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Resenha Semanal
16 - 20 : VII : 2018


Cimeira de Helsínquia 

> The Big Lebowski International Order

> U.S. Needs a Russia Strategy Now More Than Ever

> The Helsinki Summit: the Beginning of a Journey

> Re-establishing Reality in U.S.–Russia Relations after Helsinki

Crise na Nicarágua 

> Hear no evil, see no evil: Daniel Ortega in the midst of a crisis

> A Timeline of Nicaragua's Crisis

> Central America’s Violent Northern Triangle

Relações Transatlânticas 

> After the West? A Positive Transatlantic Agenda in a Post-Transatlantic Age

Eleições no Paquistão 

> Can Shehbaz Sharif Escape His Brother's Shadow?

> Is Democracy Dying in Pakistan? How the Military and Judiciary Threaten the Upcoming Elections

> New conflict lines in Pakistan’s tribal areas

Arco de Crises 

> Order from chaos: Stabilising Libya the local way

> NATO Brussels Summit: Key Outcomes and Implications for Ukrainian Interests

> The Afghan War of Attrition: Peace Talks Remain an Extension of War by Other Means


> Trump Should Prioritize Fighting Terrorism

Grandes Potências

> Europe in the New Era of Great Power Competition: How the EU Can Stand Up to Trump and China


> Chaos from order

> Trump the Disrupter

> What The Mueller Indictment Means

> Tracking turnover in the Trump administration


> The Belt and Road Initiative: A Road to China’s World Cup Dreams?

> Xi Jinping, Senegal, and China’s West Africa drive

> Two Years On, South China Sea Ruling Remains a Battleground for the Rules-Based Order


> The “Single Concept of History” in Russia

União Europeia 

> La Estrategia Global Europea, entre las palabras y los hechos

> Regime Change? The European Economy to 2030

> The EU and the Iran nuclear deal: how to proceed?

Médio Oriente 

> Erdogan Takes Total Control of “New Turkey”

> Beyond Security: Stabilization, Governance, and Socioeconomic Challenges in Iraq

> Iraqi Elections Poised to Further Empower Pro-Iran Hadi al-Ameri

> A Fifth Presidential Term for Bouteflika?

América Latina

> New President, Old Problems: Corruption and Organised Crime Keep Peru in Crisis

> Cuba: New President, New Economy?

> It’s a Lula Election in Brazil. Again.

> Haiti: The elements of a crisis


> Political and Economic Governance in the Balkans and Eastern Europe Compared

> Time to Let the Rule of Law in Poland Have Its Day In Court

> Czech Republic: The government of Babiš and the left


> North Korea’s Power Structure

> A marriage of inconvenience? East Timor’s new governing coalition

> Japan's pivot in Asia

> What has gone wrong in Cambodia?

> The 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election – The Jockeying Gathers Pace: Fluidity Of Candidates and Parties


> From Rhetoric to Concrete Steps: Will Reforms in Ethiopia Last?

> The Politics of Ports in the Horn: War, Peace and Red Sea Rivalries

> Victorias históricas y grandes derrotas de la prensa en África

> Three predictions about Mali’s 2018 presidential election

Crise da Democracia 

> Comparing Democratic Distress in the United States and Europe

> The Crisis of Liberalism

Comércio International

> Yes, He Can: Trump Provokes a Trade War

Gestão de Crises 

> The ICC and the RtoP in a post-interventionist world: Adapting to critique?

> UN Police and Conflict Prevention

Ordem Internacional 

> Trump, American hegemony and the future of the liberal international order


> Moscow’s Syria Campaign: Russian Lessons for the Art of Strategy


> The Rise of Referendums: A Death Sentence for Multilateralism?

Livros & Recensões 

> Local Mexico: Democratic Transitions in an Authoritarian Context [introduction]

> China’s Great Wall of Debt

> España en el corazón

> Election rigging by dictators is too easy, and the West often looks the other way

> The Making of a Moral Hero: ‘The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela’


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