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Resenha Semanal
04 - 08 : III : 2019


Argélia em protesto 

> Not Over Yet: Latest Wave of Middle East Protests A Reminder of 2011’s Unmet Demands

> How to Manage Instability in Algeria

> The Arab Spring Is Not Over Yet

Caso Huawei & Segurança Internacional 

> Is Huawei a Pawn in the Trade War?

> The Huawei indictments: allegations and politics

Sudão: a revolta do pão 

> Sudán: la ‘revuelta del pan’ y ¿el final de Al Bashir?

> The New Mobilization Dynamics of Sudan’s Popular Uprising: The Virtue of Learning from the Past

> A Revolution Not Like the Others: Directions in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in a Post-Bashir Sudan

Índia & Paqusitão: escalada de tensões

> India’s and Pakistan’s Lies Thwarted a War—For Now

> Kashmir edges closer to the brink

> In Kashmir, Afghanistan Talks May Hold the Key to Peace

Eleições na Moldávia 

> Russia's Influence Grows After Moldovan Elections

> The parliamentary election in Moldova: The end of European illusions

Trump-Kim: Cimeira de Hanói 

> Summit Datebook 2: After Hanoi, relieved but still curious


> The Dangerous Escalation Dynamics of Terrorism

> Aperçu des réponses sécuritaires régionales au Sahel

> The Changing Dynamics of Islamist Terrorism in Philippines

Grandes Potências

> The End of Great Power Peace

> US–EU Trade Relations in the Trump Era: Which Way Forward?

> The Future of China-U.S. Military Relations


> Maximum Pressure Yields Minimum Results

> The Tragedy of Trump's Foreign Policy

> Is Trump Heading Toward War with Iran?


> The Problem with Xi’s China Model

> Demystifying Debt Along China’s New Silk Road

> Rivalries and Relics: Examining China’s Buddhist Public Diplomacy


> What Would Russia Nuke?

> On the Road to “Strategic Depth” in the Black Sea Region

> The Putin Exodus

> Macedonia Joining NATO Is Self-Inflicted Defeat for Russia

União Europeia 

> Four Game Changers in Europe’s South

> What Role for EU Institutions in Confronting Europe's Democracy and Rule of Law Crisis?

> Rekindling an Essential Relationship: France, Germany, and the Aachen Treaty

> The changing global order and its implications for the EU

> Victoire de l’opposition de centredroit (ER) aux élections législatives en Estonie

Médio Oriente 

> Money and Morals: Salafi Economics in the Arab World

> The Return of Iranian Hard-Liners’ Favorite Moderate

> Origins of the Libyan Conflict and Options for Its Resolution

> Russia and Iran: Economic Influence in Syria

América Latina

> La proyección internacional del conflicto venezolano

> A Central American Marshall Plan Won’t Work

> A Thaw or a Trap? Nicaragua’s Surprise Return to Negotiations

> Cuba Wants Business. Trump Is Making That Harder.

> Navigating Guyana’s muddy waters


> Second track on Indo-Pacific and the Quad

> Pakistan And India Visits by Saudi Arabia Crown Prince- Analysed:

> Southeast Asian space programmes: Capabilities, challenges and collaborations


> Progress Overlooked: The Case for More "Afropositivism"

> The All Basotho Convention’s contested deputy leadership: Another step into the abyss for Lesotho

> The Peaceful Democratic Transition That Wasn’t

> ‘As soft as wool’? Reform and Repression in Zimbabwe

> Les orientations libérales d'Abiy Ahmed, sauvetage économique ou tournant idéologique ?

Democracia & Autoritarismo 

> A third wave of autocratization is here: what is new about it?


> NATO Expansion Got Some Big Things Right

Segurança Internacional 

> The Finger on the Button: The Authority to Use Nuclear Weapons in Nuclear-Armed States

> Trends in international arms transfers, 2018

Livros & Recensões 

> Secret Wars: Covert Conflict in International Politics [chapter 1]

> ¿Quién tiene el poder real en los partidos políticos?

> “How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States” by Daniel Immerwahr

> Considérations sur l'Europe: «Avant d'être l'avenir, l'Europe a vocation d'être le présent»

> Canada must not be naive when dealing with China’s authoritarian regime

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