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Resenha Semanal
10  - 14 : XII : 2018


Migrações: Pacto Global 

> El Pacto Mundial y el multilateralismo migratorio

> Some EU governments leaving the UN Global Compact on Migration: A contradiction in terms?

Direitos Humanos 

> Remembering the Victims

> How Human Rights Law Is Evolving to Address Inequality


> Armenia’s Revolution Will Not be Monopolized


> From Sans Culottes to Gilets Jaunes: Macron’s Marie Antoinette Moment


> Brexit endgame: Theresa May’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

> Brexit: What Brexit?


> The New U.S. Strategy to Tackle Wmd Terrorism Is New Wine In Old Wineskins

Grandes Potências 

> The Sino-Russian and US-Russian relationships: Current developments and future trends

> U.S. Security and Russia: Choices and Consequences

> The Reset That Wasn’t: The Permanent Crisis of U.S.-Russia Relations

> Europe’s connectivity strategy and the challenge of China: Rivalry, reciprocity, or both?


> More, Less, or Different? Where U.S. Foreign Policy Should—and Shouldn’t—Go From Here

> Permanent Deterrence: Enhancements to the US Military Presence in North Central Europe

> The Battle Inside the Political Parties for The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

> The Indo-Pacific Vision in Strategic Limbo: A Foreign Policy Case Study for the Trump Era


> Beijing’s Long Struggle for Xinjiang’s Mineral Wealth

> China's Naval Future: 6 Aircraft Carriers?

> China's Venezuela Policy Is Losing Popularity – In China


> Rule by KPI: The Kremlin’s New Approach to Governing Russia

> Isolation and Reconquista: Russia’s Toolkit as a Constrained Great Power

União Europeia 

> What Merkel’s Successor Will Mean for German Politics

> Romania Ahead of the EU Presidency

> Financing EU External Action: Understanding member state priorities

> A new strategy for EU-Turkey energy cooperation

> Strategic autonomy: towards ‘European sovereignty’ in defence?

Médio Oriente

> Saudi Arabia, armaments and conflict in the Middle East

> Armed Drones in the Middle East: Proliferation and Norms in the Region

> Back in Control, Syria’s Regime Tries to Build Its Legitimacy

> Regional Geopolitical Rivalries in the Middle East: Implications for Europe

> Rethinking Stabilization in Eastern Syria: Toward a Human Security Framework

América Latina

> Caribbean: 2030 Trends

> Brazilians Study the Anti-Trump Playbook to Fight Bolsonaro


> Does the BJP’s Defeat Mean Victory for Secularism in India?

> In India, the Congress Party Isn’t Dead Yet

> Myanmar Speeds Progress on China’s Belt and Road


> Africa Is the New Front in the U.S.-China Influence War

> Bobi Wine, el cantante que desafió al presidente de Uganda

> Protests Grow ahead of Togo Term Limit Referendum

> South Sudan: Peace on Paper


> Adaptive Mediation


> Facing Nuclear Reality, 35 Years After 'The Day After'

> Will Europe try to save the INF Treaty?

Questões Energéticas 

> Opposition to Nord Stream 2 Gathers Steam on Both Sides of the Atlantic


> Las amenazas híbridas: nuevas herramientas para viejas aspiraciones

> Deepfakes and the New Disinformation War. The Coming Age of Post-Truth Geopolitics

Religião & Política 

> Religious soft power in the South Caucasus: The influence of Iran and Turkey


> The Difficulty with Diversity

Livros & Recensões

> On the Brink: Trump, Kim, and the Threat of Nuclear War [Excerpt]

> The Long Hangover by Shaun Walker – review

> Solzhenitsyn: A Centennial Tribute

> Walt’s Hell Of Good Intentions

> China, America and the road to a new world order

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