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Resenha Semanal
09 - 13 : VII : 2018


Cimeira da NATO

> This is How the Liberal International Order Dies

> NATO-EU Cooperation to Project Stability

> Trump’s NATO

Cimeira de Helsínquia

> The Trump-Putin Summit: Issues at Stake

> How to Reduce Nuclear Risks in Helsinki

> Lucky With Trump: Putin Prepares for Helsinki

> The Putin Paradox


> Inching Our Way Towards Jersey

> ‘Take Back Control’? Brexit Is Tearing Britain Apart

> Brexit and European Defence: What to Expect from a “No-Deal” Outcome?

> Why Brexit Won’t Work: the EU is about regulation not sovereignty

Coreia do Norte 

> How Diplomacy With North Korea Can Work

> What Could Happen Next with North Korea

Arco de Crises 

> No End in Sight in Eastern Ukraine

> What Does Assad’s Southwestern Offensive Mean for the Future of Syria?


> Global Threat Landscape in 2018

> Nuclear Terrorism: Did We Beat the Odds or Change Them?

Grandes Potências

> What Is 'Sharp Power'?


> The Trump Doctrine

> Perils of Polarization for U.S. Foreign Policy

> It Still Doesn’t Get Worse Than Afghanistan


> Reluctant Stakeholder: Why China’s Highly Strategic Brand of Revisionism is More Challenging Than Washington Thinks

> Social Credit


> Russia's Syria War: A Strategic Trap?

União Europeia 

> The Future of Europe, for Better or Worse, Is Sebastian Kurz

> Game Over? Europe's Cyber Problem

> Balkans occidentaux-Union européenne: Entre cohésion interne et stabilité extérieure

> The League of Leagues: Pan-European cooperation against the EU

América do Norte 

> Canada’s Secret to Escaping the ‘Liberal Doom Loop’

Médio Oriente 

> Neutralizing the Gaza Powder Keg

> Preventing a Spillover of the Iran Israel Conflict in Syria

> Egypt’s New Media Regulations: Legislating State Control over Information

> The energy implications of the Gulf crisis

América Latina

> Will Brazil’s Next President Be a Far-Right Nationalist? Why Jair Bolsonaro Is Leading the Polls

> América Latina: ¿un caso de nacionalismo benigno?

> How Venezuela's Opposition Is Trying to Save PDVSA

> Hear no evil, see no evil: Daniel Ortega in the midst of a crisis


> La V República de Emmanuel Macron: ¿Entre lo Viejo y lo Nuevo?

> Lituania, Letonia y Estonia y la consolidación euroatlántica regional del Báltico


> The Thai Junta Wins Back the World

> Cambodia: dispelling the Malaysia illusion

> Mahathir’s foreign policy reset

> Taiwan 2012-2016: From consolidation to the collapse of cross-strait rapprochement


> Abiy Superstar – Reformer or Revolutionary? Hope for Transformation in Ethiopia

> Zimbabwe’s elections: a turning point?

> Reform and Renewal in Zimbabwe or More of the Same?

Crise da Democracia 

> Non-“Western” Liberalism and the Resilience of the Liberal International Order

Economia Internacional

> Multilayered Governance and the International Financial Architecture: The Erosion of Multilateralism in International Liquidity Provision

> Tariffs and Trade Intervention


> Asia Power Index 2018

Livros & Recensões 

> Realism and Democracy: American Foreign Policy after the Arab Spring [introduction]

> Review of ‘The Decline of the West’ by Joschka Fischer

> Les différentes facettes de l'épuration après-guerre

> ¿Puede Macron reinventar Francia?

> Killing Democracy to Save It


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