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Resenha Semanal
08 - 12 : IV : 2019


Sudão em Protesto 

> Sudan’s national salvation

> After Bashir’s Fall, What’s Next for Sudan?

> Charting a Way Forward in Sudan’s Unfinished Transition


> Britain is the New Greece

> Is Brexit Bad for Europe?

> Not so fast! Westminster's (continuous) oversight of European affairs post-Brexit

Ofensiva na Líbia 

> Haftar’s Final Play: Operation Flood of Dignity and the Fight for Tripoli

> The Shifting Strategic Context in Libya and the ‘Haftar Dilemma’

> A Minister, a General, & the Militias: Libya’s Shifting Balance of Power

Eleições em Israel 

> The Arab Minority in Israel and the Knesset Elections

> Bibi again, but “uneasy lies the head …”

Eleições na Índia 

> India’s Vast National Elections: What to Know

> Can urbanisation be the panacea for India’s caste issues?

> The Modi Mirage

Eleições na Indonésia

> Politics in Indonesia: Resilient elections, defective democracy

> Politicizing inequality in Indonesian elections

Cimeira UE-China 

> How Should Europe Handle Relations with China?

> Will China’s ‘16+1’ Format Divide Europe?


> Crossroads: Counter-terrorism and the Internet

> A Different Type of Alliance

Grandes Potências 

> Can the emerging economic powers govern the globe?

> The ‘Regime Security Dilemma’ in US–China Relations

> Key Challenges in U.S.-Russian Relations: Are Collaborative Approaches Possible?


> The Fundamental Legitimacy of Donald Trump

> The Trump Administration’s Iran Policy is a Mess

> What Does the Assange Arrest Mean for Press Freedoms in America?

> Shaping Effective Strategic Partnerships in the MENA Region


> Understanding China’s response to ethnic conflicts in Myanmar

> What Are China’s Cyber Capabilities and Intentions?


> Putin’s Russia Symbolically Reenacts Stalin’s Push Into Europe

> Les milices russes et leur utilisation à l’intérieur et à l’étranger

> Russia’s tilt towards Asia and its implications for India

> Nazarbayev’s Departure Triggering New Russian Exodus From Kazakhstan

União Europeia 

> Europe’s East-West Divide: Myth or Reality?

> EU Cohesion Monitor 2019: The untold story of European resilience

> Global Trends To 2030 – Challenges and Choices for Europe

> Finland’s parliamentary elections will barely rock its EU Presidency

Médio Oriente 

> Sunnites contre chiites ? Une grille d’analyse trompeuse

> How Egypt’s constitutional changes would put the military above the law

> Reflecting on Qatar’s “Islamist” soft power

> Saving Northeastern Syria

América Latina

> Latin America's Decade-Long Hangover

> Colombia Further Polarized by President’s Action on Transitional Justice Law

> The Nicaragua crisis: Ortega digs in amidst a long-lasting stalemate

> The Christian Coalition That Helped Elect Bolsonaro Has Started to Crumble


> ‘Quality Infrastructure’: Japan’s Robust Challenge to China’s Belt and Road

> The Balakot Strategic Shift – Needed a ‘Counter Proxy War’ Doctrine

> Sri Lanka’s presidential elections: Progress, regression, or paralysis?


> Conflict prevention in Mozambique

> South Africa’s Election Will Be a Referendum on Ramaphosa, for Better or Worse


> The Geostrategic Arctic: Hard security in the High North

Não Proliferação 

> Begun is Half Done

> Iran’s Holiday Prologue to Exploiting Nuclear Loopholes

> Nuclear Deterrence: A Guarantee or Threat to Strategic Stability?


> Desinformación, elecciones y ponencia: la ciberseguridad está de moda


> France’s Repressed Fascist Past

Livros & Recensões 

> Of Privacy and Power: The Transatlantic Struggle over Freedom and Security [introduction]

> How France Became a Dangerous Place to Be a Jew

> «Les Musulmans et la machine de guerre nazie», de David Motadel : quand le IIIe Reich tentait de gagner l’islam à sa cause

> La ‘asianización’ del mundo

> The Kaiser’s Trial: How a Case that Never Happened Helped Create the International Criminal Justice System

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