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Resenha Semanal
29 : VII - 02 : VIII : 2019


Fim do Tratado de Forças Nucleares de Alcance Intermédio 

> What the INF Treaty’s Collapse Means for Nuclear Proliferation

> What’s in it for China? A Beijing Insider’s Surprising Insight on Nuclear Arms Control

Protestos em Hong Kong

> The real reason Hong Kong’s violence is a problem for the government

> How China Lost Hong Kong

> Hong Kong’s Protests Aren’t Just About the Extradition Bill Anymore

Tensões no Golfo Pérsico

> Mission Possible in the Strait of Hormuz

> China should be wary of US proposals to protect the Hormuz Strait

> Steps back from the brink at the Strait of Hormuz

Brexit e o Futuro do Reino Unido

> The Two Jacobs

> Why Leaving the EU Could Mean Britain Loses Scotland

> Support for a United Ireland Is Surging

Sudão em Transição 

> Cash and Contradictions: On the Limits of Middle Eastern Influence in Sudan

> Can the AU and UN find common ground on Sudan?

Coreia do Norte

> How North Korea Perceives—and Responds—to U.S.-South Korea Joint Military Exercises

Eleições Presidenciais no Afeganistão 

> Taliban Talks and Violence Loom Over Afghan Presidential Elections

Arco de Crises 

> Time for Ukraine—and America—to Make a Deal With Russia


> The death of Hamza bin Laden and the weakness of al-Qaida

Grandes Potências 

> Competition Without Catastrophe: How America Can Both Challenge and Coexist With China

> Why Russia and China Are Joining Forces


> American Exceptionalism Requires a Foreign Policy of Realism and Restraint

> America Doesn’t Need a Grand Strategy

> Playing with Fire on Election Security

> Unleashing the Power of Space: The Case for a Separate U.S. Space Force


> How the one-party state may shape our future

> China’s Soft and Sharp Power Strategies in Southeast Asia Accelerating, But Are They Having an Impact?

> China’s intelligence gathering ships change the equation

> How influential is China in the World Trade Organization?


> Has a Color Revolution Come to Russia? Probably Not.

> Moscow Protests Are Good News for Opposition–and Siloviki

> Inside Sevastopol: The maverick city fights back                                                                

> Russian Revisionism or Restoring Justice?

União Europeia

> Can Citizen Participation Really Revive European Democracy?

> Independence play: Europe’s pursuit of strategic autonomy

> Democratic European parties for a democratic EU

> Europe’s Ancien Régime Returns

América do Norte 

> USMCA Endgame 2019

Médio Oriente 

> Libya: A Violent Theater of Regional Rivals

> Averting the Middle East's 1914 Moment

> The South of Algeria has something to say

> Turkey’s Kurdish problem—predicting Ankara’s next steps

> Bahrain’s Perception Problem

América Latina

> The Newcomers Shaking Up Uruguay's Election

> Hatred and Fear: Bolsonaro and the Return of Irrational Politics

> ¿Odebrecht en México?

> Three Reasons Argentina’s Primary Matters


> The Asian Century Is Over

> Should Asia have a regional currency?

> A South Korea-Japan Fight Helps No One

> Unión en la Partición: la cultura entre India y Pakistán


> West Africa must confront its foreign terrorist fighters

> State fragility and conflict nexus: Contemporary security issues in the Horn of Africa

> Decolonizing Africa’s past

> Zimbabwe’s New Land Reforms Don’t Go Far Enough


> NATO: Still Relevant in a Dangerous World

Relações Transatlânticas 

> The Rise of China and the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship

> Transatlantic Trade—the Emergence of an EU Geoeconomic Strategy?


> Hayek, Popper and Schumpeter formulated a response to tyranny

Livros & Recensões 

> International Order: A Political History [introduction]

> Web of deceit: disinformation could prove the most powerful weapon of all

> White Power

> The strands of Arabia: how a people and religion were built on language

> The English Job by Jack Straw review – portrait of Iran’s fixation with Britain

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