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Resenha Semanal
30 : VII - 03 : VIII : 2018


Eleições no Zimbabué 

> Uncertainty and a Need for Leadership After Zimbabwe's Election

> Overcoming a Dark Past, Is Zimbabwe Ready for a Brighter Future?


> There Will Be No Second Iran Deal

> Iran’s Vulnerabilities to U.S. Sanctions (Part 1): Finding the Weak Spots


> How to Save the U.S.-Turkey Relationship: For the Sake of the Alliance, Erdogan Must Fold

> The pastor, the banker, and the irresistible drama in Turkish-US relations

> EU–Turkey Relations: Steering In Stormy Seas

Guerras Comerciais

> A Temporary Respite from U.S.-EU Trade Tensions

Ordem Internacional

> The Liberal Order Is More Than a Myth: But It Must Adapt to the New Balance of Power

> A World Imagined: Nostalgia and Liberal Order


> Terrorism in Asia: The Global Village Effect

> Is Islamic State Making Plans for a Comeback in Iraq?


> Pivoting Away From Power

> The dangers of independence for executive branch agencies

> Invigorating US leadership in global development

> America Must Lead on Nuclear Energy to Maintain National Security


> Xi’s Grip Loosens Amid Trade War Policy Paralysis

> Xi Jinping’s Legacy is not Bridges and Pipelines; it’s his Thought


> Putin's Plan to Russify the Caucasus

> The Return of Global Russia: The Kremlin and Latin America

> Current Russian Military Affairs

> How Russia's World War II Military Strategy of Deception Is Alive and Well Today

União Europeia 

> Destination unknown: The EU’s many-faceted migration fears

> Without Reform the Stability and Growth Pact Will Remain Ineffective for Countries like Italy

> L'Europe: sujet ou objet de la géopolitique des données ?

> Bulgaria’s National Identity Policy in the Balkans

Médio Oriente 

> Islamist Parties in North Africa

> What Does the Ongoing Israel-Iran Confrontation in Syria Mean?

> The Ramifications of the Nation State Law: Is Israeli Democracy at Risk?

> Iraq’s Paramilitary Groups: The Challenge of Rebuilding a Functioning State

> Jordan's Protests and Neoliberal Reforms: Walking on Thin Ice

América Latina

> Venezuela’s Hyperinflation—Weimar or Zimbabwe on the Caribbean?

> Unfortunately, Others Will Follow Nicaragua’s Path in Latin America

> Changing the Guard in Mexico: AMLO’s Opportunities and Challenges

> Panorama político electoral Guatemala 2019

> Lenin Moreno and the struggle for the soul of Ecuador’s (and Latin America’s) left


> Serbian Nationalism: Identity Out of Necessity


> Is South Korea Pro-China and Anti-Japan? It’s Complicated.

> Can Buddhist Values Overcome Nationalism in Sri Lanka?

> An emerging Indo-Pacific infrastructure strategy

The Philippines stays free and open in its position on the Indo-Pacific

> Losing the Political Forest for the Nuclear Trees: Denuclearizing North Korea Is Neither a Sufficient nor Necessary Condition for Peace


> Defections and deflections: Who now holds the balance of power in Nigeria?

> Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace: Seismic Shifts Throughout a Strategic Zone

> Countdown to February 2019: A Look Ahead at Nigeria’s Elections

> Zona de Libre Comercio Africana: ¿euforia, sudor o lágrimas?


> Turkey Stalls NATO, Clings to Defunct Status Quo in the Black Sea


> ASEAN might not be the way

Justiça International 

> Cross-examining the Criminal Court


> The “Transit State”: Migration and Security Intervention in Niger

> Mar en disputa: del rescate a la lucha contra los traficantes

> Migrations: l'Europe à l'épreuve de la crise italienne


> Strategic Shaping: Expanding the Competitive Space

Segurança Internacional

> An Arab NATO Would Be Two NATOs Too Many


> Five Reform Areas for Effective Peacekeeping Performance

Livros & Recensões 

> Democratization and the Mischief of Faction [introduction]

> Stalinist Perpetrators on Trial: Scenes From the Great Terror in Soviet Ukraine

> L’Église au combat durant la Grande Guerre

> Franco by Enrique Moradiellos review – the dictator and the future of Spain

> “China at War: Triumph and Tragedy in the Emergence of the New China”


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