims in the West and the Rise of the New Populists

> Democratic deterrence: How to dissuade hybrid interference


> Desarrollos tecnológicos militares frente a nuevos conceptos operativos

> Raison d’Etat: Richelieu’s Grand Strategy During the Thirty Years’ War

> The Strategic Role of Land Forces: A French Perspective

Segurança Internacional 

> North Korea’s Sanctions-Busting Gets More Sophisticated—and More Lucrative

> Beyond Water Wars


> Our Caesar: Can the country come back from Trump? The Republic already looks like Rome in ruins.

Livros & Recensões 

> Taiwan: The Development of an Asian Tiger [Introduction]

> The Myth of the Strong Leader

> How Economists’ Faith in Markets Broke America

> Book Review: No Place for Russia

> Quibbling, Wrangling

> Cronista de la primera vuelta al mundo

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