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Resenha Semanal
23 - 27 : VII : 2018


Cimeira BRICS 

> Breaking BRICS: More Differences Than Similarities?

> Los BRICS y el auge de China

> The BRICS in a Multipolar World

Eleições no Paquistão 

> Imran Khan may have won popular vote, but will it change who truly holds power in Pakistan

> Real Power Over Pakistan’s Regional Policies Will Continue to Rest With the Military

> Fears of a Pakistani Strongman

Eleições no Zimbabué

> Zimbabwe's Upcoming Election Is a Political Charade

> Why Chamisa Should Change His Mind About the Boycott

Eleições no Cambodja 

> Cambodia’s election: where the numbers lie

> Cambodia's Democracy in Shambles Ahead of July Elections

Eleições no Mali 

> Presidential Elections in Mali: A Step Toward Stabilizing a Weak State

> Elections in Mali: 2018 Presidential Election


> Four Brexit Scenarios

> Theresa May’s Brexit model: many questions, not least ‘why Leave?’

> Will Brexit Bring Down Theresa May's Government?

Guerras Comerciais

> Why Is It Hard for China and the U.S. to Cut a Deal on Trade?

> Power in the International Trading System

Relações Transatlânticas

> Was the Trump-Juncker Meeting Really a Success?

> Transatlantic Relations at a Crossroads

> ‘We Have No Idea What President Trump Would Do in a Crisis with Russia.’


> America’s Counterterrorism Gamble

Grandes Potências 

> With “Strategic Partners” Like This, Who Needs Competitors? Europe Needs to Change its Military to Military Relations with China

> The US is Responsible for Damaged Relations with China


> Summing Up the Trump Summits

> Eliminating Identity Politics from the U.S. Census


> Xi Jinping, Trade War and the Curse of the Strong Leader


> Moscow’s Competitive Strategy

> How Russia Is Taking Over the Middle East, One Country at a Time

> La vuelta de Rusia al Mediterráneo

União Europeia 

> The “more Europe” core four

> Le Parlement européen, cœur de la démocratie européenne

> Whatever Happened to the Spirit of Barcelona?

> The Accidental Prime Minister: What Spain's New Government Means for the EU

Médio Oriente 

> The Military’s Immunity in Egypt

> Iran Is at a Strategic Crossroads Again

> The Summer of Israel’s Contentment

> Beyond fragility: Syria and the challenges of reconstruction in fierce states

América Latina

> Confidence in institutions and support for democracy are in decline in the region

> Nicaragua: la crisis de un régimen patrimonial

> Mercosur: South America’s Fractious Trade Bloc

> Signals of AMLO's Future Foreign Policy for Mexico


> Constraints To India's Support For Regional Economic Integration

> Duterte’s Underappreciated Foreign Policy Gains

> The Sabah question


> Cabo Verde: Political leadership in the most exceptional democracy in Africa

> Le retour de l’ajustement : la crise des pays pétroliers d’Afrique centrale

> From Rhetoric to Concrete Steps: Will Reforms in Ethiopia Last?  

> After Burundi’s Referendum, a Drive to Dismantle the Arusha Accords

Paz na Península Coreana

> Kim Jong Un’s Long Game

> Quantifying the Effectiveness of Nuclear Inspection in North Korea

Direitos Humanos 

> The UN Human Rights Pillar on Shaky Ground

Ordem Internacional

> Trump Wants to Destroy the World Order. So What?

> The World Order Is Starting to Crack


> EUISS Yearbook of European Security 2018

Livros & Recensões 

> Sans-Culottes: An Eighteenth-Century Emblem in the French Revolution [1cap.]

> China undermining Australian democracy

> Adam Smith, en el centro del campo de batalla ideológico

> The ‘Witch Hunters’

> 1983: The World at the Brink and The Brink reviews – the unknown nuclear war scare


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