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Resenha Semanal
25 - 29 : III : 2019


NATO aos 70 

> NATO at 70: Lessons From The Cold War

> NATO is the obstacle to improving Russian-Western relations

> Time for NATO to Talk About China

Eleições na Ucrânia 

> Making Sense of Ukraine’s Complicated, Highly Competitive Presidential Campaign

> Ukraine’s Glass is Half-Full—Giving Up on it Would Be a Terrible Mistake

> The Domestic and Regional Stakes of Ukraine's Elections


> Kazakhstan: Real Power Transition Still to Come

> Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev Steps Down but Remains the Power Behind the Throne

Eleições na Indonésia 

> Indonesia’s Election: Southeast Asia’s Drifting Heavyweight

> Indonesia’s Incredible Elections


> Brexit’s Stickiest Point: The Irish Backstop

Conflito Israelo-Palestiniano

> Israel and Hamas Need Each Other

> Middle East Peace: What can we Learn from Camp David 40 Years Later?

> Half Right and Still Waiting

Arco de Crises 

> The Kosovo War in Retrospect


> Counterterrorism yearbook 2019: China

> Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies: Technical and Organizational Barriers and Future Threats

> The Return of al-Qaeda’s Faction in Nigeria: What’s Going on in Zamfara?

Grandes Potências 

> Entre concentration et dispersion : le bel avenir de la puissance

> US-China: Who is bigger and when


> A Middle Path? US Public Opinion and Grand Strategy

> How US Military Aid Can Backfire

> Mueller’s Findings: What Do They Mean for US Foreign Policy?


> China’s ‘new type of security partnership’ in Asia and beyond: a challenge to the alliance system and the ‘Indo-pacific’ strategy

> Puertos emergentes: la otra cara de la Ruta de la Seda

> Why China Has Not Caught Up Yet: Military-Technological Superiority and the Limits of Imitation, Reverse Engineering, and Cyber Espionage


> Russia's Arctic Expansion

> Get Ready, NATO: Russian Air Force Tu-22M3 Backfire Bombers are in Crimea

> Russian-Venezuelan Relations at a Crossroads

União Europeia 

> Europe’s Largest Party Suspends Its Resident Autocrat—for Now

> Estonia’s cold conservative spring

> Mounting tensions in France-Italy relations: Troubled waters between European partners

> ¿Quién quiere matar a los Spitzenkandidaten?

América do Norte 

> Wounded But Alive: What the USMCA Means For Canada

Médio Oriente 

> Turkey’s election: Wins and illusions

> One Year of Gaza Protests. A New Era of Palestinian Struggle?

> Former Liberation Movements charge to the rescue of Western Sahara

> Localism, War, and the Fragmentation of Sunni Islam in Syria

> After Iraqi Kurdistan’s Thwarted Independence Bid

América Latina

> Jair Bolsonaro and the culture of corruption

> The Risks and Rewards of Duque’s Peace Deal Dispute

> Put your money where your mouth is: The Trump Administration in the Caribbean


> Worries Rise About a Clash Over Taiwan

> ASEAN Regional Forum: less might be more

> India at the OIC: Recognition of a Rising Global Power

> Pursuing Development through Connectivity: An Analysis of India’s Northeast Region


> How The Gambia is Searching for Truth and Reconciliation

> Diagnosing neopatrimonialism

> The perilous state of national reforms in Lesotho

> Ethiopia: Africa’s next powerhouse?


> Why The West Fails to Understand: The New Nuclear Age

Nações Unidas 

> How the UNSC and ASP can enhance cooperation with the ICC

Segurança Internacional 

> Will India’s anti-satellite weapon test spark an arms race in space?

> The New Normal? Terrorist Governors and Transnational Civil Wars

> Perceptions of Germany in the Security of the Baltic Sea Region


> A big idea for a better response to Syrian displacement

Teoria das Relações Internacionais

> International Relations Theory Doesn’t Understand Culture

Livros & Recensões

> Religion: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters [introduction]

> An Archive of Atrocities

> Qu’est-ce que le nazisme?

> El arte de la guerra después de Clausewitz

> The Arabs before Islam: a rich, exotic history

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