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Resenha Semanal
03  - 07 : XII : 2018



> Brexit: From revelation to re-accession

> Traditional Divides? Brexit and the Restructuring of British Politics

> Populist referendum: Was ‘Brexit’ an expression of nativist and anti-elitist sentiment?

Rússia & Ucrânia: crise no Mar de Azov 

> Russia's Militarisation of the Black Sea Shouldn't Go Unchecked

> Dire strait: Russian naval aggression and Ukrainian politics

> Nuclear Security in the Black Sea Region Contested Spaces

Guerra no Iémen 

> The UAE and Yemen’s Islah: A Coalition Coalesces

> Yemen After a Saudi Withdrawal: How Much Would Change?

> Yemen: Giving Peace a Chance?


> What France’s Unrest Means

> The French "Yellow Vest" Movement and the (Current) Failure of Representative Democracy

> Two Roads For the New French Right


> La política exterior de la España constitucional

> The radical right comes to Spain

> Del centro político a los extremos: ¿hacia dónde va nuestra democracia?

Segurança Internacional 

> A Long Road to Denuclearisation: Challenges to Security-Based Diplomacy with North Korea

> What Deters and Why: Exploring Requirements for Effective Deterrence of Interstate Aggression

> Iran’s Missile Test: A Provocation, Not a Violation

> NATO Should Save the INF Treaty

Cimeira G20 

> Washington’s Bungled Buenos Aires Summit

Arco de Crises

> Can the West Prevent the Slow Strangulation of Ukraine?

> Où va l’Afghanistan?

> Uncertain Ground: Engaging with Europe’s De Facto States and Breakaway Territories


> Global Terrorism Index 2018

> Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and International Humanitarian Law

Grandes Potências 

> Can China and the U.S. Avoid War?

> My way or the Huawei: US–China competition steps up a gear

> One Belt, One Road, One Big Mistake


> The Foreign Policy Genius of George H. W. Bush: How He Changed the Policy Process Forever

> The ‘Tariff Man’ President Is Stuck Between China and Wall Street

> Ending U.S. Military Support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen Would Trigger Dangerous Consequences

> American Foreign Policy Could Use More Prudence


> China’s Crackdown on Hong Kong’s Freedoms Is Bad for Business

> Xi Jinping’s Dilemma: Back Down or Double Down?

> Picking flowers, making honey: The Chinese military’s collaboration with foreign universities

> Abroad or at Home, China Puts Party First


> The sources of post-soviet conduct

> Rusia en América Latina: geopolítica y pragmatismo

> Russian Aerospace Forces reform and its Syrian role: the view from Moscow

União Europeia

> Protecting Europe

> Pour une Politique Européenne De l’asile, Des Migrations et de la Mobilité

> The Populist Challenge to the European Court of Human Rights

> Are Some States Luckier than Others in the Council of the European Union?

Médio Oriente 

> The Road To Damascus: The Arabs March Back To Befriend Assad

> Oslo + 25, Lessons Learned and Ways Forward

América Latina

> For Mexico’s New President, Power Comes With Symbolic Change

> El crimen organizado en el programa de gobierno del futuro presidente de Brasil

> The Legacy of Post-Neoliberal Integration in South America: The Cases of ALBA and UNASUR

> Latin American and Caribbean Countries Are Competing to Host the 2019 U.N. Climate Talks. That’s Good News for the Region and the World


> How the U.S. Can Prevent a China-dominated Asia

> Sri Lanka and great-power competition in the Indo-Pacific: a Belt and Road failure?

> If History is Any Guide, Bangladesh Elections are About to Get Ugly

> The India-Pakistan corridor of peace


> Why Aren’t We Paying Attention to Africa’s Most Important Election?

> A tool to silence: Torture to crush dissent in the Democratic Republic of Congo

> Long-distance Relationships: African Peacekeeping

> Chad: Defusing Tensions in the Sahel

Justiça Transicional 

> Supporting Transitional Justice in Fragile Environments: Lessons from Iraq Post-ISIS


> To Survive, Ditch the Cause of the Nation-State

Livros & Recensões 

> Reading Machiavelli: Scandalous Books, Suspect Engagements, and the Virtue of Populist Politics [Introduction]

> How voter suppression threatens our democracy

> The Great Resenter

> La cara oscura del Sureste Asiático

> De la Perse à l'Iran

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