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Resenha Semanal
11 - 15 : III : 2019



> Europe Without the UK: Liberated or Diminished?

> The Great Realignment of Britain

Terrorismo na Nova Zelândia

> Five initial thoughts on the New Zealand terrorist attack

> The Terror Attack is New Zealand’s Darkest Day

Argélia em protesto 

> Algeria, Where is Your African Revolution?

> The Path to a Second Republic in Algeria

Sudão em Mudança 

> Sudan’s Shifting Calculus of Power

> Pressure from the People in Sudan

Guerras Comerciais 

> India is Trump’s Next Target in the Trade War

> The European Union’s response to the trade crisis

Cibersegurança e Segurança Internacional 

> An Urgent Strategy to Secure U.S. Elections

> El despliegue de las redes 5G, o la geopolítica digital

Cimeira de Hanói 

> The Next Stage of the Korean Peace Process

> Trump’s Hanoi Walkout Upends South Korean Politics

Venezuela em Crise

> Maduro’s hidden censorship apparatus

> How Turkey's Lifeline to Maduro May Fall Apart

Guerra na Síria 

> Turkey in Syria After a U.S. Withdrawal: A Poisoned Chalice

> The Best of Bad Options for Syria’s Idlib

> 400 American Troops Can’t Do Anything


> Jaish-e-Mohammed: Under the Hood

> The state of Islamic threat in Central Asia: assessing the threat of terrorism from Central Asia


> Why Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaigns Are Failing

> Is the Senate’s Rejection of Trump’s Emergency Plan a Turning Point?

> America's Polarization Is a Foreign Policy Problem, Too

> Banking on the Cold War


> China’s Provinces Can’t Afford Beijing’s Development Plans

> Chairman Xi Remakes the PLA: Assessing Chinese Military Reforms


> 5 Years Since Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine: Has Putin’s Gamble Paid Off?

> Familiarity breeds contempt: Why Russia makes mistakes on the world stage

> Russia’s Next Land Grab Won’t Be in an Ex-Soviet State. It Will Be in Europe.

> Russia’s Strategy in Southeast Asia

União Europeia 

> A Liberal-Centrist Vision for Europe?

> L'Union européenne va-t-elle se laisser acheter ? Principaux enjeux liés à l’adoption d’un cadre pour le filtrage des IDE dans l’Union européenne

> PESCO Armament Cooperation: Prospects and Fault Lines

Médio Oriente 

> The Middle East’s Great Divide Is Not Sectarianism

> Changing the Story

> War by Proxy: Iran’s Growing Footprint in the Middle East

América Latina

> Nicaragua: ¿Qué oportunidades tiene su sistema político?

> How Chinese Investment in Latin America Is Changing

> AMLO at 100 Days

> Prosur, una nueva huida hacia adelante en la integración latinoamericana


> ‘New’ Malaysia: Four Key Challenges in The Near Term

> India-Pakistan Standoff: What We Know, What We Do Not Know and What They Want Us to Know

> Tokyo’s ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’: quality infrastructure and defence to the fore


> For Italy’s Ruling Nationalists, Energy Security More Important Than Putin’s Friendship

> The Trouble with Political Parties and the Rise of the Yellow Vests

> From myth to reality: How to understand Turkey’s role in the Western Balkans


> ¿Ruanda es una dictadura?

> Five more years of President Macky Sall in Senegal

> Is Tanzania Discarding Nyerere’s Freedom-Fighting Legacy?


> The Convincing Call from Central Europe: Let Us Into NATO: NATO Enlargement Turns 20

Alterações Climáticas

What’s next for UN climate negotiations?

> A generation gap, when it comes to climate change?

> Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe can give the Paris Agreement a major boost

Economia Internacional 

> Los cambios estructurales de la globalización

> Economic diplomacy: trade and traps in ASEAN

> Bridging the Divide between Developed and Developing Countries in WTO Negotiations


> A World Built on Sand and Oil

Livros & Recensões

> The Fates of African Rebels: Victory, Defeat, and the Politics of Civil War [introduction]

> Cómo ganar una guerra y perder la paz

> On Cultural Diversity: International Theory in a World of Difference

> “Ivory Power and Poaching in Africa”

> The fallen superpower: US foreign policy from triumph to hubris

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