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Resenha Semanal
25 : II - 01 : III : 2019


Cimeira Trump-Kim em Hanói

> Assessment of the Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit

> Sanctions are an important tool in China's North Korea diplomacy

Cachemira: escalada de tensões 

> SCO can de-escalate India-Pakistan tensions

> While the world watched US-North Korean negotiations, two nuclear powers squared off

Eleições na Nigéria

> Nigeria’s Anti-Corruption Vote

> Security Priorities for the New Nigerian Government

Cimeira UE-Liga Arábe

> Cumbre Unión Europea-Liga Árabe, condenado a no ser leído

> La migration au cœur du sommet entre l'Union européenne et la Ligue des Etats arabes

Eleições na Moldávia

> Moldova’s Weak Democracy Is a Growing Risk for Europe

Crise na Venezuela

> Venezuela: What Now for Guaidó and His International Partners?

> What’s Good for Maduro Is Bad for Chavismo


> Building an Effective and Practical National Approach to Terrorism Prevention

> Technology is Making Terrorists More Effective—And Harder to Thwartby

Grandes Potências 

> The US-China economic relationship: A comprehensive approach

> Russia’s pivot to the east: Where does it leave the EU?


> Assessing the Role of the United States in the World

> Why Trump's Policies Will Solidify America's Geopolitical Power Status


> Rise of China’s private armies

> 30 Years of Chinese Peacekeeping

> The Consolidation of Political Power in China Under Xi Jinping


> What Next for Russia’s Front-Line States?

> Will Russia Return to Europe?

> Russia’s Global Ambitions in Perspective

União Europeia 

> Extending Article 50: One step too far for the EU?

>The European Court of Justice: Do all roads lead to Luxembourg?

> The 2019 European Election: How Anti-Europeans Plan to Wreck Europe and What Can Be Done to Stop It

> The Benefit Of Hindsight:What we got wrong – and why

Médio Oriente 

> Algeria’s Protests: What to Know

> Libya’s Conflicts Enter a Dangerous New Phase

> Doubling Down on Dictatorship

> The Supreme Leader and the Guard: Civil-Military Relations and Regime Survival in Iran

América Latina

> Brasil: ¿cómo reconstruir el Partido de los Trabajadores?

> El cambio en Cuba: ¿gradual o acelerado?

> After Correa, Ecuador's Moreno Is Struggling to Offer His Own Vision


> Tajikistan on the Road to Totalitarianism

> The Saudi pivot to Asia and India’s role

> The US Shouldn’t Go to War with China over Taiwan—and Nor Should Australia


> Can Belarus become a success story of European security?


> Bashir Moves Sudan to Dangerous New Ground

> How a local Mozambique Islamic group became Africa’s latest terror threat

> The Ever-Adaptive Allied Democratic Forces Insurgency

> How China Exports Repression to Africa


> NATO's Pointless Burden-Sharing Debates

> State of disunion: Europe, NATO, and disintegrating arms control

> NATO’s Nuclear Deterrence: More Important, Yet More Contested

Relações Transatlânticas 

> How Trump Killed the Atlantic Alliance


> “Final and Fully Verifiable” Denuclearization: The Essential Elements

Crise da Democracia 

> Democracy & Disorder: The struggle for influence in the new geopolitics

> As Global Democracy Retreats, Ethnic Cleansing Is on the Rise


> Populism, Democracy, and Neofascism: Two Essays

Livros & Recensões

> Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom [excerpt]

> In ‘The Threat,’ Andrew McCabe Issues the Latest Warning Call About Trump’s America

> Book Review: Electing Peace: From Civil Conflict to Political Participation

> Dangerous Hero review – Corbyn hatchet job turns out to be blunt instrument

> The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

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