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Resenha Semanal
17  - 21 : XII : 2018


EUA em retirada da Síria 

> The Islamic State Hasn't Been Defeated

> Avoiding a Free-for-All in Syria’s North East

> Out We Go

> Much Ado About 2,200 Troops in Syria

Eleições na República Democrática do Congo 

> Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Falling Short of Credible

> What is at stake for the DRC presidential election?

> How to get ahead in DR Congo politics: A flatterer’s guide


> As Brexit Deadline Beckons, Few Signs of Change in British Attitudes

> Europe After a No-Deal Brexit

Defesa Japonesa

> The Depths of Tokyo’s Strategic Dilemma

> Japan's Active Defenses

> Will Abe Be the Japanese Leader to Finally Sign a Peace Treaty with Russia?


> Global Compact for Migration—A Missed Opportunity for Europe

> The Global South’s New Migration


> From the IRA to the Islamic State: The Evolving Terrorism Threat in Europe

> Mauritania—Will Islamist Crackdown Make It a Terrorist Target?

> ISIS’s charm offensive toward al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Grandes Potências

> How Europe Will Try to Dodge the US–China Standoff in 2019

> China and Russia: A Strategic Alliance in the Making


> US National Strategy for Countering WMD Terrorism

> America’s Middle East Purgatory. The Case for Doing Less

> Tracking turnover in the Trump administration

> Can Congress Stop the Forever War?

> Les guerres commerciales de Trump: haro sur le multilatéralisme


> Xi Walks the Line Between Reform and Revolution

> A New Old Threat – Countering the Return of Chinese Industrial Cyber Espionage

> La Chine dans les pays d'Europe orientale et du Caucase du Sud. Un entrisme sur la pointe des pieds

> The Age of Uneasy Peace: Chinese Power in a Divided World


> Russia's Public Foreign Policy Narratives

> The People Vs. the President: United Russia’s Survival Strategy

União Europeia 

> Eyes tight shut: European attitudes towards nuclear deterrence

> Negotiating a New EU-Africa Agenda: Playing the Migration and Chinese Cards?

> The Euro as an International Currency

> Why Europe Needs Legal Migration and How to Sell It

Médio Oriente 

> Iraq’s Post-ISIS Campaign of Revenge

> La prueba del agua: cómo la escasez puede desestabilizar Oriente Medio y el norte de África

> Why the Middle East Needs an Arab NATO—and America Too

América Latina

> The Western Hemisphere Needs U.S. Leadership

> Russian Bombers in Venezuela Raise Cold War 2.0 Fears Across Latin America

> ¿Hacia dónde gira América Latina?

> México: ¿cambio de régimen o de élites?


> The New Indian Realpolitik: China Is Pushing India’s Foreign Policy Into Uncharted Waters

> Anti-ICERD Rally in Kuala Lumpur: What Was That About?

> BIMSTEC: An Unprecedented Opportunity for Collaboration and Cooperation in Cyberspace


> The Caucasus: No Longer Just Russia’s Neighborhood

> State of Play Ahead of Moldova’s Parliamentary Elections

> An Independent Catalonia Is Further Away Than Ever


> Why Do Political Challenges in Mali Persist?

> Angola – A New Politics of Memory? The President and the Ruling Party’s Dark Past

> The New U.S. Africa Strategy Is Not About Africa. It’s About China

> Can South Africa Return to the Global Stage?

> Togo Returns to the Streets to Stop ‘Unfair’ Legislative Elections

Sociedade Civil 

> Reduced Scope for Action Worldwide for Civil Society

Relações Transatlânticas

> How Trump Made War on Angela Merkel and Europe

Coreia do Norte 

> When Kim Jong-un Speaks, the United States Should Listen Carefully

> Facets of the North Korea Conflict: Actors, Problems and Europe’s Interests

> The Nexus between Arms Control and Human Rights in the Case of North Korea

Economia Internacional 

> Why Hasn’t Australia Had a Recession in Almost 30 Years?

Livros & Recensões 

> Terrorism and Counterterrorism: A Comprehensive Introduction to Actors and Actions [introdução]

> La revolución de los resentidos

> Plugging In the British: Completing the Circuit

> “China’s Footprints in Southeast Asia”

> Liberalismo en armas

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