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Resenha Semanal
03  - 07 : IX : 2018


Eleições na Suécia 

> So Long, Swedish Welfare State?

> El populismo en Suecia: polarización socioeconómica en el modelo de Estado socialdemócrata

> Why Sweden’s 2018 Elections Matter

Questão Coreana 

> Setting the Stage for the Third Inter-Korean Moon-Kim Summit in Pyongyang

> The U.S. Needs a New North Korea Strategy

> A Bigger Game in North Korea

Arco de Crises

> Status Stalemate in the Caucasus

> Siria: cuatro fronteras, cuatro guerras


> Terrorism: U.S. Strategy and the Trends in Its “Wars” on Terrorism

> Pulling Back the Curtain: An Inside Look at the Islamic State’s Media Organization

Grandes Potências

> What Russia's Vostok-18 Exercise with China Means


> Inexorable Changes in US Foreign Policy?

> John McCain and the Meaning of Courage

> America Needs the Muhammad Ali Doctrine

> ¿Los republicanos de Trump contra los socialdemócratas del Partido Demócrata? No es tan sencillo


> Grand Strategy and China’s Soft Power Push in Africa

> China's Belt and Road Is Full of Holes

> Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign: The Hidden Motives of a Modern-Day Mao

> China is Losing the New Cold War


> Why Putin's Approval Ratings Are Declining Sharply

> Russia’s Turn to Eurasia

União Europeia 

> Macron vs Salvini: the ideological battle for Europe’s future

> Europe’s Surprising Economic Success Story

> International Trade Under Attack: What Strategy for Europe?

> Contracting Out – The EU’s Migration Gamble

Médio Oriente 

> Abstinence or Tolerance: Managing Nuclear Ambitions in Saudi Arabia

> El Golfo En El Centro: Una Radiografía Del Nuevo Oriente Medio

> Mohamed bin Salman Unhinged? Maybe Not

> The Idea of a Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation, Revisited

América Latina

> Brazil's Crisis, in Two Sentences or Less

> El voto del enojo: el nuevo (o no tan nuevo) fenómeno electoral latinoamericano

> La reforma política y sus posibles efectos en Perú

> Is Guatemalan Democracy Under Attack?


> The Strategic Vision behind Vietnam’s International Trade Integration

> Australia-US Convergence On The “Indo-Pacific”: AUSMIN 2018

> Can a 'Federal Front' Help Take Down India's Modi?


> Opportunité perdue au Zimbabwe

> Revolts in Central Africa: Protests, Politics, and Ways Forward

> Achieving Peace in Northeast Nigeria: The Reintegration Challenge

América do Norte 

> ¿Vamos hacia un TLCAN bilateral?


> La Moldavie entre la Russie et l’Occident. L’intégration européenne à l’épreuve des fractures intérieures


> Australia’s Political Division at Home Undermines Its Leadership Abroad

> ASEAN–Australia relations: the suitable status quo


> Does Europe Have an Alternative to Populism?

> Explaining Eastern Europe: The Crisis of Liberalism

Democracia & Autoritarismo

> Democracy and Trade Liberalisation

> Why Technology Favors Tyranny


> Romania’s Air Defenses Are Being Stretched to the Limit


> The Forgotten History of the Financial Crisis

Livros & Recensões 

> Hezbollah: A Short History [chapter 1]

> In ‘Fear,’ Bob Woodward Pulls Back the Curtain on President Trump’s ‘Crazytown’

> “Carving Up the Globe: An Atlas of Diplomacy” by Malise Ruthven (General editor)

> The book that foresaw the assault on the Rohingyas

> Germany’s Return of the Repressed

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