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Resenha Semanal
11 - 15 : II : 2019


Eleições na Nigéria

> Elecciones en Nigeria: ensayo para la democracia africana

> What’s at Stake in Nigeria’s 2019 Elections?

Crise Política en Espanha

> Spain's Political Siesta Is Over

> Is Far-Right Populism Gaining Ground in Spain? What Vox’s Rise in Andalusia Means for Madrid

Conferência de Segurança de Munique 

> The Great Puzzle: Who will Pick Up the Pieces? - Munich Security Report 2019

Crise na Venezuela

> How Venezuela Aligned the Western Hemisphere

> Venezuela: polarización más allá de la ideología

Cimeira Trump-Kim 

> Negotiating with North Korea

> The limitations of summits around the Korean peninsula

40 anos de Revolução Iraniana

> Challenges abound as the Islamic Republic turns 40

> What Iran’s 1979 revolution meant for the Muslim Brotherhood

Retrocesso democrático na Europa

> Hungary for More: Viktor Orbán’s New European Battles

> Poland’s Historical Revisionism Is Pushing It Into Moscow’s Arms


> Où va la Thaïlande? Méandres électoraux et vicissitudes démocratiques

> What the Turmoil in Thailand Reveals About the Thai Monarchy

Arco de Crises

> How a Forever War Ends

> Russia and Ukraine: A Lethal Codependency


> Undefeated, ISIS Is Back in Iraq

> Al-Qaeda in The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS): The Nucleus of Jihad in South Asia

Grandes Potências

> The use of military diplomacy in great power competition

> What Is Europe’s Place in Sino-American Competition?


> EEUU: perspectivas para 2020

> Disruptive Trump Faces Decisive February

> The New Containment


> Rare Earths and China: A Review of Changing Criticality in the New Economy

> Course correction: Toward an effective and sustainable China policy


> Fundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of naval activities for the period until 2030

> What has remained of the USSR: Exploring the erosion of the post-Soviet space

> Mounting Pressure on Russia’s Government Budget

União Europeia 

> Scenarios for a Wider Europe

> The abandoned agora: Greek democracy has been in decline since long before the economic crisis

> Quelles réponses européennes à l'extraterritorialité américaine?

> Tearing at Europe’s core: why France and Italy are at loggerheads

Médio Oriente 

> Generalissimo Sisi

> Can Asaib Ahl al-Haq Join the Political Mainstream?

> Challenges Facing the New Government in Lebanon, and Implications for Israel

América do Norte 

> The Future of North America’s Economic Relationship

América Latina

> Paraguay Is a Fiscal Paradise for Terrorists

> Bolsonaro’s Brazil

> The Presidential Candidate Who Wants to Put Argentina Through Shock Therapy


> Energy Security in the Baltic Region: Between Markets and Politics


> Reversing Cambodia’s democratic drift

> Sri Lankan democracy on the rocks

> East Asia’s Decoupling

> Asianism and Universalism: The Evolution of Norms and Power in Modern Asia


> Lesotho in 2019: looking back to find a way forward

> Ten Things to Watch in Africa in 2019

> Untangling justice, peace and amnesties in the Central African Republic


> Macedonia Joining NATO Is Self-Inflicted Defeat for Russia

> Basic Instinct: The Case for More NATO in The Western Balkans


> False Flags: The Myth of the Nationalist Resurgence

Democracia & Autoritarismo

> Upholding Democracy in a Post-Western Order

> Three Lessons from the History of Foreign-Imposed Regime Change

Segurança Internacional 

> Drones Of Mass Destruction: Drone Swarms And The Future Of Nuclear, Chemical, And Biological Weapons

> Five Ways to Save INF’s Legacy


> The Long Freedom Slump

Livros & Recensões 

> Why Not Default? The Political Economy of Sovereign Debt [introduction]

> The Horn of Africa: State Formation and Decay

> Dictator Literature

> ¿Por qué aguantan tanto las sociedades exyugoslavas?

> Inside Every Foreigner

> Why Nationalism by Yael Tamir – review

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