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Resenha Semanal
11 - 15 : VI : 2018


Cimeira EUA-Coreia do Norte 

> How to Increase Pressure if Diplomacy with North Korea Fails

> Everyone Wins: Russia, China, and the Trump-Kim Summit

> Security Spillover: Regional Implications of Evolving Deterrence on the Korean Peninsula

> 5 Steps to Take After Trump's North Korea Summit

Guerra no Iemen 

> The Marib paradox: How one province succeeds in the midst of Yemen’s war

> No Going Back: The UAE's Strategic Move in Hodeidah Should Bring To A Close The First Phase Of Yemen's War


> ¿Gestionar o bloquear los flujos migratorios?

> Cinq thèses sur la «crise des réfugiés» en Allemagne

Política & Futebol

> The World Cup in Kaliningrad: Potemkin Village or real change?

> Mundial de Rusia: la geopolítica del balón

> Le football dans le Golfe à l’épreuve de la crise avec le Qatar

Identidade Nacional: Macedónia & Grécia 

> Alexis Tsipras Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Sistema Internacional

> At G7 Summit, Trump Takes a Wrecking Ball to the West

> Defending the Multilateral System

> The United States and Europe Still Need Each Other

Arco de Crises 

> Are We Finally Seeing a Breakthrough in Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations?


> ‘Security Belt’: The UAE’s Tribal Counterterrorism Strategy in Yemen

> Terrorism and human rights: the perspective of international law

> La financiación del terrorismo

Grandes Potências

> Raiding and International Brigandry: Russia’s Strategy for Great Power Competition

> A West in Crisis, an East Rising? Comparing the G7 and the SCO

> China-Russia Relations: Same Bed, Different Dreams?

> A Trade War Between Europe and The Us: Possibilities and Consequences


> An Autopsy: Why Liberalism Failed

> Is Trump in a Trade War? An Up-to-Date Guide

> Under Trump, “America First” Really Is Turning Out to Be America Alone


> Weibo diplomacy and censorship in China

> The Decline and Attempted Revival of China’s Economic Exceptionalism

> China eyes its next prize – the Mekong


> Vladimir Poutine et la Politique Étrangère Russe: Entre Aventurisme et Réalisme?

> Bullying the Big Cities: The Kremlin’s New Approach

> Russian Natural Gas Exports to Europe

União Europeia

> Is Europe’s Problem Illiberal Majoritarianism or Creeping Authoritarianism?

> Is the European Semester effective and useful?

> Brexit and defence: an agenda for constructive dialogue in support of European security

> Europe and Nord Stream II

Médio Oriente 

> Kurds’ Influence Diminished in Iraqi Elections

> Help Wanted: Multilateralism in the Eastern Mediterranean

> The Fear of Supporting Political Reform

América Latina

> Nicaragua: El Poder Ortega-Murillo

> Argentina: el FMI, ¿salvavidas o lastre para Macri?

> In Colombia, false positives are a false start for peace


> China and the US in Asia: Four Scenarios for the Future

> Flexibility by design: The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the future of Eurasian cooperation

> Burma’s Balancing Act on Rakhine

> Instability in The Pacific Islands: A Status Report


> Can the African Continental Free Trade Area Offer A New Beginning for Trade in Africa?

> Sudán del Sur, equilibrios geopolíticos en las conversaciones de paz

> Is Food Self-Sufficiency Making a Comeback?

> DR Congo: Six reasons why President Joseph Kabila will not relinquish power on 23

Segurança Internacional

> Russia’s hybrid warfare in the form of its energy manoeuvers against Europe

> Safeguarding the heavens: The United States and the future of norms of behavior in outer space


> Turkey in and out of NATO? An instance of a turbulent alliance with Western institutions

> A Perennial Candidate Waits for NATO to Open its Door

> The Bucharest 9: Delivering on the Promise to Become the Voice of the Eastern Flank


> Innocence Abroad

Livros & Recensões 

> Polity: Demystifying Democracy in Latin America and Beyond [int.]

> The Origins of International Counterterrorism

> From the bookshelf: ‘On grand strategy’

> Understanding Putin’s Strategy

> It Can Happen Here

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