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Resenha Semanal
14 - 18 : I : 2019



> Brexit Showdown

> Brexit: Can Parliament Take Control?

> The Implications of No-Deal Brexit: Is The European Union Prepared?

> Brexit's Impact on Europe's East

Coreia do Norte & Segurança Internacional 

> A Window into Kim’s Nuclear Intentions? A Closer Look at North Korea’s Yongbyon Offer

> The EU’s role in stabilising the Korean Peninsula

Acordo Nuclear com o Irão 

> On Thin Ice: The Iran Nuclear Deal at Three

> Why Iran Waits

20 anos de Euro 

> The euro as an international currency

> The Euro At 20 And The Futures Of Europe

> Spain’s 20 years in the euro: a beneficial straitjacket


> Hotel Attack in Nairobi Demonstrates Regional Threat Posed by Al-Shabab

> Circle of Deceit

> Conditions in Mosul Ripen for Return of Islamic State

Grandes Potências

> Xi Jinping Will Give Donald Trump a Victory on Trade

> Russia and the European Union in Eulerian Circles of “Europe”


> The real threat the government shutdown poses for the American economy

> America’s Strategic Options in the Middle East

> American Extremism Has Always Flowed from the Border

> Trump’s Asia Policy and the Concept of the “Indo-Pacific”

> The Geopolitics of America’s New Africa Strategy


> Getting the China Challenge Right

> Explaining China’s Latest Catch in Africa

> President XI's Surveillance State


> Russia’s Pessimistic Prospects for 2019

> How to Hit Russia Where It Hurts: A Long-Term Strategy to Ramp Up Economic Pressure

> Negotiations on Kosovo 2019 — Opportunities and Limitations for Russia

> Modernizing the Masses: Russia’s People vs Putin

União Europeia 

> Non-euro Countries in the EU after Brexit

> How Populism Spills Over Into Foreign Policy

> Guns, engines and turbines – The EU’s hard power in Asia

Médio Oriente

> The Domestic-Regional Nexus in Turkey’s Counterterrorism Policy

> Five Steps to Save Yemen’s Stockholm Agreement

> The Golan Heights Should Stay Israeli Forever

América Latina

> México: las políticas militares heredadas continúan

> Venezuela between question marks

> Here’s Why Colombia Opened Its Arms to Venezuelan Migrants—Until Now


> Indonesia’s elections: identity politics and olive branches

> Philippine Politics Under Duterte: A Midterm Assessment

> Nagaland’s Time: A States-Led Effort To Resolve The Naga Conflict

> The 2018 Malaysian General Election: The Return of Mahathir and the Exit of UMNO


> Georgia and Black Sea security

> Can Russia and the EU Overcome Their Differences in the Balkans?

> The EU’s re-engagement with the Western Balkans: A new chapter long overdue


> Taking Stock of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan

> Its own worst enemy? The Ugandan government is taking desperate measures to control rising dissent

> Can Ad Hoc Security Coalitions in Africa Bring Stability?

> Foresight Africa: Top priorities for the continent in 2019


> The Bosnia Boondoggle: This Is Why Sarajevo Can't Join NATO

Ordem Internacional 

> The uses of history in international society: from the Paris peace conference to the present

> A Time For Positive-Sum Power

> The Authoritarian-Populist Wave, Assertive China and a Post-Brexit World Order

> 1919-2019: How to Make Peace Last? European Strategy and the Future of the World Order

Justiça Transicional 

> Truth First, Reconciliation Later

Crise da Democracia 

> Democracy’s "Near Misses"

> Is Democracy the Problem?

> How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Repression

Persistência Autoritária

> Restoration, Transformation and Adaptation: Authoritarianism after 2011 in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran

Economia Internacional 

> 10 predictions for the global economy in 2019

Guerra & Paz 

> The Use of Smart Pressure to Resolve Civil Wars

> Inclusive constitution making in fragile and conflict-affected states


> Fukuyama Was Right (Mostly)

Livros & Recensões 

> The Central Asian Economies in the Twenty-First Century: Paving a New Silk Road [chapter 1]

> Can Americans Get Along?

> Empires of the Weak: The Real Story of European Expansion and the Creation of the New World Order

> Return of the Strongmen

> The Many Lives of Liberalism

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