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Resenha Semanal
02 - 06 : IX : 2019



> Bewitched by Brexit: Referendums and modern democracy

> What Boris Johnson Did to the World’s Most Stable Democracy

> European Integration is in America’s Interests; Brexit Isn’t

Hong Kong

> Hong Kong – le dernier sursaut

> The Hong Kong Government Is as Leaderless as the Protesters

> Bringing Hong Kong back from the brink

Paz no Afeganistão 

> US-Taliban Negotiations: How to Avoid Rushing to Failure

> A Deal With the Taliban Is Only the First Step Toward Peace

> Reality in Afghanistan: Securing America’s Interests

Segurança Nuclear 

> What Happens If the Last Nuclear Arms Control Treaty Expires?

> Undeclared North Korea: The Kumchon-ni Missile Operating Base

> Strategic deterrence redux: Nuclear weapons and European security

Eleições Regionais na Alemanha 

> Germany’s enigmatic East and the fate of Europe’s right-wing populists

> Merkel’s Coalition Splutters On Amid Far-Right Surge

> Merkel’s Government Has Won a Breather

Eleições em Israel

> Israel: una campaña militar al servicio de una campaña electoral

> Israel’s Sept. 17 Elections Will Have Regional Repercussions

> Israel and the Politics of Entrenchment

Índia & Paquistão 

> What Really Caused the Violence of Partition?

Arco de Crises 

> Will the 'Servant of the People' be the master of Ukraine?


> Al Qaeda Is Ready to Attack You Again

> Remain, Expand, Attract: The Paradigmatic Experience of the Islamic State in Libya

> ISIS is a Survivor

Grandes Potências 

> Russia and China: Union or Strategic Uncertainty?

> Hostile ally: The Trump challenge and Europe’s inadequate response

> Two Tasks to Get Past the Crisis of Multilateralism


> Will the Real Populists Please Stand Up—or Perhaps Sit Down and Chill

> US foreign policy after Trump

> The India Dividend: New Delhi Remains Washington’s Best Hope in Asia


> The Xi Paradox: Reconfigured Party Power, Long-Term Risks

> Why China Should Be Wary of Devaluing the Renminbi

> Managing the Rise of China's Security Partnerships in Southeast Asia

> China, 5G, and Dominance of the Global “Infosphere”


> La modernisation nucléaire russe et les "supermissiles" de Vladimir Poutine.

> When Conservatism and Nationalism Form the Spurs of Kremlin Ideology

> After the S-400 Purchase: Where Are Turkish-Russian Relations Heading?

> 20 Years of Vladimir Putin: How Russian Foreign Policy Has Changed

União Europeia 

> Europe Is Ready for Its Own Army

> Europe, Old and New

> Time for the EU to Refocus on Kosovo and the Region

> A New Budget for the EU: Negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021–2027

Médio Oriente

> Rebuilding Iraq: Prospects and Challenges

> Does a brighter chapter await Sudan?

> Assessing Decentralization Experiences in the MENA

> After Aden: Navigating Yemen’s New Political Landscape

América Latina

> Las claves del retorno a la lucha armada de las FARC-EP

> Primary elections in Argentina…oxygen for Maduro?

> Savannah Strife: Brazil’s Combustible Border with Venezuela

> Plan B in Venezuela


> ¿Qué podemos esperar del segundo mandato de Jokowi al frente de Indonesia?

> Timor-Leste, 20 years on

> Asia Has Three Possible Futures

> Abe’s Uncertain Legacy in Japan


> La compétition stratégique en Afrique : approches militaires américaine, chinoise et russe

> Guinea at a Crossroads

> Nativism and narrow nationalism in South African politics

> Hope, Peace and Reconciliation: Pope Francis in Mozambique


> The EU And NATO: the essential partners


> Is Populism Really a Problem for Democracy?

> Populism and the Decline of Social Democracy

Segurança Energética 

> The Geopolitical Implications of Future Oil Demand


> Building everyday peace in Kirkuk, Iraq: The potential of locally focused interventions


> The End of the Roman Empire Wasn’t That Bad

Livros & Recensões 

> Break all the Borders: Separatism and the Reshaping of the Middle East [Introduction]

> The elephants in Europe’s room

> En Egipto no sólo hay revoluciones

> How Much Did Orthodox Church Help Revive Russia’s Military and Nuclear Complex?

> Review– Authoritarian Modernism in East Asia

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